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Best Tristana Skins | LoL

Kite your enemies, deal the most damage, rise the ranks, and become the best AD carry with stylish cosmetics by buying the best Tristana skins in League of Legends!
Best Tristana Skins | LoL

Tristana is one of the lucky ones who received a massive revamping from the video game company. She is also a member of the “most champion skins” club in League of Legends, with Lux and Ezreal. If you are currently having a hard time shopping for a skin from the number of cosmetics that she has, here is a collection of the best Tristana skins in LoL to help you. 

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Omega Squad Tristana

Riot Games released a skin line based on an alternate universe where cute yordle champions become fighters because of the ongoing war called Omega Squad. This Tristana skin is the army commander who is willing to rain bullets on her enemies.

If you look at the photo above, you will notice that the outfit of Omega Squad Tristana is actually based on real-life army clothes. She has a green coat, black pants, and a beret with a logo. 

Omega Squad Tristana also has futuristic weapons and accessories like her cool-looking right eye that probably assists her when shooting. She also has a small cannon that fits her size. Other gunners will surely be no match for Omega Squad Tristana because of the firepower that she has.

This Tristana skin has green auto-attack and ability animations, based on the Omega Squad idea in League of Legends. And the cool thing is, Tristana’s Explosive Charge is military-themed, too, because Riot Games used a satchel charge as the artwork. If you love military-themed skins, then I suggest picking this up at the League store right away!

Omega Squad Tristana, released on July 26, 2017, is currently available in the LoL skin and Wild Rift shop. You can purchase this skin for 1350 Riot Points or 990 Wild Cores.


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Dragon Trainer Tristana

If you are a fan of the How To Train Your Dragon series, I have good news. Dragon Trainer Tristana has similarities with the famous movies. Get ready to destroy your enemies and make everything your dragon lane with this skin!

Dragon Trainer Tristana has one of the cutest splash arts in the game. She is seen wearing a clean furry outfit and beside her pet dragon. Dragon Trainer Tristana does not use any weapons because she uses the cute little dragon as her gun to kill her enemies.

On the other hand, this skin being a legendary skin priced at 1820 Riot Points, is amazing in-game. And because Tristana uses her dragon to attack, all of her abilities have fiery particles and animations. 

Dragon Trainer Tristana uses a dragon egg as her satchel charge. However, the most fantastic thing about this skin is the auto attack animation, which is very smooth and satisfying to see because of the fire-breathing dragon.

This is one of the earliest skins for Tristana, being released on December 3, 2015. Right now, you can still get this legendary skin for 1820 Riot Points in the League of Legends shop.


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Riot Girl Tristana

Released on December 15, 2009, This Tristana League of Legends skin is a promotional cosmetic given away for free by League of Legends. It’s free and cool. The original version of Riot Girl Tristana is just a pink variation of the classic skin.

But because of the Riot rework, this skin became much better looking because of the model updates.

There are no eye-catching changes to this cosmetic. Riot Games just modified the original skin by giving her a sweater, pink hair, and several accessories.

Not to mention, because of the paint job, her cannon looks cooler too. It now fits the whole pink Riot Girl concept of the skin.

Unfortunately, Riot Girl Tristana is the same as the classic skin in terms of particles, animations, and sounds. It has the usual cannonball auto-attack and ability animations.

Still, considering the rarity of Riot Girl Tristana and that it is a free skin, it is still one of her best cosmetics to date. Sadly for Tristana mains, it is now impossible to get this skin unless you got it through the promotional event of Riot Games by liking their Facebook page. Riot Girl Tristana is also unavailable through Hextech Crafting.


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Little Demon Tristana

If Little Devil Teemo is the king of hell, then Little Demon Tristana is its queen. Part of the demonic yordles skin line and released on May 30, 2019, Riot Games decided to make a stronger demonic version of the Yordle Gunner.

Looking at the splash art above, Tristana sits on her throne beside her scary weapon. Riot Games nailed the whole demonic model when they designed Little Demon Tristana. The dark purple skin color, claws, earrings, and horns, enhance the scary looks of the Yordle Gunner.

All of the animations and particles of Little Demon Tristana’s abilities are a mix of purple and blue. In terms of particles, her abilities are mesmerizing too. The clean look made playing this skin a smooth and enjoyable experience.

If you wonder about the sounds, Riot used simple but enchanting sounds in-game, which is excellent for people who do not want flashy sounds that distract them. 

You can get this skin in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points. And this skin is also available in Wild Rift for 990 Wild Cores.


It is time to become the best ADC player and build attack speed and damage with the best Tristana skins! As mentioned previously, like her Hextech skin, Hexplorer Tristana, and Firefighter Tristana, there are still many Tristana skin releases by Riot Games in LoL and League of Legends: Wild Rift. But they are not as good as the skins above so the cosmetics were not included in this best Tristana skin list.

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