Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Jhin

Jhin is one of the most unique champion designs in the game. due to this, he supports that play with him are all accustomed to a different playstyle.
Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Jhin

Jhin is a skirmishing ADC, that needs some scaling to be able to one-shot his enemies, instead of outputting continuous damage with attack speed. So, the best support for Jhin League of Legends has to offer, needs to synergize well with his kit.



In the lane, there is no winning a trade when Nami is the enemy support. Her W, which is the first ability to level in her skill order, offers her healing just as it damages the enemy, while her E buffs the target champion’s auto-attacks, allowing Jhin and Nami to constantly poke their enemies, and heal the results of their return poke in one move.

League of Legends - Nami

Aside from all of this, Nami’s passive ability makes the allies she used her abilities on get increased movement speed.

This way, Nami can speed Jhin up, give his basic attacks additional damage, and damage enemies so he can use his deadly flourish to root enemies further. All in all, when supporting Jhin, Nami is the best support champion for the job.



As we've said previously, Jhin is a champion that rarely goes all in, expect when the enemy is at half a bar of health. Getting them to that state, in the early game, takes quite a bit of trading.

Jhin's most powerful trading tool is his fourth shot. Zilean can give Jhin a lot of movement speed early with his E, and allow him to shoot the enemy before they can even return fire, and also slow enemies with the same ability, as it gets a reset with his W.

League of Legends - Zilean

In addition, the easiest way to protect Jhin is to act as a deterrent. And Zilean's Ultimate, which revives allies and acts like a better version of Guardian Angel, is the best deterrent there is during the late game.


Yuumi is an annoying champion to play with and against. With Jhin, however, they both enhance one another into becoming the best bot lane duo synergy, when it comes to annoying enemies, and killing them as well.

Jhin excels in killing a squishy champion with his high attack damage. In the late game, however, he is squishy as well. With Yuumi, who provides constant healing and movement speed, that becomes less of an issue.

League of Legends - Yuumi

In addition, Yuumi offers a percentage increase in adaptive damage to the ally she is tethered to, giving Jhin even more attack damage. the issue is the early game, where, even with the movement speed these two have, if you get caught by a Leona, you can say your goodbyes.



Jhin is one of the rare ADCs with a crowd control ability. In fact, Jhin's abilities have two crowd control effects. So, pairing him up with a Morgana, whose roots last for an eternity, seems only logical.

A Morgana Q followed up by Jhin's E, and then his fourth shot is bound to ruin everyone's day. Not to mention Morgana's Black Shield that will save Jhin from any counter engage.

League of Legends - Bewitching Morgana

And, while Morgana and Jhin are not the most optimal synergy for either champion, it is one that can be played aggressively to rack up a lot of kills during the laning phase, and get ready for team fights.



When you play Jhin, if there is a single enemy champion that stacks armor, like Garen, then you know they can carry the game against you. So, you need an ally that builds ability power and can tear through their defenses.

For that, we introduce Brand, a mage champion with high damage output, whose build, unlike the Jhin build, is made to bring down tanks.

League of Legends - Brand

In addition, his synergy with Jhin in the bottom lane cannot be left unsaid. His burn allows Jhin more time to root the enemy champion affected, while his constant poke damage harries enemies into either backing or having Jhin's ultimate snipe them from afar.



It comes off as no surprise that Lux, a mage champion with the ability to chain CC with Jhin's Deadly Flourish, and having a high damage output is on this list.

in fact, Lux is the combination of Brand and Morgana rolled into one, with her Q being a root, and her kit having enough damage to burst down the enemy ADC all on her own, even during the early game.

League of Legends - Lux

Out of all the best support champions Jhin can have, Lux is the most versatile one. She can act akin to an enchanter, to peel for him, or as additional damage. It's exactly this versatility, in both her role as a support champion and her mid-lane role, that Riot Games give her so many skins. She is just too reliable, and a lot of players play her.



Engage support champions are usually tanky support variety. The best supports for Jhin don't really fit the bill, as they are usually all-or-nothing champions, where Jhin needs to prepare the enemy to be killed.

League of Legends - Pyke

For that exact purpose, we have Pyke. An engage support, who deals heavy damage early so that they can kill the enemy even at level 2. He is one of the best supports for Jhin when you need to get fed to carry a game.

If that is not possible, his kit allows him to skirmish with the enemies, allowing Jhin to deal some damage, and then retreat to a safe distance. upon reaching level 6, spoon-feeding Jhin gold, and preparing him to one-shot enemies in team fights, gets pretty easy. for those who have high knowledge of matchups of course.



Unlike champions like Miss Fortune, who like straightforward engage supports, whom they can easily follow, Jhin needs someone to create an advantage for him and can rely on him in any fight, whether it's offensive or defensive.

Thresh is just that type of champion. Supports who wish to climb to the highest rank, usually pick Thresh to master, as this champion can create a combo on the fly, due to the versatility of his abilities.

League of Legends - Thresh

Thresh can stun an opponent, hit them with an incredible slow, knock them back, and even give Jhin something he sorely lacks, an escape tool, as he has a lantern to throw. Though it does not give outright mobility, it can reposition Jhin to a place where he can ult the enemy team, and deal heavy damage.



If you want to play safe with Jhin, and just farm your lane and Dark Harvest on your enemies, then you need someone that will make the enemy bot lane dance around and not give them time to focus on you.

With his range and early game damage, there is no one better for the job than Xerath. Add to that the fact that his E is a ranged stun, unlike the other mages who only have a root, and you have an extremely safe and annoying lane that the enemy can't allow to scale, nor can they kill you.

League of Legends - Xerath

A stun from Hexrath, followed by his E and Q, with Jhin rooting the enemy further to chain CC, and using his combo, is enough to one-shot an enemy after a first back.



Finally, we have Sona, a champion who has it all. Heals, enhancing stats, whether they are attack damage or movement speed, as well as an ultimate with a lot of crowd control. And we can't forget her incredible late-game scaling.

Though in a lot of cases Seraphine is considered a better champion than Sona, Sona is one of the best supports for Jhin out there. She can speed Jhin up with her E, and use her poke damage on the enemy, so Jhin can use his Deadly Flourish on them, with her Q while enhancing his basic attacks with the same ability.

League of Legends - Sona

Should Jhin take some damage, her W is enough for sustain in lane, and it can even be used to lower enemy damage if you need to protect Jhin from an assassin.

All in all, Sona is an incredible champion when you have an ADC play Jhin. Just don't forget that her laning phase truly begins after her first back, and solves her mana issues.

All in all, we can see that the best supports for Jhin are those that compliment any Jhin build, as well as his kit, effectively, with their own builds and abilities. Playing alongside Jhin takes some time to learn, but once you do, you will realize why he is the best champion Riot Games ever designed.

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