Best Zoe Skins | LoL

Even though Zoe is one of the latest champion releases, she has a ton of skins to choose from. Here is a list of Zoe’s best skins to choose from.
Best Zoe Skins | LoL

Zoe, released last November 2017, is the cosmic messenger of targon who controls the stars to battle inside the rift. And a little fun fact, Zoe is the first champion with heterochromia, and this trait is retained in all of her champion skins. She is known to have colorful skins that compliment her starry abilities. Here is a list of the best Zoe League skins. 


Cyberpop Zoe

Released on November 21, 2017, this is the first Zoe skin that was released in League. If you are a fan of cyber-themed skins, then Cyberpop Zoe will be the best choice for you

This is actually one of her best skins, and since this is an epic skin, you can expect that it will have changes to her model, sounds, animations, and particles. 

Cyberpop Zoe is a mix of yellow, green, blue, and orange colors. Not only that, but the retro effects bring out the best of these hues.

Personally, the main selling point of the skin is the recall and auto-attack animation, as well as the Sleepy Trouble Bubble spell effects. If Zoe hits a champion with the said skill, it will show an arcade-looking enemy logo and a Blue Screen of Death effect when they are asleep

On the other hand, a League death screen appears when Zoe dies, and you can see arcade pixels trailing her hands when she auto attacks, which is a nice overall touch to the skin.

The good thing is that Cyberpop Zoe is currently available in the store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Arcanist Zoe and Prestige Arcanist Zoe

One of the cutest League of Legends skins, Arcanist Zoe, is based on the game's magician concept. Released on July 9, 2020, this is one of the latest skin releases by Riot Games. Arcanist Zoe will be the best choice if you like blue-themed skins.

Like the Cyberpop Zoe, this skin is also in the Epic category. You can expect changes to her particles, animations, model, and sounds. 

The best aspects of this skin are the Sleepy Trouble Bubble (Zoe will hurl an arcanist potion to her enemies) and Spell Thief spell particles (Zoe will throw shards at her enemies with strange language). It may not have the uniqueness of the Cyberpop skin, it does the job for a modern skin.

On the other hand, Prestige Arcanist Zoe is a mythic version of the skin. It is also a gold and white recolor of the original skin that changes the animations, particles, effects, and textures.

Personally, the prestige edition is a better version of the Arcanist skin. There are no differences in terms of animations and textures, but the white and gold colors really fit Zoe as a champion.

Arcanist Zoe is currently purchasable in the League store for 1350 Riot Points, while the Prestige Edition of the skin is redeemable for 100 points in the 2021 Prestige Shop in the loot tab.

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Star Guardian Zoe

Released in the game last August 9, 2019, Star Guardian is arguably the best Zoe skin out of all the choices. 

Since she is a user of stars, the concept of League's Star Guardian really fit her as a champion. Star Guardian follows an evil and mischievous concept that has purple, light blue, and pink colors.

Zoe is the main villain in the storyline and is the cause of Rakan and Xayah's corruption. Her Star Guardian skin is beautiful and has the most changes out of all her skins. This skin has new models, particles, animation, sounds, voice lines, and recall.

The skin colors are exquisite; her portal jump and paddle star have purple starry emblems. Enemies will also see a new VFX when entering her Sleepy Trouble Bubble spell. Not only that, but her recall has a relaxing sound and shows how powerful she truly is based on the lore.

The available chromas set the Star Guardian skin apart from the other choices in this list. Amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, emerald, jasper, pearl, rose quartz, and ruby are the available chromas. All of these change the colors of the skin, including the model, animations, textures, and particles.

Star Guardian Zoe is currently available in the League store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Zoe is not the only champion with multiple skin choices in the game, League of Legends. If you want another mage champion skin check out our best Zilean skins list. On the other hand, if you want to see all the cosmetics available in the game, check out the list of the best champion skins.

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