How To Earn Money Playing League Of Legends [4 Best Methods]

Discover the best methods to make money playing League Of Legends! We tested them out for You!
How To Earn Money Playing League Of Legends [4 Best Methods]

If you ever felt like you're wasting time playing League Of Legends since you're not gaining anything (other than experience), we'd like to show you that you can start earning money from this video game right now!

That's right, there are several ways to make money playing LOL, and you won't need to be a professional player to accomplish this.

Speaking of professional LOL players, some of them have managed to earn over $1 million through esports tournaments prize money! Anyone can make some money (although not that much, unfortunately) playing League Of Legends. So keep scrolling, and we'll reveal everything you need to know to start making money from League Of Legends right now.


Using Buff Game

Would you like to earn a range of rewards and save money playing League Of Legends completely passively? We'll show you how you can achieve that in the following section of the article.

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5/ 5 is worth using, but only if you remember that it can't offer you much but a few skins or other rewards after a lengthy period.

Payout Rate
5/ 5
Reputation & Safety
5/ 5
User Experience
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Reward Options
4/ 5
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USE Code  Go to Buff Game

This is made possible by, a loyalty program that comes in the form of software that automatically runs in the background. At the same time, while you play League Of Legends, this program scans your in-game performance using the advanced algorithm. then inspects your K/D/A ratio, and based on the score, it grants Buff Coins - a virtual currency used for exchanging it for various rewards that include virtual goods, in-game currencies like Riot points, hardware, and much more.

Pay attention to the balance on the left - proof that does what they promise.

Other than the in-game score, also supports various in-game challenges you may complete for extra Buff Coins. These challenges usually include dealing a specific amount of damage and playing a particular number of matches, and anyone can easily achieve them for additional rewards.

Finally, once you get a sufficient amount of Buff Coins, you can trade them and get various rewards we previously mentioned. These rewards include Riot Points that you can use to buy League Of Legends champions, rare skins, and other lol items.

As you can see, the in-game challenges are easy to complete.

Although doesn't support money as rewards, it does offer plenty of retailers (and other) gift cards that you can use to buy pretty much anything, so in a way, it can be used to make money although not directly.

If you wish to give it a chance, you'll definitely want to check out our review, in which we verified its legitimacy, security, and functionality.

Ultimately, it's also worth mentioning that you can't commit to this method to make a steady income, but it's a great way to earn rewards passively while you're already playing League Of Legends.

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Selling Account

Although this method is definitely not the most legitimate thing you could do to make money out of League Of Legends, nothing stops you from doing so. In fact, numerous specialized websites are selling League Of Legends accounts without any issues.

According to Riot Games, buying accounts is against the terms of use and may result in a permanent ban.

Even though League Of Legends is a free to play a game, if your account is attractive enough and you have in-game items, a decent win percentage, experience level, and more, you'll be able to sell it quickly and effortlessly.

Some of the accounts listed for sale on PlayerAuctions.

LOL accounts are so high in demand because many players who'd like to start playing LOL don't want to grind to reach level 30 and start playing ranked matches.

Moreover, some players would like to start over with new accounts, but rather than creating a new one and investing money and time into it, they choose to buy the established account instead.

Should you decide to sell the League Of Legends account, some of the most reliable websites are G2G, PlayerAuctions (the most recommended one), and GamerMarkt.

Lastly, this can become a lucrative business if you're knowledgeable enough because you can "flip" League Of Legends accounts by buying some for a low price and re-selling them for profit.


Ad Revenue From Creating LOL-Related Content

Making money playing games through ads can be achieved in many ways: by making a gaming video channel on YouTube, streaming games on Twitch and other platforms, writing game-related content, and so on.

And when a game is such a smash-hit, like League Of Legends is, there's always room for a new game based content creators.

Essentially, ad revenue is an income you may earn by displaying paid ads on your website, YouTube, Twitch channel, and so on. Of course, the more audience you have, the more income you'll get.

The most pouplar League Of Legends streamers are making serious money through ads.

The idea behind making money through ad revenue in League Of Legends is to create distinctive content that must attract the attention of gamers, which is quite challenging but not impossible.

This is because there is now so much League Of Legends content online; it's hard to get noticed if you've just started creating content.

However, if you possess creativity, knowledge, charisma, and so on, you can use that and your League Of Legends expertise to create content. For example, this content can be strategy guides, clips, how-to's, or anything imaginable.

League Of Legends is one of the most searched games on YouTube.

With enough clicks on your channel or website, you can rest assured that you'll be making some money through ads. However, remember that this is a long-term process, and you can't expect to start earning money right away, as it takes lots of effort, patience, and knowledge.


Bonus Method: Earn Free Riot Points In League Of Legends Using Freecash

Interested in saving money and earning Riot Points simultaneously, completely free? We got you covered! This bonus section is dedicated to Freecash, a reward program that anyone can register on to complete various online tasks and earn rewards, including the Riot Points.

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5/ 5

Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

Payout Options
5/ 5
5/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5/ 5
Methods for Earning Money Available
4.5/ 5
User Experience
5/ 5
USE Code TGG Go to Freecash

The process is quite straightforward: you'll need to register on Freecash (through a website or an app), head to the "Earn" page where you'll notice several offers containing all sorts of tasks, and complete any of these tasks to get Freecash Coins.

League Of Legends is one of the available options of Freecash rewards.

With enough of them, all you need to do is select the "Cashout" option, where you'll notice over 20 available rewards that you can trade your Freecash Coins in, including the Riot Points. To get them, simply click on the League Of Legends option and choose from one of four available denominations you can use to top up your account.

You'll be able to get from $5 to $50 gift card amounts.

What's more, you can keep completing tasks on Freecash for unlimited times and add as many funds to your account as you want, as there are no limitations of any kind! Of course, you can't expect to get thousands of dollars since it would take an endless amount of time to achieve that, but this is an excellent way to save money on Riot Points.

For those who'd like to learn more about this service, we did a detailed review of Freecash to see if they are legit, so check it out and learn all about it and whether you should use it or not. If you'd like to join Freecash, make sure to use our bonus code "TGG'' and try your luck to get the chance to win up to $250!

After registering on Freecash and verifying your email address, you'll receive a popup with an option to type in the code we previously mentioned, so give it a try, and you may become the lucky winner.

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Nowadays, people would do anything to improve their League Of Legends skills, including literally paying someone to help them become better players. Just like personal sports trainers work with athletes individually, the same applies to esports, in which some of the famous LOL coaches earn up to $150 per hour!

The truth is, League Of Legends coaching is now more sought after than ever, and it has massive potential. But before even considering this method of making money playing League Of Legends, you will need to have something to back yourself up, not to mention that you'll need to be quite a skilled LOL player.

For instance, this can be a high-rank level, background in LOL streaming/content creation, previous experience in the LOL professional league, and so on.

Some of the Fiverr gigs for League Of Legends coaching.

The truth is, not everyone will be able to use this method to make more money, even though LOL coaching is not reserved for pro players. However, suppose you believe you're skilled enough. In that case, you can offer your expertise through third-party services specialized in coaching, freelancing websites (like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.), social media, and forums.

Then, your job will be to play with your "students," give them guidance, train them, and do your best to help them improve their skills. But other than teaching newbies how to play, you can even become an assistant coach and help competitive players reach their goals or maybe even work with professional teams.

It all falls on your skill; evidently, being an exceptionally skilled LOL player pays off.

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So there you have it; these were some of the best-suited ways to earn money by playing your favorite game, that doesn't involve esports betting or even gaming activity in some cases. Nowadays, the idea of making money playing League Of Legends isn't a novelty, especially since there are people making millions out of this game.

While not everyone can reach the same level as pro gamers and compete with them, that doesn't mean there's no way to earn money from LOL. So whichever method you decide to use, you should know that all of them are tried and tested, and we carefully chose every single of them to share with our readers.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the LOL account to sell or the time and willingness to create content, so we strongly suggest using the, because it's a passive income method that anyone can easily use.

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