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Best Olaf Skins | LoL

Defying fate is Olaf’s prerogative in life. As a Viking-styled champion, he is the epitome of the Berseker, and his skins reflect various facets of this emotion.
Best Olaf Skins | LoL

Olaf predates all but League of Legends’ base champions. He was released on June 6, 2010, in a time where champion design was centered around simplicity and is also part of Wild Rift. As a champion that was designed with simplicity in mind, his skins are the ones that give him the necessary flavor, and that is why we have compiled them for your perusal.


Pentakill Olaf

One of Riot’s earliest forays into music came in 2014, with the release of the first Pentakill album, Smite and Ignite. One of the band members is Pentakill Olaf, and his skin was released on October 1, 2012, at a cost of 975 RP. This skin includes new visuals for Olaf and his axes, new sounds, and particle effects

Riot have even gone on to include it in WIld Rift, of all Olaf skins, which just shows its importance. That of a bloodthirsty Viking, with a tendency for headbanging.

With this skin, Olaf is depicted as a drummer for the Pentakill band, and his beat is truly powerful and goes in line with his playstyle of fast-paced attack speed.

As a champion that relies on emotion in combat, it gives life to the imagination we all have when listening to a particularly powerful song we would like to listen to when riding into battle. Though the skin is rated as regular, its epicness ranks high in our book.

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Dragonslayer Olaf

If there is anything in the fantasy genre that signifies power, it would be dragons. How then would we rate those that slay them? We would call them Dragonslayers, and consider them forces of nature. Olaf has, with his Berserker rage, deserved the honor of the Dragonslayer skin. This Epic-rated skin was released on January 30, 2020, and is priced at 1350 RP.

As one of Olaf’s newest skins, it naturally offers a new splash art, but also sounds, animations, and particle effects for his abilities.

This skin goes in line with Olaf’s lore, where he seeks death in glorious battle, to defy the prophecy of a peaceful death on his deathbed. And what target is better for that purpose than dragons? As far as dragons are concerned, anything else, as Dragonslayer Olaf has taken it upon himself to exterminate them, after they failed to prove a challenge for his might.

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Marauder Olaf

Marauder Olaf is a skin with a theme shared with Ashe’s Marauder skin. Which has some interesting lore implications for those of us that are up to date with the lore, and the fact that Olaf is part of a Freljordian faction in direct opposition to Ashe. This skin was released during the golden era of League of Legends, on September 30, 2015, for the low price of 750 RP.

As an older skin, it doesn’t give much of an update to his animations and sounds, however, the model and splash art more than make up for it.

While Pentakill Olaf follows a dark theme, it is that of a villain in a high fantasy genre. Marauder Olaf’s inspiration comes directly from dark fantasy and paints him in a way his lore describes him, a Viking-style warrior only concerned with blood, carnage, and battle.

If you main Olaf, not for his place in the meta, but his aesthetic and design, this is definitely the skin for you.

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Glacial Olaf

Glacial Olaf is the cheapest, and oldest, skin on our list, with a price of 520 RP, and the only one with a Legacy restriction on its purchase, which can only be done during the opening of the Legacy Vault. Glacial Olaf was released on June 8, 2010, alongside Forsaken Olaf.

As it is an old skin, it has no new updates aside from the model, in-game. However, it explores an interesting aspect of Olaf’s lore with its splash art alone.

Olaf is a Freljordian Berseker, a land mire in ice and cold, who seeks glorious death in battle. What happens, then, when he finds it? One look at the splash art answers that question. He rises as a Dvergur type of undead to continue the slaughter, an undead found in Nordic folklore, which was also used in Skyrim.

His soul may have passed on, but his rage still suffuses his mortal remains. Another interpretation of the skin is that Olaf has, in his rampage, ascended to join the ranks of Freljordian demigods, though this skin precedes this lore, and seems unlikely.

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Olaf is the Rift’s unstoppable force of nature, that evokes nightmares in all those who rely on crowd control spells to win fights. His skins, as a rule, seek not to subvert his design, but to explore different aspects of it, such as Pentakill’s approach to emotions that battle and music envoke, Dragonslayer’s glory, Marauder’s brutality, and Glacial’s inevitability.

Olaf, however, is far from the only Freljordian champion we have on our lists. There are also Nunu and his companion Willump, whose friendship has inspired us to make a list of the best Nunu skins. Feel free to also explore our complete list of all good lol skins.

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