Where To See League of Legends Win Rate

Discover how to easily see your win rate in League of Legends and where you can do it by following our entire guide. check your win rate now!
Where To See League of Legends Win Rate

Let's be honest, many of us have been attracted to knowing our statistics and win rate in League of Legends. This would undoubtedly help us improve as players and discover our faults, therefore, today we will explain how to see win rate in League of Legends!

Why is it important to see your win rate in League of Legends?

It doesn't matter if you play in the bot lane, mid lane or jungle, all players have their stats saved by RIOT Games Inc in League of Legends, that means you can see your last victory or defeat, scores, players tier, rank, etc.
Knowing your win rate in League of legends will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses and analyze the data to use it to climb in the ELO community and be an amazing player. Also, knowing your winrate and search your games played can be really fun and can help you to maintain your motivation to keep playing League of Legends.

How to easily see your win rate in LoL?

Use League of legends client

To check your win rate in League of Legends quickly, what you can do is use the LoL client quickly. Every time you play a game, RIOT Games stores your games temporarily and you can discover interesting stats by following these steps:

  1. Open your League of Legends Client
  2. Click on the profile tab.
  3. Select Stats option.
  4. Check your Win rate by champions and role.

The amazing part of using the League of Legends client to check your win rate, is that you can take a quick look at your stats and compare your champion performance in terms of vision, farming and KDA compared to players at or above your ELO.

Use Mobalytics

If using the League of Legends client is not enough for managing league of Legends stats and win rate information, you can always use mobalytics.gg tool to get even more information about your ranked and normal games played, get millions of champions stats, views or opinions of your matches made by the tool in order to give you tips to improve your game style and much more.
Mobalytics is an amazing tool if you love to rank in League of Legends and want to know every patch change and strongest champions for any patch. It can give you useful information to master a champion, dominate your tier and know the average win rate of people in your ELO. And the best thing, there is no difficulty in using Mobalytics, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Go to the Mobalytics website.

  3. Choose your server and write your summoner name.

  4. Click on search.

After waiting a little bit Mobalytics will load all your games, each victory and defeat and will show you your winrate and some opinions and tips to improve your game style. The best part of Mobalytics is that it doesn't matter if you're a platinum, diamond, challenger or silver, it doesn't matter if you like playing support or mid lane, it will show you the real world statistics you may know to climb ELO in LoL.
Riot games inc is not officially involved in producing or managing these kinds of tools to check your winrate, but they are used by many players around the world to check their games statistics in a single page. But, don't worry if RIOT games is not officially involved in producing or managing these tools, they are free, trustful and always online. You may also check our guide about the best tools for PC League of Legends.

<h2 dir="ltr" id="What is a Good Win rate in LoL?_id=3">What is a Good Win rate in LoL?

Now you know how to check your winrate, you may be wondering what should be a good winrate for players. Opinions of riot games and many pro players, consider that a good winrate is between 50%- 60% percent.

Normally, winrate reflect how good a player is in his ELO. However, the winrate may change depending on the tier table of LoL players, but the higher rank a player has, the higher winrate it should handle. But don't worry, once you get better in LoL it will be easier for you to improve in your ranked games. When managing League of Legends winrate, remember to use the recommended page above.
Lastly, you may check our guide abouthow to get out of silver in League of Legends, if you're really interested in getting better at this wonderful game. Remember, give your best at the summoner's rift to improve your LoL winrate. See you at the summoner's rift!

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