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How to Get Out of Silver in League of Legends

Have you wondered how to get out of silver LoL? See all League of Legends tips you must follow to get out of silver today and achieve Gold!
How to Get Out of Silver in League of Legends

Silver, gold, diamond... If these are all familiar words, you've probably played ranked in League of Legends. But, all the players sometimes get stuck in an ELO and feel that it is impossible to advance. 

Therefore, today we will show you the best tips on how to get out of silver LoL, so you can get that prestigious skin without suffering too much.

Raising ELO in League of Legends can be a difficult task, long hours full of games with "AFK" players, bad players and even bad losers, but getting out of what is known as "ELO Hell" is much easier if you follow a couple of basic rules and you understand certain elements of the League of Legends victory points system, the champion meta and Tier and, most importantly, the macro game.

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Warding, Warding and Warding

Our first tip to improve your ELO in League of Legends is perhaps the least typical that many people would start with. 

But positioning errors, and consequently the loss of Team Fights and objectives, is not warding correctly. 

Pushing a lane with no vision, fighting for a target with no vision, and even walking through your own Jungle with no vision are common mistakes made in Low ELO.

How to Get out of silver lol

You may be thinking, but shouldn't the support handle warding? And yes, you're right, but even so the support can have problems warding the entire map, so if your entire team collaborates to have a vision of the enemy, it will be much easier to position yourself properly for a team fight, defend objectives, etc. If you’re really interested in getting better in League of Legends and warding, visit our complete guide about how to get better at warding.

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Watch The Farm

Farming is perhaps the activity that should improve from your first day playing League of Legends. 

The ability to take down minions at the right time to gain additional gold and buy items quickly is definitely an activity that should be perfected with your favorite champion.

How to Get out of silver

Normally, you should have killed at least 10 minions per minute, however this can be a difficult task at first, so you can start by trying to farm at least 7 minions per minute. 

It's a good start to become an amazing player.

Here are some advantages of perfecting farming in League of Legends:

  • Buy items faster than the rival
  • Level up much faster than the rival (this is even more important if your character is better in Late Game. Ex: Nasus, Kayle, etc)
  • Better rotations by objectives.
  • Reach your champion's "peak power" quickly.

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Detect Your "Win Condition"

This is an element that most "Low ELO rank" players sometimes don't understand. Sometimes you will not be the player that can lead your team to victory, either because the enemy team's draft is better, or because they are benefiting from an incredible early game.

Get out of silver LoL

Detecting your win condition will help you better determine your strategy, for example:

  • Is your AD Carry characterized by its late game?
  • In your team is there a Kassadin, Nasus, Twitch, Kalista or any other champion who stands out for his late game damage?
  • Does your team have an advantage in dragons and will the dragon soul give them very good bonuses?
  • Does your team have very good champions in the early game?

These are all the questions you need to ask yourself to find your team's win condition and lead them down that path.

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Learn To Swap Targets

It is vital to identify what each team on the map must do to win. In relation to this, it is very important to learn how to respond on the map when the opponent proposes something.

For example, you have vision on the dragon and see how both mid and bot are being pushed. Next, you watch as both enemy lines move to make the target. Fight? That would be suicide, the enemy has all the advantage in that area to achieve what he proposes.

How to Get out of silver league of legends

On the contrary, there is a completely free part of the map for you, take advantage of it: vision in the rival jungle, warn the jungler to go to the top and look for a 2vs1, dive a sideline and get plates... All in order to answer one thing for the other.

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Understand The Other Roles

As many players do, maining a single role seems like the premise for starting a solo queue. However, it is very important to understand how the other positions in the game work. To do this, if you feel comfortable in a particular role, try playing a few games (normal, please) in a different position.

How to Get out of silver league of legends roles

In this way, you will learn to identify what each position in the game does and what it needs to be successful, which you can apply in your qualifiers. In addition, you will be able to perform better in case you touch autofill. Here you can see an entire guide about the most popular roles LoL, this will help you to know a little more about roles in League of Legends.

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Communication Is Important

Many games are lost due to lack of communication between every player, it is important that you learn to use "pings" correctly to give your allies the right information.

Get out of silver league of legends

An enemy has disappeared from your vision range, inform your team and signal them to be careful. Are you heading towards an area on the map? Let your allies know so that they support you in the search for your objectives. The next dragon will appear in 60 seconds? Inform your team to move towards the objective to gain vision and positioning.

Communication is key in all ranks of the game, but especially in "ELO Hell rank" is where communication failures occur the most and where this has a negative impact on the game.

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Not Everything Are Kills

It is common to see how in the "ELO Hell" games there is an exaggerated amount of kills in each team. 

While killing the enemy champion will give you a significant gold advantage, doing so without a clear target (dragon, rift herald, baron nashor), will just be an empty kill that you won't be able to take advantage of properly.

how to get out of silver LoL tips

Try to focus on really important objectives and only kill opposing champions if it gives you a clear advantage in claiming an objective with your team.

On the other hand, try not to die too many times during the game, this will only harm your team and make it more difficult to secure objectives.

Without taking into account that both deaths, murders and assists are taken into account to define your MMR in the ranking system.

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Watch Your Mental Attitude When Playing a Ranked Game

It's normal to be nervous before playing a ranked match in League for Legends. And when you are a silver player, it can be even frustrating if you have lost your promo multiple times, because nobody said that reaching Gold IV or Gold I would be an easy task.

how to get out of silver LoL

Therefore, watch your mental attitude before entering a game, trust that you are a skilled player and that you will soon be a gold player. Attitude is important and will win you more games and improve your rank more than just blaming your team when things don't go your way.

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Learn To Finish Games

A fairly common error that occurs in "ELO Hell", is that players can’t close games quickly (even if they have the advantage) and the game takes up to 40 minutes or more due to this problem, allowing the enemy team to recover, escalate and even win the game.

how to get out of silver LoL

For this reason, it is important to have a good reading of the map and the game in general, focus on taking important objectives (after minute 20, prioritize obtaining the Baron Nashor), the dragons and the rift herald. These are all elements that allow you to finish the game more easily and destroy towers quickly. To ignore them is to lengthen the game unnecessarily and this is not a mistake that top tier players commit.

how to get out of silver LoL

Lastly, be patient, the League of Legends ranking system can seem unfair at times (going as far as giving a player 0 LP). It is important that you do not get discouraged when it comes to obtaining the necessary League point to increase your ELO in LoL. You can also try better champions that are at the top of the TIER list of the game to improve your ELO, here we leave you an incredible guide of the most OP champions in LOL so that you can quickly climb towards your desired player rank.

Do not forget to give your best as a player in each game and have fun in this fabulous game while you improve your skill level. You can take a look at this incredible guide on how to get free RP in LoL to acquire your favorite skins of your champions. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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