The most OP Champions in League of Legends

Discover the most OP Champions LoL and dominate the Summoner's Rift. Dominate each role in League of Legends while playing the best champions now!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The most OP Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends, what would become of that game if it didn't have more than 140 champions to choose from in your favorite lane and destroy the enemy nexus? 

But the time has come to talk about an important topic, no, not about the new Lux skin, but about the OP champions LoL, those champions who once take a small advantage become unstoppable due to their damage or utility.

To talk correctly about the OP Champions LoL, I have considered mentioning 2 champions for each role in the game, this way if your main role is the Jungle, you will find useful information that will help you choose your champions well or to ban a champion that you don't want to face. 

Without further ado, I present to you the most OP champions in League of Legends.

1 /10

Lee Sin

Let's start with the Jungle, and it can't be any other way than talking about one of the most OP characters in League of Legends and who currently occupies one of the highest places on the League of Legends Tier list: Lee sin.


This champion stands out for his incredible damage during the first minutes of the game, being one of the best junglers in Early Game. His ability to gank enemy champions with the use of his abilities (especially his sonic wave) allows him to quickly close in on his target and deal massive damage.

On the other hand, his ultimate (R) is perfect for disposing of the enemy champions and making it easier for his team to win. If you love early game champions with a lot of mobility and a bit of a steep learning curve, then Lee Sin is the perfect champion for you.

2 /10


Another of the champions currently at the top of the Tier S List (and also featured in the Wild Rift Tier List), he stands out for his incredible damage and ability to gank enemies effectively upon reaching level 3.

Xin Zhao stands out for a powerful early game, in which if he manages to take advantage he becomes an unstoppable killing machine.


The best thing about this League of Legends and Wilf Rift champion is that you can buy multiple items to fulfill your purposes within the game, from a fighter build, lethality or critical, Xin Zhao is a versatile champion who can easily dominate the jungle .

There are other popular League of Legends champions that also deserve a mention, such as Master Yi, Hecarim, Elise, among others, but definitely Lee Sin and Xin Zhao are an incredible option for the Jungle at the moment.

In the case of Master Yi, he is an incredible champion for those looking for a simple but powerful champion for the Jungle.

3 /10


Now let's talk about the Top Lane, that line that stands out for being a constant 1vs1 between players, where skill and damage make a difference.

Fiora is an incredible champion that, handled correctly, has amazing utility and damage.

You can return any CC of the enemies thanks to your abilities, as well as having a powerful ultimate that can turn any battle around.


Fiora is currently one of the champions on the top Tier List, not in vain, she is a perfect champion to destroy enemy towers quickly and stands out for being one of the best duelists in the game.

Mastering this champion takes time, but once you master the champion, you become an unstoppable machine with the highest win rate in the game.

4 /10


Do you know why Irelia is a Pick or Ban at the highest ELO in League of Legends and even in tournaments? It's because she is, from my point of view, one of the most OP champions in LoL.

Although her mechanics are complex to manage (and therefore she does not have the highest win rate in the game currently), once you master her tricks you become one of the champions with the highest mobility and damage within the summoner's rift.


Dominating Irelia is not easy, mainly you have to understand that her Bladesurge (Q) resets every time she annihilates an enemy (including minions), which is important to get more damage with her passive ability, but once players understand her mechanics It becomes a real headache for any enemy.

5 /10


It's mid lane time, and what better way to talk about the best League of Legends champions than to start with Viktor.

If you're a mage lover, and you like to scale as the game drags on, then Viktor is an amazing mid lane option. It has incredible damage and poke ability thanks to its Death Ray.


Viktor stands out for his excellent scaling, magic damage, and his ability to evolve his abilities to deal more damage.

He is a champion that can destroy almost any enemy in front of him and the new First Strike rune has shown to have very good synergy with him.

Viktor is also one of the best champions for beginners in League of Legends, so feel free to try it at the summoner’s rift.

6 /10


A champion loved and hated by many players, this assassin has the ability to annihilate any enemy in the mid lane in a very short time and, thanks to his shadows, he can move quickly to deal more damage.

He is a champion that does not consume mana and his passive ability allows him to deal additional damage to enemies with low health, Zed is the perfect assassin and the terror of the mid lane.


While mastering it takes time, anyone who takes the time to master its mechanics will be able to destroy all of their enemies in the blink of an eye. As if that were not enough, the new object (Axiom Arc) allows him to have his ultimate (R) more and more frequently, making Zed a powerful threat at any stage of the game.

Note: I did not mention Twisted Fate, Aurelion Sol, among others champions, because the ones above have kept dominating the mid lane for a longer time.

7 /10


It is the turn of the bot lane, and we must mention the new champion and best League of Legends and who has remained in the top tier list since its launch (which has caused it to be nerfed several times).

To be honest I didn't know whether to place Zeri as a mid laner or ADC, because in both positions she has a high win rate, but I chose to place her in the bot lane since it is the main role of the champion.


Zeri stands out for a different mechanic compared to other ADCs, mainly her Q is her main attack and the most used ability instead of playing with the mouse, without a doubt a wonderful concept within League of Legends.

Zeri's damage is just amazing, she can buy fighter items and be an ADC with 3000 HP who deals huge amounts of damage thanks to her ultimate (R) and has a lot of mobility thanks to her (E).

She is not an easy champion to master but without a doubt she is one of the best League of Legends champions now (still pending to analyze if Renata Glasc will be an OP champion too).

8 /10


Jinx is being used in competitive tournaments recently and the reason is simple: a very high damage per second and her powerful area of ​​damage with her rockets (Q). Jinx has risen to the top of the tier list thanks to her ability to deal large amounts of damage in a short amount of time.


Although her mechanics are not difficult to understand, it is important to understand that Jinx is a late game character, so you should prioritize farming and scaling the champion to carry your team more easily.

9 /10


Lastly, let's talk about support, and what better than talking about the king of the bot lane: Blitzcrank. This champion has a powerful impact on the game thanks to the ability to trap any enemy champion and show them a beautiful gray screen.


Blitzcrank has a set of skills that is more than intimidating for any enemy, and as if that were not enough, although it is usual to buy items that allow you to tank enemy damage, his skills scale with magic damage, so it is not uncommon to find a Blitzcrank buy Luden's tempest, etc.

10 /10


The queen of CC has arrived in the bot lane, ready to provide utility to her team while immobilizing multiple enemy champions in the team fight. Leona is one of the most OP supports in the game thanks to her incredible CC chain, which allows her to immobilize enemies for a long amount of time.


Her mechanics aren't too difficult to handle, and her ability to take damage (and take it) make her a valuable asset to any team.

You already know the most OP champions of League of Legends, but you can also meet the most fun LoL champions so you can spend hours playing in the summoner's rift.

If you want to find even more information about the champions, then you can check out our list of the hardest LoL champions, you will be surprised to discover that some of the most OP champions are also some of the most difficult to play. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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