Most Popular Champions | LoL

Whether a veteran or beginner, no one can deny that everyone wants to know who is the most popular League of Legends champion ever.

Updated on Jul 26, 2023
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Most Popular Champions | LoL

No one can deny that there are champions that are more popular compared to their counterparts in specific games. League of Legends is no different in that regard. Even though LoL has tons of champions to choose from, a handful of champions are more known than the rest. 

Here is a League of Legends tier list tackling the most popular champions in LoL. 

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Probably the most hated champion in the history of League of Legends, Teemo has been popular ever since he was released. His cute appearance still fools a significant number of beginners in the game. With an obnoxious playstyle and kit, players rage regularly whenever they get damaged by the swift scout.


Teemo may not be used in professional leagues or cinematics. Still, his impact on everyone's games throughout the years made him one of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

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If there is a most hated champion, then Yasuo takes the crown as the most memed character in the history of the game. The unforgiven is a really hard champion to master, but many players still pick him up in hopes of carrying their teammates. And, of course, it ends really badly most of the time.


In fact, this League of Legends champion started multiple jokes like "cancer" and "0-10 power spike." Nevertheless, Yasuo will always be one of the most popular champions in the game because of his cool but memeable nature.

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Lee Sin

No one will forget the play that made Lee Sin the most popular jungle champion. The "Insec" kick that happened during the all-star event is still used and talked about up until today. Because of Lee Sin's ability to outplay opponents, he will still be the most flashy champion in the game. Anyone can play him because of his build flexibility. Your team needs a tank? Build a bruiser Lee Sin. Want to focus on burst damage? Then build physical damage items.


Lee Sin might be a hard champion to master, but the potential is limitless. His flashiness paired with the iconic "Insec kick" makes him one of the most popular League of Legends champions.

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Master Yi

Being one of the few champions you will use once you start playing League of Legends, everyone will recognize Master Yi. This legendary Wuju master has been around the game since its release.


Master Yi is used in most low-ranked games since he is a beginner champion. Everyone can pick him up and still carry their teammates once they reach the late game. Even though Master Yi has a low ban and play rate, he will still be one of the most iconic characters in LoL.

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This League of Legends champion rose through the popularity ranking because of the recent success of Arcane, Riot's very own League of Legends animated series. However, the loose cannon was already popular before Arcane, so the release of the animated show just made her even more popular.


With a unique and catchy backstory, design, and concept, Jinx is one of the best character creations by Riot Games. Do not think that she is only famous because of the things mentioned above, though, since she has been a really strong AD carry pick in the bot lane.

Jinx deals mbuttive damage and wrecks havoc on everything she sees. In fact, she is currently the most picked AD carry in NA LCS today.

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Like Jinx, Vi became one of the most popular champions in League of Legends due to Arcane's success. She might not be frequently picked in the Summoner's Rift prior to the animated series, but her success today is well deserved.


Introduced as one of the protagonists and Jinx's number one enemy, Vi has a never-before-seen strong and brave girl concept. She is one of the most straightforward jungle champions, so pick her up, damage enemies, master her, and climb all the ranks!

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The king of League in terms of having skins, Ezreal has been popular ever since he was released in the game.

He is also often used in cinematics which adds a lot to his popularity. Not only that, but his personality is pretty funny and cool, too. With his nimble concept and striking looks, Ezreal is known by everyone, even those who do not play League of Legends.


Remember that Ezreal relies on skill shots to deal damage, which ups his skill ceiling by a mile. However, that does not stop everyone from playing him.

In fact, Ezreal is the most picked champion statistically since the release of League and is one of the few champions that received an ultimate skin release by Riot Games.

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If we have Ezreal as the king of League of Legends in terms of having skins, then Lux will be the queen. Having the same amount of skins as the prodigal explorer, her available cosmetics speak for herself when talking about her popularity.


Knowing that she is easy to use and viable both in the mid lane and as a support in the bottom lane definitely helps many players know her. Additionally, Lux's refreshing looks and personality add to her personality as a League champion. Like Ezreal, she is also one of the champions that received the most advanced cosmetic line in the game called the ultimate skins.

Are Wild Rift Champions The Same With League Of Legends Champions?

Yes! However, only a few champions from League are rereleased on the mobile game. Everything is the same, including their skins, ability, attack damage, ability power, etc., you name it!

Remember that some of the favorites are not available yet, like Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench, and Samira, so you have to wait until Riot Games makes them available in Wild Rift.

That ends the list for the most popular champions in League of Legends. There are a lot of immortalized characters in League, like Faker's Leblanc in the world championships, but those mentioned above still surpbutt every champion available in the game. Now, it is time to build extra damage, armor, and ability power to climb the ranks with the champions above!

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