League of Legends Vi Full Lore Breakdown

A long time before Renata Glasc was introduced to the game, League of Legends had another strutting female Zaunite on the Rift. Her name is Vi, ironically, The Piltover Enforcer.
League of Legends Vi Full Lore Breakdown

Formerly a gangster from the streets of Zaun, Vi becomes employed as a Warden of Piltover. The official League of Legends lore does not tell us the full backstory of this beginner jungle champion, but the acclaimed Netflix show Arcane’s Season 1 solves that. With some deviations, which we explain fully.

Does Arcane Vi follow League of Legends lore?

Vi is a champion released all the way back in 2013. Even with some changes to her original lore, her official League of Legends story remains vague at best. Even the mentions of Jinx are a new addition, with few implications as to their relationship.

League of Legends - Vi

According to the game’s lore, Vi is a former criminal from Zaun, and an orphan, who disappeared of her own accord and joined the Piltover enforcers. There is no mention of her original gang’s deaths or that of her adoptive father. Even the deaths and identities of her biological parents are a mystery. Not so much in Arcane though.

Arcane - Vi

In the Arcane series, she is an orphan whose parents died during Zaun’s rebellion against Piltover, and then gets adopted by Vander, the rebellion’s leading figure.

Instead of disappearing for no reason, Vi gets captured and taken to prison sometime after Jinx, then called Powder, ruins an attempt at rescuing Vi’s adoptive father. She joins Caitlyn due to an offer she is given which will take her out of Piltoveran prisons.

How old is Vi in Arcane?

While it’s not revealed at what age Vi lost her parents during the rebellion against Zaun, it’s estimated that she is anywhere from 14 to 16 years old in the first Act of Arcane, when she is still in her adoptive father, Vander’s, care.

Arcane - Vi

She is said to have spent almost a full decade in the prisons of Piltover, so her age in the second and third Act of Arcane is somewhere around 24 years old. 

As some time has passed between the events of Arcane and the League of Legends lore, though, we can put her in-game age to be around 30 years old.

Are LoL Vi and Jinx sisters?

Though the official League of Legends lore gives no information on this particular topic, Arcane does. Vi and Jinx are sisters in both Arcane and League of Legends. Though, a more appropriate answer would be that Vi and Powder are sisters, instead.

Arcane - Vander

After making a mistake in one of the heists targeting Jayce’s compound, Vi speaks about Powder’s clumsiness behind her back, calling her a jinx. 

To redeem herself, Powder decides to try and use a magical explosive when freeing Vander, their adoptive father, which only kills him in the end. At this time, Vi and Jinx, though still called Powder, get separated on bad terms, with Vi disparaging her, and Jinx herself getting adopted by Silco, a Zaun Chem Baron.

Does Vi Hate Jinx?

There is a distinction made between Jinx and Powder in Arcane. While Vi loves her sister Powder and tries to save her, the same cannot be said of the chemical monster Jinx has become, courtesy of Singed the Mad Chemist.

Arcane - Jinx

The relationship between Jinx and Vi is a complicated one. Jinx was forced to kill SIlco, the person she believes is the only one that truly cared for her, to save Vi. 

While, at the same time, she sees Vi’s relationship with Caitlyn as a betrayal. This all culminates in a strange relationship between Jinx and Vi, where Vi wishes to forget the existence of Jinx, while Jinx is obsessed with Vi.

Are Lol Caitlyn and Vi a couple?

If taking only League of Legends lore into account, Vi and Caitlyn are police partners. Their relationship in Arcane goes in a different direction.

Arcane - Vi and Caitlyn

Eager to prove herself, one of the most iconic Lol ADCs, Caitlyn frees Vi to help her with tracking down Jinx. In this process, both Caitlyn and Vi develop feelings for each other. However, it is unclear whether any of this comes to fruition, however, After all, Caitlyn’s mother is killed by Vi’s sister in the final Act of Arcane, which may drive a wedge in their romance.

Arcane is a Netflix show that hosts quite a lot of League of Legends champions as its main characters. From the techy duo of Viktor and Jayce to the sisters in crime, Jinx, and Vi

Even the boy wonder, the mid-lane champion Ekko makes his appearance. 

Due to the incredible amount of cliffhangers, the show leaves us with, allowing us to theorize on certain topics such as the fate of Vander and his potential to become Warwick, the main draw of the series is an unexpected one, considering it’s based on a video game. 

The relationships between these characters, their struggles, and learning to live with life-changing trauma are what makes the series, and the League of Legends universe incredibly deep.

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