Best Warwick Skins | LoL

Warwick has received a lot of skins for the past few years. If you are having a hard time shopping for some skins, here are the best Warwick skins in LoL

Updated on Aug 06, 2023
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Best Warwick Skins | LoL

Warwick, released on February 21, 2009, is one of the first champions released in League of Legends. He is also one of the animal-inspired champions in the game, along with Wukong. 

Thankfully, Riot Games has given Warwick an update to his skills, models, and animations last 2017. Many skins are available for this champion, like the Grey, Firefang, Lunar Guardian, and Feral. And if you are currently having a hard time looking for a skin that will enhance this champion more, here are the best skins Warwick to help you choose. 

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PROJECT: Warwick

It is a known fact that Warwick is already a mechanized animal hunting for prey. This skin takes that idea to the next level. PROJECT: Warwick is a research project that has been transformed into a new level of transhuman evolution that is programmed to destroy and cause violence.


If you look at the splash art above, you can see that this skin has a blue and white color scheme that suits the concept. PROJECT: Warwick has futuristic armor, claws, and helmet, but it does not take away from the original look of Warwick being a werewolf-like hunter. This skin looks like it came from a cyberpunk-themed anime with killer robots.


Because of the details of PROJECT: Warwick that became more lively and detailed in-game, this skin looks better when playing than the splash art. Since this skin is in the Epic category, expect changes to animations, sounds, particles, textures, and voice effects. Like the Jaws of the Beast and Primal Howl, all of his skills have blue colors and a robotic sound that makes this skin an excellent choice for Warwick mains.

But, the recall animation is probably the best part of this skin, where Warwick will destroy some robot drones and show his face by removing his helmet.

PROJECT: Warwick, released on August 1, 2019, is currently purchasable at the League of Legends skins store for 1350 Riot Points.


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Old God Warwick

If League of Legends had mythological creatures, it would probably look like this skin. Old God Warwick has a concept of a werewolf God that has been roaming around for centuries. According to the lore of the skin, he was once known as Father Wolf, an immortal and savage hunter that is one of the Old Gods.


If you look at the splash art above, the model of Old God Warwick is terrifying. You can see skulls around his body that add a fear factor to the skin. Warwick also has a purple glow around his body, eyes, and ears that indicate that he is really a powerful god that has been around for a long time. Additionally, he is also seen smelling the scent of wounded knights that are minuscule compared to his size.


Old God Warwick does not fall behind in terms of in-game changes too. The model of this skin is more horrifying when playing because of the sinister-looking eyes and bones around his back. Like the PROJECT: Warwick skin, this is one of the pricey epic cosmetics available in the game. Expect new animations, textures, voice effects, sounds, and particles.

All of the skills of Old God Warwick have purple colors. The best thing about this skin is probably the Blood Hunt animation where bats and a purple trail will appear when you cast this ability.

Released on August 12, 2021, Old God is the newest skin released by Riot Games for Warwick. It is acquired through the League store for 1350 Riot Points.


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Firefang Warwick

Unlike Grey and Feral, this skin is the only cheap cosmetic included in this list. This skin is the head and one of Ashen Lord's hounds tasked to destroy the survivors of infernal attacks.


Looking at the splash art above, Firefang Warwick has lava and smoke oozing around his body and mouth, showing that he draws power from the volcanoes. He also has ancient armor around his arms and legs that give a nice touch to the model.


More molten armor is also seen in-game. Looking at the photo above, you can see brown rocks on Warwick's back.

Do not expect dozens of changes to the classic skin like the more expensive cosmetics. However, this skin is still worth buying because of the subtle visual and sound changes. For example, Firefang Warwick's skills, like Infinite Duress and Blood Hunt have red colors that suit the concept of the skin.

One of the oldest skins for Warwick, Firefang, was released on March 29, 2011. This skin is purchasable in the League store for 1350 Riot Points.


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Lunar Guardian Warwick

Unlike the Old God skin, where Warwick is a werewolf who hunts pitiful prey, Lunar Guardian is a divine creature tasked to protect the immortal realm from the encroaching darkness.


Lunar Guardian Warwick has cultural feels if you look at the splash art above. Warwick has a divine aura around his shoulders and glowing green eyes that indicate that he is gifted with Godlike powers that have been guarding the immortal realm for ages. And on top of that, he also has golden armor, claws, and crown that give the skin a more divine feeling.


Like the Old God and Project skins, this skin is one of the pricey epic skins, so expect new animations, textures, sounds, particles, and voice effects. His skills have yellow and blue-green recolors that differ from each skill. For example, Lunar Guardian Warwick's Primal Howl will be yellow at first but will become blue-green after a few seconds, which is a unique concept out of all the Warwick skins.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to buy Lunar Guardian Warwick once the Legacy Vault reopens. This skin was initially released on February 8, 2018, for 1350 Riot Points.


There you have it, the best Warwick skins. Conquer Summoner's Rift with style by buying some of the cosmetics listed on this list. There are a lot of Warwick League of Legends skins that are not included above, like Feral, Grey, Urfwick, and Marauder, but the cosmetics above are probably the best choices as a buyer.

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