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Best Volibear Skins | LoL

If you are a fond user of Volibear and usually wreck your enemies in the top lane and teamfights, this is a chance to do it with style by buying the best skins for him!

Updated on Sep 19, 2022

League of Legends has its fair share of weird champions. Well, Volibear is probably one of them. Imagine what a God of Thunder will look like

You will surely be shocked knowing that League's very own Thunder God is a muscular bear that will wreck anyone and anything on his way. If you are one of the Volibear mains in League of Legends and want to give styles to the champion, here are the best skins for him that are currently available in the game. 

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Captain Volibear

Arguably one of the best meme skins available in the game. Captain Volibear looks like it was taken out directly from a kid's show. Don't get me wrong, though. This skin still looks cool and suave even though it was meant to be funny-themed

Policemen usually go on missions with their partners. Captain Volibear is not any different. You can see in the splash art above that Volibear and his partner, Trundle, just exploded something on their way. This model perfectly captures the concept of a policeman too, the uniform, badge, shades, gloves, and cap all contribute to the coolness of the skin. Not only that, but the overall details, like the walkie talkies and vest, provide a more natural feeling to Captain Volibear

Considering that this is Volibears one of the cheapest skins, do not expect tons of changes compared to the classic counterpart. Priced at 750 Riot Points and released on November 28, 2014, it does not have new animations and sounds, and it only changes the in-game model of this champion. Nevertheless, this skin is still a great choice if you want a funny-looking skin.


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Duality Dragon and Duality Dragon Prestige Edition

If you are willing to spend more on a skin with numerous changes, I suggest picking up the Duality Dragon skins. The Duality Dragon blessed Volibear with power after seeing that he is not wrathful and violent after saving a child. Now, he possesses the power of his duality, namely compassion and fury.

After examining the photo above, I will probably say that this skin has one of the best splash arts in League of Legends. Riot perfectly captured the concept of a powerful being by giving Volibear long white hair, armor, and glowing eyes. Even though it has a lot of model changes, Duality Dragon does not entirely take away the idea of Volibear being the Lord of Thunder.

Released on October 21, 2021, Duality Dragon is the most recent skin release for Volibear. As mentioned previously, this skin has tons of changes, including new animations and sounds. Duality Dragon Volibear's skills now have cool art with purple colors and powerful sounds.

On the other hand, the Prestige edition of Duality Dragon is just a gold variant/recolor of the original skin, changing the art, model, and skills.

The original Duality Dragon is available on the League store for 1350 Riot Points. However, the Prestige Edition of this skin is only obtained through the Prestige store for 2000 points. Grab it while you still can because it's a limited edition!


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El Rayo Volibear

If I hear the word "Luchador," a strong guy always comes into my mind, and El Rayo Volibear is no different. Based on alternate lore of League, this skin is a wrestler version of Volibear. And like the Captain skin, El Rayo is also one of the fun skins you can buy.

The first thing that you will notice when using the skin is probably the color of the fur. Riot opted to use yellow instead of the usual white fur for Volibear. It does suit the overall feel of the skin, so no complaints there. And as a wrestler, you have to wear striking costumes, and it is safe to say that El Rayo nails that idea because of the thunder-themed mask and purple outfit.

Released on June 1, 2016, and initially priced at 750 Riot Points, El Rayo is the cheapest skin on this list. And the good news is El Rayo Volibear is currently purchasable in the League store! Keep in mind that this skin only changes the in-game model of the classic skin, so no new animations and sounds.


This will be the end of the list of the best skins for Volibear. Remember that there are still a lot of skins that are not included in this list, like Northern Storm and the classic Thunder Lord Volibear, so use your money wisely and take the recommendations above into consideration!

If you are done wrecking the jungle and top lane with Volibear, maybe you are thinking of playing the mid-lane role as well. And to slightly tease you into switching, check out the best Vladimir skins in League of Legends. You can also check out all of the skins for each champion in LoL if that is not your cup of tea.

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