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Best Yorick Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Yorick is a top laner who has a very unique playstyle which is based on split-pushing. This guide will show you exactly how to setup when playing Yorick!
Best Yorick Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Yorick is currently a B-tier top laner who can struggle to be used to his best level when in the wrong hands. A lot of this reasoning is due to his different playstyle. Not many people know how to build, set up and play as a split pusher, but this guide will tell you how to do just that!

In patch 12.15, although he is one of the easier Top Lane champions to play, he only has a 2.9% pick rate. His ban rate is even lower at 1.7%, although his win rate isn’t awful at 49.1%

Yorick needs the right setup to flourish however, so we have for you the best of the Yorick Top Lane build guides out there for the Riot Games MOBA, with the Yorick runes, the Yorick build, and Yorick’s matchups!

Best Yorick Build

Yorick Build
Yorick Build

Best Yorick Runes

First off, we will start with the best Yorick Top Lane rune build, which focuses on the Sorcery runes as a primary and the Resolve tree as a secondary!

Best Rune Path



Best Keystone

Arcane Comet

Best Slot 1 (Rune)

Manaflow Band


Best Slot 2 (Rune)



Best Slot 3 (Rune)


The keystone of Arcane Comet means Yorick can do a lot more poke with his Q, Last Rites, and E, Mourning Mist. These two abilities are a lot of Yorick's poke in the lane, and when combined with Scorch, can whittle down enemies fast! Manaflow Band means he can continue the poke constantly without running out of mana, and Transcendence adds additional damage later on in the laning phase.

Resolve secondary gives Yorick access to Demolish, which does more damage to towers - great for split pushing - and Overgrowth, meaning Yorick becomes tankier over time by killing minions!

Best Yorick Rune Shards

Best Rune Shards



+10% Attack Speed


+9 Adaptive Force (5.4 AD or 9 AP)


+6 Armor

With Yorick’s main role to poke in lane, any extra damage helps, this is why +9 Adaptive Force is incredible on Flex, so Yorick can dish out the damage! Attack Speed in Offence gives Yorick the ability to get his Q auto attack off a little faster, whilst Armor in Defense helps protect Yorick from the enemy Top and Jungle.

Best Yorick Summoner Spells

Best Spells




Hecarim and Shaco are two of the few champions that don’t use Flash, but Yorick needs it to chase enemies down! He really wants Teleport as it helps a lot with his main aim when playing Top Lane - split pushing!

Yorick Q Ability, Last Rites

Best Yorick Abilities Order

Yorick Skillpath
Yorick Skillpath

This is one of the most important parts, as you want to make sure you are leveling the right abilities at the right time! This is the best skill order for Yorick’s abilities:

With your skill order, the main ability you want to prioritize is Q, Last Rites. This is Yorick's best farming ability, and it allows him to poke in the lane as well. E, Mourning Mist is second, as it does a similar job with poke. These two together give his Ghouls a lot of power, which is his main form of damage. Finally, upgrade his W, Dark Procession, as you only need it for the cage. 

You should have Yorick’s Ultimate Ability, Eulogy of the Isles leveled up at 6,12, and 16 so you can demolish towers when split pushing a lot faster! You can even send it to go and split push alone! 

Best Yorick Items

Yorick builds raw Damage items early on, so he can poke in the lane.

Best Starter Yorick Items

First Item

Second Item

Doran's Ring

Two Health Potions

Doran’s Ring gives Yorick some decent AP and Health, as well as good mana regeneration, and the Two Health Potions mean that he has some survivability, especially in ranged matchups!

Best Top Lane Game Yorick Items

These are your core Yorick items that you want to build towards first!

First Item

Second Item

Third Item


Boots of Swiftness

Serylda's Grudge

gives Yorick 55 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and 7% Omnivamp, this means he has a lot of early game damage, especially with the Serrated Dirk that builds into it. Boots of Swiftness allow him to keep up with his enemies, and Serylda's Grudge and its 45 Attack Damage, 30% Armor Penetration and 20 Ability Haste prevent Yorick from being nullified by enemies building armor. IT also slows enemies with its Bitter Cold passive

Yorick Ultimate Ability, Eulogy of the Isles

Best Final Late Game Yorick Items

This is the final build that you want to aim toward when playing Yorick.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item

Sixth Item


Boots of Swiftness

Serylda's Grudge

Black Cleaver

Chempunk Chainsword


Yorick then follows those three with some slightly tankier items, the first of which is Black Cleaver. The next item to build is Chempunk Chainsword, which on top of the 55 AD, 250 HP, and 25 Ability Haste, gives Yorick Grevious Wounds, so he can prevent enemies from out-healing his damage late game.

The real treasure in Yorick's build is Hullbreaker, which allows Yorick to do a lot more when split-pushing. With the Boarding Party passive of buffing everything in sight when Yorick isn't around allied champions, and the 50 AD, 400 HP and 150% Base Health Regen, Hullbreaker is a must-have item in the late game!

Best Champions to pair Yorick with

These are the best champions to play with Yorick, so try out a duo queue Bot Lane!


Win Rate %


Lee Sin






Strongest Champions against Yorick

If you see these champions picked on the enemy team, don’t play as far forward!


Win Rate %







38.8 %

Irelia, Garen, and Shyvana can all kill Yorick's Ghouls fairly easily, which massively lowers Yorick's damage. Irelia and her Bladesurge means she can dash about and Yorick's Ghouls actually help her! This is why Yorick's win rate against these three champions is sub-40%. We recommend avoiding these champions if you are playing Yorick!

Weakest Champions against Yorick

Finally, we have the best League of Legends champions to play Yorick into in patch 12.15.


Win Rate %








Olaf, Teemo, and Yone struggle against Yorick because of how many targets they need to attack. Although Olaf can storm through Ghouls, these three champions are auto-attack-based champions, meaning they have a lot of auto-attacking of other things to do before they can actually get to Yorick. 

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