Best Lee Sin Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Easily pick the enemy carry off with your ultimate as you perform the famed ‘Insec’ move. Lee Sin is a force to be reckoned with during team fights!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best Lee Sin Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Lee sin the blind monk is currently sitting at a low win rate but regardless of this, if you are a good Lee Sin player, you can carry your entire team just by simply landing one decisive dragon’s rage. Follow this Lee Sin guide and master him in no time.

Best Lee Sin Build

Lee Sin greatly benefits at building bruiser items, this means he will most likely be tanky and still deal physical damage all at the same time. He can also be built as an buttbuttin but for the sake of a general Lee Sin build and a higher win rate, we’re gonna go with a bruiser path.


Best Lee Sin Runes

Conqueror is Lee Sin’s best keystone rune as he will be built like a bruiser and he is expected to be on extended fights. This Lee Sin build focuses on slowly getting stronger and the last stand rune even extends Lee Sin’s lead the more missing health he has. This rune set is also a solid choice at all kinds of Lee Sin builds.

Best Rune PathPrecision

Best Keystone

Best Slot 1 (Rune)

Magical Footwear

Best Slot 2 (Rune)
Legend: Tenacity

Cosmic Insight

Best Slot 3 (Rune)
Coup de Grace

To follow his extended fight scaling, he also has Legend: Alacrity for the extra tenacity he needs when dealing with champions with hard CC. Triumph however can be great when performing mid to late game tower dives at any Lee Sin guides.

Best Lee Sin Rune Shards

For Lee Sin’s best runes shard build, he will be taking one of each stat. Rune Shards are usually great for early advantage and the first jungle clear camp so having a bonus on AD and attack speed for flex and offense runes is great. Taking bonus armor for the defense is also quite crucial as Lee Sin can be squishy in the early stages.


+9 Adaptive Force

+10% Attack Speed

+6 Armor

As you can see, all of the runes mentioned above are all leaning towards a tanky bruiser Lee Sin build. This is because Lee Sin’s role and positioning is flexible. He can be a frontline that can displace carries for his team or he can be a flanking champion and deal damage with the enemy backline and have enough survivability to zone them away.

Best Lee Sin Spells

Flash and smite are the primary summoner spells for Lee Sin. You can use flash to redirect your kicks target location. And If you are playing as a jungler, never forget smite when selecting your summoner spells in your league of legends games as a jungler.


When you play Lee Sin jungler, he has a very fast clear and gank potential, this is his optimal role as his kit is focused on long ranged engages with is sonic wave resonating strike combo that can lead to a kill on the enemy champion.


Best Lee Sin Abilities Order

Lee Sin jungler should focus on maxing his sonic wave resonating strike Q when thinking about his skill order. Lee Sin also shields himself when using his W, both of this skills have really low cooldowns and can be used to weave through basic attacks and abuse Lee Sin’s attack speed pbuttive with this skill order.


Lee Sin has a pbuttive that gives him bonus attack speed for two basic attacks every time he casts a spell, this is great because each of his basic spells has a re cast that he can use to maintain that bonus attack speed. After Lee Sin shields himself he can use his W again to gain bonus magic vamp and the first attack usually restores half of the damage as hp, and each basic attack reduces safeguard’s cooldown.

Best Lee Sin Items

Lee Sin jungle will focus on bruiser items which will give him enough survivability when ganking and using his sonic wave resonating strike combo. This is because, Lee Sin’s main mobility is a basic skill that can be used to get close to nearby enemies when ganking and having a high ability haste is a must.

Best Starter Lee Sin Items

Lee Sin should always start with an Emberknife as he needs the extra physical damage and survivability from it’s smite active, plus he doesn’t need to slow enemies with the blue smite as he already has a great mobility skill and a slow from his E.

Ember Knife

Refillable Potion

Best Mid Game Lee Sin Items

Goredrinker should be Lee Sin’s rushed item and for his mid game, he can build an ironspike whip that eh can use with his E when clearing jungle camps with multiple monsters faster. By now he should also have enough gold to stack on control wards to ward jump onto whenever he resets.

Plated Steelcaps

Ironspike whip

Refillable potion

Control Wards

Plated Steelcaps are also great to mitigate a tower’s physical damage when performing tower dives or even as simple as tanking minion aggro.


Best Final Late Game Lee Sin Items 

For the final Lee Sin build, it should revolve around survivability and ability haste instead of attack damage. All of these items are focused on preventing Lee Sin players from being bursted down when he uses dragon’s rage on the enemy’s back line carry towards his team. 

Gore Drinker
Plated Steelcaps
Sterak’s Gage
Black Cleaver
Maw of Malmortius
Guardian Angel

This item combo can be great during the late game so Lee Sin can use his dragon’s rage with high ability haste and survive the inevitable retaliation of the opposing team. Sterak’s Gage will definitely prolong Lee Sin’s presence during team fights and Guardian Angel is also great at mitigating attack damage from enemies. For his Magic damage mitigation Maw of Malmortius is a great pick, so he can still maintain his attack damage stats even when building defensive items. 

Best Champions to pair Lee Sin with

Being a jungler means you will mostly be paired with top laners as you can use this advantage to camp that lane and easily achieve kills with your attack damage. ADC champions also greatly synergize with Lee Sin just like Draven, when Lee Sin jungle kicks an enemy jungle or anyone towards Draven, there is little to nothing that champion can do to escape Draven’s high kill pressure.


Most champions that greatly synergize with Lee Sin jungle are ones who have a great follow up for his dragon’s rage. For example, Lee Sin can kick an enemy jungler towards Mordekaiser so he can isolate the enemy preventing him from smiting jungle monsters.

Strongest Champions against Lee Sin

The strongest champions against Lee Sin are the ones that can negate his mobility for a well placed dragon’s rage. This campions are also extremely tanky ones meaning Lee Sin won’t be able to burst the enemy’s hp down with his abilities and extended fights with them is basically suicide for Lee Sin.


Weakest Champions against Lee Sin

Zed and Pantheon easily get their combos ruined by Lee Sin’s ultimate making them really weak against him. Nidalee is another jungler champion greatly countered by Lee Sin as he can easily burst her even with a bruiser item build.

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