Best Kled Skins | LoL

The line between courage and insanity is a thin one. Kled, the warmongering Noxian yordle, has no qualms about crossing it.
Best Kled Skins | LoL

The stories of Kled and his exploits are as old as Noxus itself. Through them, he has earned his title of Lord Major Admiral of the Second Legion's forward artillery—cavalry multiplication and been assigned a number of skins by Riot Games. Due to his charmingly insane personality, we bring you the list of his best ones.


Sir Kled

An old grizzled veteran, playing at being a knight of an imagined kingdom will have you think that the Sir Kled skin is the closest League of Legends has to Don Quixote in the game. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kled’s knightly skin, aptly named Sir Kled, as the full title is a mouthful, was released on August 09, 2016, and is Kled’s first skin. The updates include new animations, as well as gorgeous in-game models, for both Kled and Skaarl, all for the price of 975 RP.

This League of Legends skin was heavily inspired by Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes due to Kled’s personality, while Kled and Skaarl reference the Onion Knight and Chocobo from Final Fantasy. With this skin, you will be dealing damage to other things besides just windmills in-game.

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Marauder Kled

Throughout history, the Marauders have balanced on the knife's edge between brutality and cunning. Marauder General, Kled, one-half of the pair that currently leads the Marauder regime, with Xin Zhao being the other, is truly the incarnation of their historic brutality.

Marauder Kled was released on January 07, 2021, and is Kled’s newest skin to date. With a price tag of 1350 RP and an Epic rating, this skin updates Kled’s animations, sounds, and particle effects, as well as those of his untrusty steed, Skaarl.

Marauder Kled steps away from the usual hillbilly style of design that is at the core of this League of Legends champion. Here, he is a general and not just a lonely warrior protecting his land. Likewise, his splash art and in-game model outfit him with pristine steel armor and exchange his old weapons for more modern ones, based on magi-tech. At the very least, it makes him look and feel like a true Noxian champion.

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Count Kledula

The name of the skin gives it all away. This Kled skin was based on the timeless Count Dracula. Of course, with Kled being Kled, it comes with a twist of its own. A twisted psyche that is. With the skin sharing a theme with quite a lot of League of Legends champions, it comes off as no surprise then to see Bewitching Janna in the background of his splash art.

Count Kledula was released during The Harrowing of 2018, an event that is a direct consequence of the Ruined King’s Ruination. The exact date of the release is October 24, 2018, with a price of 1350 RP

As a Legacy skin, it can no longer be purchased in the League of Legends in-game store, but those who own it have Kled’s animations, sounds, and particle effects updated. As a vampire, his voice lines change from hillbilly gibberish to screams and evil laughs, which is the best part of the skin itself, alongside seeing Skaarl as a bat.

The exact words Riot use to introduce the skin to League of Legends are: “This blood is MY blood. This candy is MY candy. Who sent you here?! You’re not real ghosts! I’m Count Baron Double-Marquis Lord Duke Kledula… AND I’LL TEACH YOU NOT TO TRICK-OR-TREAT ON MY LAND!”. To those looking to play as Kled, and by the Count Kledula skin, this is the best intro you can have, for the glorious insanity that awaits you.

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Are you a top-lane main that charges into battle with no regard for his own safety, or the safety of the teammates that have to follow you? Well then, you may find a kindred spirit with Kled, the famous Lord Major Admiral of the Second Legion's forward artillery—cavalry multiplication.

This League of Legends champion is as fun to play as he is mad, and that is something League of Legends players need in the game during these times of toxicity. His skins reflect this, with each of them being a hyperbole of his character design, whether it’s his attitude, brutality, or his greed. Though his win rate is nothing to brag about these days, as the current mythic item builds don’t really suit him as they do other, more specialized, top-laners, Kled is always better to have as an ally than an enemy.

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