Best Kindred Skins | LoL

League of Legends has many gods, whether they are champions or skins, but the only true death in the game is Kindred, the Lamb, and the Wolf.
Best Kindred Skins | LoL

Riot Games have, for years, evaded adding the incarnation of death to League of Legends, as a champion. Kindred’s champion design though, hit the nail on the head, with the twin aspects of Lamb the swift, and Wolf the cruel. 

Kindred’s duality has also proven to be a good staging ground for designing champion skins, of which we bring you only the best ones League has to offer.


Super Galaxy Kindred

In the wider League of Legends in-game universe, death comes to more than just inhabitants of Runeterra. The Super Galaxy Kindred skin expands Kindred’s eternal hunt, respectively. As Kindred will soon be Wild Rift’s newest champion, we can expect this to be her first Wild Rift skin, because it fits the game’s modern theme.

The Super Galaxy Kindred skin was released on May 25, 2016, with a price of 1350 RP. The skin includes new animations, particle effects, and sounds, while special care is given to the trail Wolf leaves behind, one filled with stardust as Super Galaxy skins are wont to do.

The Super Galaxy Kindred skin is part of the Super Galaxy skin line and shares it with champions such as Annie and Elise. It moves Kindred, as a League of Legends champion, away from myths and legends into a space-opera setting, with Lamb and Wolf being considered as Super Galaxy team called Kindred, rather than two parts of the same champion.

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Spirit Blossom Kindred

Widely regarded as the best event Riot Games have added to League of Legends, the Spirit Blossom event of the game’s season 10, brings us the Spirit Blossom Kindred skin. The influence of the Japanse art style and their Yokai folklore certanly helps.

The Spirit Blossom skins, named after the Spirit Blossom event, as stated, were all released on August 06, 2020, and that includes the Spirit Blossom Kindred skin. With an in-game store price of 1350 RP, this spectacular League of Legends skin updates Kindred’s base champion design with new animations, particle effects, and sounds

Due to the Spirit Blossom event, and the talks players have had with Kindred, and the discussions Lamb and the Wolf had, in the game-like event, Spirit Blossom Kindred gets a new voice filter and voice lines.

Spirit Blossom Kindred joins her fellow non-human champions such as Ahri and Thresh, in receiving new looks resembling humans more than their base champion design does, while Kindred shares the Kanmei theme of the Spirit Blossom event with the Spirit Blossom Yone skin. Unlike the event that featured the infamous League of Legends champion, Viego the Ruined King, one that is still a thorn in Kindred’s side, the Spirit Blossom event is fondly remembered for the stories of various champions taking part in it.

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Shadowfire Kindred

Kindred has ever been more of a League of Legends aspect, and a core presence of the game’s world, than an active, cognitive participant. The Shadowfire Kindred skin is here to change that.

The Shadowfire Kindred skin was released on October 13, 2015, alongside the champion’s release. As an Epic-rated skin, it updates Kindred’s base champion animations, sounds, and particle effects, all the while making Lamb an aspect of rebirth, and Wolf an aspect of Destruction.

Lamb and Wolf are eternal hunters, whose task is unending and impersonal. This skin, however, places the champion in a fight of good versus evil, where Kindred is actually both. The Wolf part of Kindred’s champion model present in the game was inspired by Diablo. All that is left to make this skin work is build Blade of The Ruined King, melt your enemies, and boost your win ratio.

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While League of Legends has all manner of champions, none can boast having as interesting a design as Kindred. 

A being of two parts, the merciful Kindred and the cruel Wolf is a true portrayal of death and all of its aspects.

This, of course, gives even more leeway to the Riot Games’ design team, when designing skins for Kindred, with the adventurous Super Galaxy Kindred skin, the sublime Spirit Blossom Kindred skin, and the Shadowfire Kindred skin that is an exercise of artistic contrast, all being pieces of art in their own right.

Aside from Kindred, there is another champion that dispenses death all across Runeterra, admittedly with a different motivation in mind. Kha’Zix is a voidling, and his form and skins are infinitely evolving, with the best ones featured on our list of Kha’Zix best skins. Why not check out the best Kindred Probuilds then?