Best Beginner LoL Champions to Learn the Support Role With

According to high elo players, the support role is the easiest role in the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that it takes no skill to play.

best champions beginners support
best champions beginners support

Situated in the bottom-most lane in LoL, also known as the Dragon lane in Wild Rift, the support role is one of utility and giving you allies the opportunities to shine, while carrying the game indirectly. It’s a good support, rather than a good ADC that wins the lane. Here, we bring you the easiest support champions to play and learn the basics of the role with.


Starting off with the first music-based champion in League of Legends, the one that paved the way for Seraphine, which is one of the most hated champions in the game, is Sona. Unlike Seraphine, Sona is an enchanter support that can fit into any team comp, and with any ADC champion, whether they are strong early or scale into late game.

League of Legends - Sona

Sona’s kit is an extremely simple one, consisting of buffs to ally damage, healing, and movement speed. Her ultimate ability is a straightforward hard crowd control stun with an Area of Effect. With this champion, setting up a team fight, or peeling for your carry champions involves pretty much the same kind of gameplay.

League of Legends - Sona in-game

Where Sona shines for new players lies in the fact that, aside from her ultimate ability, which by itself is very hard to miss, none of her basic abilities are skill shots. This way, you are not reliant on hitting that clutch tornado the way Janna is, to help your teammates. The proper use of Sona’s passive, though, is reserved for more experienced players. This way, Sona is relevant in higher levels of skill matches, as well useful for beginners.


As the support role is the best way to learn to play League of Legends, there is significant overlap between the best support champions, and the ones meant for beginners. One such example is the engage support champion, Leona. Engage supports are, as a rule, almost always tank champions. And in the support role, Leona is the tankiest of them all.

Of course, there is more to this champion than tankiness, as she is also one of the champions with the longest crowd control chain in the game, being capable of stunning enemy champions for almost 4 full seconds if applied correctly. And an enemy that cannot move, is no danger to anyone.

With her ultimate ability being capable of stunning and slowing the entire team from a fair distance away, roaming as a support, and getting your jungle fed, was never easier with Leona, allowing you to join the fights from a fair distance away, as, in the beginning, you will not always be at the right place, at the right time.


When on the topic of engage support champions, the one support all ADC champions loath to play against, is Nautilus. Though his engage cannot go through minions, the way Leona’s can, the hitbox on his hook is so large, that it’s genuinely harder to miss an enemy champion that hit them.

League of Legends - Nautilus

Following up his engage with his Q ability, his hook, is his auto-attack which roots enemy champions and, coupled with the passive on his W ability, that gives him a large shield, deals bonus magic damage.

League of Legends - Nautilus Ultimate Ability

Now, the best way to keep yourself safe from a Nautilus, who will kill any ADC early in a 1v1 fight, is to hide behind minions and terrain, as his hook is blocked by those. What you cannot hide from, however, is his ultimate ability. Unlike Leona’s ultimate which can be missed, Nautilus’ has a point-and-click knock-up ultimate that follows the intended target until they get hit. It’s a perfect tool for a new player to catch and even cause the death of an enemy hyper-carry in a messy team fight.


Before starting any League of Legends match, Riot Games have seen fit to give tips to their players. One of those states that the threat of an ability is sometimes more useful than the usage of an ability. This tip was tailor-made for Blitzcrank.

League of Legends - Blitzcrank

As an older champion, and one hailing from Zaun, Blitzcrank’s design is centered around one thing, and one thing only. That, of course, being his Q ability, the most iconic hook in the game. Without a doubt, Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab is the best hook ability in the game.

League of Legends - Blitzcrank Rocket Grab

Unlike the hooks other champions possess, this one brings enemy champions all the way to Blitzcrank, displacing them from their teammates. For new players, this is a godsend, as it means that they don’t have to worry if engaging is the right choice, because a hit Blitzcrank hook always is. Unless, of course, you hook some overpowered champion like Irelia. To new players, Blitzcrank is the easiest champion to play correctly, as he only has one objective to accomplish, grabbing an enemy champion.


The job of a support is relatively similar to that of a mid-lane champion. It’s watching the map, roaming, and helping out the skirmishes our jungler may encounter. For new players, this can prove daunting. However, Soraka offers a very simple solution.

League of Legends - Dawnbringer Soraka

Early game fights, especially those fought one on one, especially between beginner junglers, are a close thing. And, while new players may not know enough about the game to move at the right time, Soraka’s ultimate is a map-wide heal to all allies. This way, you can turn any early game fight into a win for your team, all the while staying in your own lane.

League of Legends - Dawnbringer Soraka in-game

By utilizing her ultimate, players will learn to follow look at the mini-map more often, as well as their allies’ health, and not just focus on their own lane. After all, a support is not only for the ADC but the entire team. Add to that her point and click heal, and a huge Area of Effect silence, and even a beginner player performs great on a Soraka.


If you’re tired of your ADC constantly getting caught by the crowd control abilities of either the enemy support, or perhaps the enemy top laner, and as a beginner don’t know what to do about it, Morgana is the champion for you.

League of Legends - Morgana

There are two basic abilities that Morgana is known for, far and wide. The first, of course, being her Q ability, which roots an enemy champion up to 3 seconds, allowing for some easy kills. The second is her E ability, called Black Shield, which blocks all incoming crowd control abilities on any target Morgana has placed the shield on.

League of Legends - Morgana's Ultimate Ability

These two abilities are invaluable in both the lane and team fights, as it allows your carries to deal damage to enemy champions with no repercussions. Add to that her ultimate which stuns all enemy champions caught in its radius after a channel time, and her combo in team fights, which is the hardest part of the game for a new player, is as destructive as it is easy to execute. It consists of catching an enemy with your Q and putting a spell shield on your most fed ally. After that, just run into the enemy team, cast your ultimate to hit as many enemies as possible, and use your Zhonyas. Congratulations, you’ve just carried your team to victory as a support.

Out of all the roles found in the game, the support role is the one whose impact on the game is the most indirect, but if applied correctly, can be just as devastating as having large amounts of damage. the best example of this is the utility even the basic support champions possess, as well as the information you give to your team with good warding.

Just because it’s the easiest role to play in the game, that doesn’t mean it cannot be played well. A good support player and champion are force multipliers, and can easily mean the difference between a won and a lost game