Best Top Laner Champions in LoL

No man is an island, but in LoL top lane definitely is. That is why it’s important to have a champion you can consistently rely on.
Best Top Laner Champions in LoL

In League of Legends, the top lane champions are those that can stand in the frontlines for their team and either tank a lot of enemy damage, or represent a large enough threat that the enemy team does not attack your more important carries. Here are the best ones to do exactly that.



Sion is one of the two top lane champions that stack their health pool, the other being Cho’Gath, and the longer the game goes on, the stronger they get, as their health is not solely reliant on items

Sion is one of the champions whose abilities offer some combo options with champions like Yasuo, and the ability to outplay enemies with macro if your team is feeding.

League of Legends - Worldbreaker Sion

His ultimate ability, Unstoppable Onslaught, gives you roaming options, and coupled with his Q ability has enough damage and crowd control to ruin an ADC’s day. It’s also a useful tool when split-pushing, to avoid getting ganked easily by even the beginner junglers.

League of Legends - Worldbreaker Sion in-game

Lately, quite a few off-meta strategies have been floating around regarding Sion, with the so-called “Inting Sion” strategy being the most prominent, while his lethality build offers a lot of damage, while still being relatively tanky.



As we said previously, it used to be enough for tank champions to offer their team something other than tankiness in the early days of LoL. 

Not today, though, so after the off-meta potential of Sion, and Shen’s roaming utility, we have Ornn, the best top lane team fighting tank, while also acting as an indirect support champion.

League of Legends - Elderwood Ornn

In lane, there are not many champions that can out-sustain Ornn, due to his passive ability allowing him to spend gold without backing. The true potential of Ornn, however, is hidden in his ability to upgrade items for his allies, making everyone a top-notch scaling champion.

League of Legends - Elderwood Ornn in-game

Upon reaching a certain level, Ornn can upgrade the mythic item of one ally of his choosing, thus allowing them to bypass the restriction of six item slots. You can imagine how powerful a late-game team is with such an advantage.



Surpassing Riven as one of the League of Legends champions with the highest skill ceiling is Fiora. 

Timing is key when playing this champion, as you will be playing a mini-game while playing the actual lane with this champion, due to her passive ability that allows her to deal extra damage when attacking an enemy weak-point.

League of Legends - Lunar Beast Fiora

With her dash on a relatively short cooldown, coupled with her Parry that, if used at the right time, turns enemy crowd control back on all enemy champions in its hitbox, getting killed in a gank will be no one’s fault but your own. Still, an all-out fight is best reserved for after reaching level 6, as until then Fiora is a skirmishing champion.

League of Legends - Lunar Beast Fiora in-game

Reaching level 6, however, and having enough skill with this champion will let you defeat both the enemy top laner and even the best jungler champion that is unfortunate enough to be on the enemy team.



When speaking of overpowered champions, there are none that can match Camille in the top lane. The top lane is a lane of skirmishing fights and getting a feeling for your opponent. 

At the very beginning, Camille has an advantage over any other top lane champion in the game, as she is the only LoL champion to have a shield against physical and magical damage, based on the damage that was last dealt to her, making any prolonged trade impossible to win.

League of Legends - Arcana Camille

As the recent changes to the Teleport summoner spell have made it so it’s harder to move around the map and make a play, Camille’s movement ability makes her far more mobile than her opponents, able to reach any and all fights.

League of Legends - Arcana Camille in-game

In the late game, when everyone has stacked up on resistances and top laners start to fall off, Camille is still going strong. With her movement and ultimate, she can easily lock down an enemy carry and one-shot them due to the insane amounts of true damage she deals.



Imagine if Jax had a real weapon. Well, no top lane main wishes to see that come to fruition as even with a lamppost, Jax is domineering enough. 

Very few, if any League of Legends champions, outright beat Jax once he reaches level three, due to his simple but powerful engage, and the ability to negate enemy damage.

League of Legends - God Staff Jax

Slap on some Sterak’s gage for the survivability, and team fights will be a nightmare for the enemy team. As the item has now been nerfed, Hullbreaker works just as well, if not better, due to Jax being able to take towers incredibly quickly.

League of Legends - God Staff Jax in-game

Of course, Jax is not the only top laner with high damage and survivability in both early and late-game, but he is the one that is the hardest to peel due to the fact that his engage is a point and click ability, as well as the fact that even beginners can play Jax relatively well, due to his simple kit.



Ranged top lane champions are the bane of every top lane main’s existence. Urgot, though, is in a league of his own. Urgot is a ranged top lane champion, with an incredibly strong all-in, hard crowd control, and execute on his ultimate.

If there is one thing this champion lacks to be an eternal S-tier champion, that would be tankiness. Oh, wait. Urgot builds bruiser items and his engage ability gives him a giant shield.

Top lane champions are in League of Legends, by Riot’s design, are countered by those found in the bot lane, as they fall off in late-game, while the ADCs are at their strongest then.

Urgot is just built different, however, as he retains all of his tankiness so that assassin champions can not one-shot him in late-game while scaling almost as well as any ADC in the game damage-wise.

There really is no downside to this champion’s design. And if you build lethality, Urgot also becomes one of the most fun champions to play, just don’t take it to a ranked game.

Whether you’re interested in dealing damage or surviving it, the top lane is the lane where you will find whatever your preference is. Just make sure to learn to ward properly, as that is the easiest lane to gank.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in top-lane, perhaps mid-lane champions will be more to your liking, as it’s the only other solo lane in the game.

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