All-time tier list of best junglers in League of Legends

Jungle diff” is a phrase used consistently in League of Legends. However, this can be up to the champion picks as much as the players themselves.
All-time tier list of best junglers in League of Legends

The role with the most influence on the map as a whole in League of Legends, and one which statistically can make the game swing into a victory or defeat is the jungle role.

If you’re trying to find the best jungler to main, here is a tier list of the most consistent junglers in all seasons of League of Legends.


Lee Sin

Starting off with the League of Legends champion one thinks of when the jungle role is mentioned, is Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. 

Lee Sin is a high-damage, high-mobility jungler, with incredible ganking potential, and a strong early game, especially when ganking squishy enemy champions, such as those found in the bot lane, with the Goredrinker build making him one of the most overpowered champions in the game.

League of Legends - SKT T1 Lee Sin

Lee Sin was released on April 01, 2011. This is champion is no April Fools’ joke, however, which can be attested by both pro and low elo players

Season after season Lee Sin has been an S-tier jungler, at least once in the meta, with his tier rarely dropping beneath A-tier, all the way from his early days as one of the first designed champions.

League of Legends - SKT T1 Lee Sin in-game

Lee Sin has introduced League of Legends to a new line of thinking when it comes to using ablities, with his famous combo of performing a bicycle kick, first performed by Benji during the 2013 World Championship organized by Riot Games.


Master Yi

On the opposite spectrum from Lee Sin, a mechanically intensive champion, we have Master Yi

This is the most oppressive jungler in low elo, with some drawbacks as it is easy to counter him.

League of Legends - Cosmic Blade Master Yi

Master Yi was released at the same time as the other original forty LoL champions, on February 21, 2009. 

His abilities are simple to use, but therein lies the consistency of this champion, as it is very hard to misplay if you are playing him properly, making him the perfect champion for beginner junglers.

League of Legends - Cosmic Blade Master Yi in-game

Master Yi is a late-game jungle champion, with his damage and threat rising as time goes on. 

His kit is not one that is suited for early game ganks, rather it’s for farming jungle camps and scaling this way, as one of the best scaling champions in League of Legends.

If you’re just starting out playing jungle, Master Yi is the best one to learn the role with, and carry games at the same time.



Jungle is a versatile role, with the champions having as diverse a list of classes as the support role. Still, maining a champion in League of Legends means that the champion you have the most skill on will not be suited for certain games. 

Unless you pick Kayn that is, the most versatile jungler in League of Legends.

League of Legends - Nightbringer Kayn

Kayn joined League of Legends on July 11, 2017. As a newer champion, his kit is modern too, comparable to the overtuned champions such as Renata Glasc or Zeri, the newest additions to the game. 

Due to that, Kayn has rarely left the meta, if ever, with only his tier changing from S-tier to A-tier.

League of Legends - Nightbringer Kayn in-game

Kayn’s jungle supremacy does not lie in him having an advantage on the enemy jungler, and being capable of invading him. On the contrary, his two forms allow him to adapt to both the enemy team and his own, should a sustain tank or an assassin with high damage be needed. 

Until you get your form, it’s best to avoid the enemy junglers, though. Maining Kayn is having two champions in one, making him a perfect jungle pick to one-trick as well, not just due to his gameplay, but also him having some of the hottest LoL skins to look at for hours at a time.



Games can be won or lost in champion select. The main issue, usually, is the lack of magic damage. If you wish to remedy your allies not choosing an appropriate mid-lane championEvelynn is the easiest ability power jungler to learn, with a higher skill ceiling to master, making her a carry champion. 

Her tier rarely falls to B-tier, usually hovering around being an A-tier jungler, with meta changes often bumping her up to S-tier, with League of Legends season 11 being dominated by Evelynn jungle.

League of Legends -Evelynn

Evelynn is an older League of Legends champion, released on April 30, 2009. 

Her current kit is not the same as her original one but is even deadlier. Unlike Nidalee, however, it is less skill reliant and relies more on your positioning and patience in picking out targets to burst down.

League of Legends - KDA Evelynn

Evelynn is a magic damage-dealing assassin, whose gank potential is reliant on her using her stealth and proccing her charm to crowd control her target, after all, she is the sexiest champion in the game.

The charm is relatively easy to proc; however, it takes time for it to charge giving away her presence.

Because of this, Evelynn is best suited to gank top lane, the longest lane in the game, where the champions don’t have a lot of ways of escaping the gank easily, nor bursting her in return.



Everyone wants to be the hero of the story. It is no different in League of Legends.

Due to that, you may find yourself in a game where you have no pure support champion, with your damage dealers being the likes of Yasuo or Zed, upon whom you cannot rely. For this exact situation is we have Olaf, the best solo carry jungler in the game.

League of Legends - Pentakill Olaf

Olaf was first summoned on the Rift on June 08, 2010. This champion is from an era where abilities were as straightforward as possible, but just like Master Yi, that makes it hard to make a misplay on Olaf.

Even with a good team, Olaf is a viable pick, as demonstrated by teams such as Mad Lions who consistently make a champion roster around this jungler.

League of Legends - Pentakill Olaf in-game

Olaf has it all. The damage, sustain and the ability to shrug off any crowd control effects sent his way.

Olaf is the simplest solo-carry champion in LoL. If you lose a game with Olaf, it’s more than likely your fault.

Jungle players are the ones getting the most flame from their teammates in League of Legends. To try and avoid this from happening, we’ve brought you a list of the best junglers in League of Legends to main of all time, overall. 

Their performance is consistent throughout all seasons, which will lower the possibility of your main champion being nerfed into the ground. All that remains is to learn how to play them, and then to master them completely.

If you’re a beginner interested in some other League of Legends lists, to broaden your knowledge of the game, you can find other lists, such as those for the best beginner supports, on our site, as well as anything else you may need.

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