Best League of Legends Top Lane Streamers to Watch

Top lane is the most isolated lane in the game. The top lane streamers, on the other hand, are quite famous and informative.
Best League of Legends Top Lane Streamers to Watch

Top lane is the lane of both badass, and ranged, champions. It’s also the lane that is called an island, and the lane where the meta can be turned upside down. To keep up with what is going on in the top lane, here are the best top lane streamers League of Legends can offer, for you to watch.



Starting off our top lane LoL streamer list, we have one who is not a pure top laner. If you can catch Voyboy streaming, no matter if he is playing in the top lane, the mid lane, or even the bottom lane, we always recommend him as one of the streames to watch.

Voyoy is, without a doubt, the best League of Legends streamer when it comes to fostering a sense of camaraderie in the League of Legends community.

Voyboy Stream

A true golden child of LoL, he has played League professionally until season 4, and now focuses on all things League of Legends, similarly to Coach Curtis, including entire map changes, item balances, and more with every new patch, with a focus on the mid and top lane.

If there is ever a stream to learn something from and enjoy the feeling you have while watching it, it would be Voyboy’s. However, Voyboy doesn’t have a set schedule for playing the game, or streaming.

When he does, though, you can find him co-streaming with many streamers of the NA streamers community, and teaching what it means to be a good top laner for your team.



Ever since reaching Challenger in all five roles in League of Legends, Tyler 1 has made it to every streamer list there is. As such, Tyler1 is the most famous, or infamous, of all League of Legends streamers found on any platform. 

Especially since he declared the top lane as the hardest lane to climb the ranked ladder with, above both the mid-lane and jungle role.

Tyler1 Stream

He used to be known as the “Most Toxic Player NA”, referring to the way he would rage at his enemies and allies alike while streaming, even other players.

It influenced the game culture in such a way that Riot Games banned him for this behavior toward his fellow summoners.

However, only a short while later, he became known as the “Most Reformed Player NA”, and Riot lifted his ban, putting him into the spotlight once again.

These days his top lane streams are not as frequent, but even so, his rage is still entertaining to watch, making him the best League of Legends streamer to watch while just chilling, and one of the best LoL streamers all around, due to his accomplishments, and the number of high elo games he dishes out due to his long streams.


The Bausffs

The Bausffs is a famous top lane player from Sweden, who plays on servers all over the world, even in the infamous Korean Solo Queue.

He is an oddity on our list, and in LoL as a whole, due to his special playstyle which no other challenger player can mimic.

Of course, we are referring to his world-famous Inting Sion strategy. As can be inferred, The Bausffs is a Sion one-trick and has invented the Inting Sion strategy which focuses on taking objectives at the expense of his KDA.

TheBausffs Stream

However, that is not everything The Bausffs is.

His playstyle actually consists of out-of-the-box thinking, which teaches players what LoL is actually about, and that is not just killing the enemy over and over. that is why he is one of the best top lane streamers, and lol streamers in general, to watch.



One of the less mainstream top lane streamers on our list is SpearShot, a British Pantheon one-trick League of Legends player, whose streams, and videos on his YouTube channel, are as entertaining as they are informative.

SpearShot shows in his streams that, even with a champion that is not meta or overpowered, games can be won, and even carried in high-elo, much less in low elo.

SpearShot Stream

However, the main draw of this top lane streamer is his personality, which is full of quips and jokes, often at his own expense, and interacting with all of his viewers.

If you want to watch one of the top lanes streamers who don’t take themselves too seriously, we recommend SpearShot.



When talking about streamers to learn from, there is no beating those that play League of Legends professionally. One of those is Bwipo, an EU top lane League of Legends professional player.

Even without his great commentary, just watching a stream where the game with such high elo gameplay is enough to improve players that are trying to understand the game.

Bwipo Stream

However, Bwipo is not one of those streamers that play in silence. On the contrary, he is one of the most informative, and best, top lane streamers there are, and actively teaches his viewers how to play LoL correctly.

Due to the fact that Bwipo is an active pro player for Team Liquid, he doesn’t stream as often as the others on our list.



League of Legends seems to have made the top lane special, by making it a lane where the most one-tricks gather. Another one of the top lane streamers that one-tricks a champion is FoggedFtw2.

There is nothing wrong in one-tricking a champion though, and a lot can be learned from those that do, especially the players that play at this level.


Tryndamere is the stereotypical top lane champion, which teaches a lot of the crucial mechanics used to carry from the top lane. That is why, watching FoggedFtw2 is a great way to learn top lane from scratch, as he uses basic mechanics superbly to win the game.



Now, we know what you’re thinking. However, while his name was due to his mastery of Renekton, SoloRenektonOnly is no longer a pure Renekton one-trick.

Instead, he is a top LoL streamer found in challenger that is not one of the professional players, with his mechanics, decision making, and map awareness giving his viewers a lot to learn from with various champions he plays in his roster.

SoloRenektonOnly Stream

One thing that can be a point against him is the fact that his streams are, sometimes, not so viewer-friendly. However, with so much harassment streamers get on a daily basis, we can understand when their nerves get frayed from time to time.

Playing League, one of the most competitive games on the market, is sometimes not enough. We need to watch others do it as well, to learn something new, and there is no better way to do so than watching the best League of Legends streamers.

When it comes to this lane, and any other, pro players are not the only ones to watch. On the contrary, pro players rarely stream as much as the best mid-laners do. So, we turn to those high elo players playing League Solo Queue exclusively.

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