Best Lux Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Lux mows down teams of five during team fights and easily bullies enemy laners in the laning phase. Increase your win rate with this lux build guide!
Best Lux Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Lux support is a popular pick in the bot lane especially in lower ranks of league of legends. Lux players abuse her a support simply because of her low cooldown light binding. She can be an extremely aggressive support with long range abilities. Learn how to play Lux with this league of legends build guide.

Best Lux Build

Lux is usually played in mid lane because of her incredible lane control, she can zone enemies away with ease. Playing lux support role has nearly the same build as in mid lane. Lux support uses skill shots meaning poke items should be her core build.

Best Lux Runes

For Lux’s runes you’re can take the sorcery inspiration rune set, this ensures that you can dominate the early game laning phase as well as scale hard enough to make an impact during the late game.

Arcane comet has a low cooldown that can be frequently proc by Lux’s Lucent singularity. This ability slows enemy champions and can deal magic damage, this will be your main poking ability.

Best Rune Path



Best Keystone

Arcane comet

Best Slot 1 (Rune)

Manaflow band

Biscuit delivery

Best Slot 2 (Rune)


Cosmic Insight

Best Slot 3 (Rune)


Being a support that pokes enemies most of the time, you’re gonna need manaflow band so you can mitigate your mana loss. Biscuit delivery also provides early game sustainability for lux and also increases her mana pool.

But you can also take the domination rune path for an alternative especially when you play in mid because ultimate hunter can improve her ultimate’s ability haste. The more unique takedown you get the higher your ability haste will be with a maximum stack of 5.

Best Lux Rune Shards

An aggressive support needs all the damage it can get, so taking 2 points of adaptive force from flex and offense makes sense. Taking two adaptive force rune shards will greatly increase Lux’s bonus magic damage from her illumination passive to her final spark ultimate.1 point in armor should also do well for her laning phase trades.

Best Rune Shards



+6 Armor


+9 Adaptive Force


+8 Magic Resist

Best Lux Spells

Lux already has shields from her prismatic barrier W so taking ignite instead of heal gives Lux much more kill pressure. These summoner spells are also great if there are healers on the opposing team.

Best Spells




You should also know when to switch for an exhaust instead of an ignite when playing, adapting your build to the picks and bans phase is also a good skill to acquire.

Best Lux Abilities Order

The lady of luminosity skill order focuses on maxing her E first, this is because it has a much larger AoE than her Q and the movement speed slow it inflicts on the enemy helps Lux hit her arcane comet. Light binding comes second in the skill order as it is a combo that comes along with lux’s Final spark ultimate.

Finally her Prismatic barrier should be maxed last because it already has impressive shield scaling with ability power.

Best Lux Items

Lux players love to see the HP bars of enemies erased and this lux build does just that. Even if you are a support, you can still pick mage items so you can scale to the late game. Your core build will be focused on a support item and one that would improve your poke damage.

Best Starter Lux Items

Lux’s starter item is a subtle Spellthief’s edge and two health potions. In league of legends support players need to have a support item so they can gain gold even if they are not last hitting minions.

First Item

Second Item

Spellthief’s Edge

Health potion (x2)

Best Mid Game Lux Items

You will have to rush your core build items before or during the mid game. Shard of True Ice and Luden’s tempest is Lux’s best build for mid game. This Mythic item increases her mana pool which synergizes with Manaflow band. You can also easily proc it’s unique passive with her Lucent singularity.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Shard of True Ice

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Luden’s Tempest

Light binding, Lucent singularity, and Final spark all deal AoE damage which all synergizes with Luden’s tempest’s AoE damage.

Best Final Late Game Lux Items

For the final items of Lux, Zhonya’s hourglass will be a good 4th item as some assassins may target you and this item’s active effect will prevent you from being burst down. Horizon Focus and Morellonomicon both lets Lux deal more damage and also reduces the enemy’s HP regeneration.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item

Sixth Item

Shard of True Ice

Sorcerer Shoes

Luden’s Tempest

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Horizon Focus


Void staff is also a great alternative item for Horizon Focus especially if the enemies are trying to build magic resist items. Void staff let’s lux deal more damage on her Light binding, Lucent singularity, and Final spark combo as it penetrates through the magic resistance of enemies.

Best Champions to pair Lux with

Bot lane Ziggs is the best synergy or duo with Lux as both of them can deal tons of poke damage at any phase of the game. Nilah and Jhin however are two of the strongest ADCs in patch 12.15, partner them with Lux and you’ve got an unstoppable lane.


Win Rate %








Strongest Champions against Lux

Swain easily outdamages lux in the support role simply because he has lower cooldowns and has much better power spikes and scaling. Using final spark and using your summoner spells when Swain gets close is the only option you have to prevent losing your lane.


Win Rate %






Miss Fortune


Swain’s abilities definitely outdamages Lux and as soon as he catches her with his E, Lux is guaranteed to die especially when she misses her light binding.

Weakest Champions against Lux

Passive supports in league of legends games are usually the weakest ones against Lux because of her lane bully nature. She can easily kill them by poking them again and again as it is quite easy to hit them with her lucent Singularity. New players should not pick these champions when facing against Lux especially Janna, as she is a hard champion to master.


Win Rate %








Lux is a popular champion commonly used by riot games in its advertising and even cinematic trailers. Because of this, Lux mid or support has a pretty high pick rate and win rate. Players find her easy to use simply because her abilities are easy to land.

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