The Best Assassin Champions League of Legends

Find out the best assassins champions in League of Legends and start dominating the summoner’s rift today! Discover the most powerful assassins LoL.
The Best Assassin Champions League of Legends

Assassins, those champions that can quickly get to the opposing ADC and deal a massive amount of damage and walk away without taking damage. Assassins are a fundamental piece in a team and, if you are a lover of one-shotting your enemies, then this guide on the best assassins champions league of legends and Wild Rift is for you. Let's start!



Let's start with the League of Legends assassin list, with the champion who struck fear into our hearts when we first met on Summoner's Rift and probably one of the best assassin champions currently

Hearing Thrill of the Hunt activated and seeing that mark above our head meant we were just seconds away from being wiped off the map thanks to Rengar's unparalleled burst damage after jumping off his ultimate.

best assassins champions league of legends

He's traditionally played as a jungler, but as the game has evolved and champion pools have expanded, Rengar can often be found jumping from brush to brush in the top lane.

best assassins champions league of legends

Rengar is a very annoying assassin in the top lane and, to top it off, thanks to his recent changes to the damage of his Q (which always critically applies), he becomes an incredible assassin meta to use against almost any champion in the top lane

It is not for nothing that it is currently among the best positions on the S Tier list.



One of the newer additions to the assassin champions roster, Kayn also has the added benefit of transforming into a more tanky champion (Rhaast) if team comps allow. 

With that being said, we will be focusing on Shadow Assassin for this guide, as in this form, Kayn can shoot any enemy if he is far enough away, which makes him the best assassin for beginners.

best assassins champions league of legends

Kayn is probably the best choice out of the assassins listed due to his ability to farm early without being harassed and quickly traverse the summoner’s rift, hunting down enemies to extend his gold lead and make the game spin out of control quickly.

best assassins champions league of legends kayn

Kayn has great snowball potential in the game and given his versatility thanks to his passive he is an incredible champion for the jungle. 

Try to make a full clear with this champion whenever you can to get an advantage over the enemy jungler at all times!



There is not much to say about Akali. Despite a constant barrage of nerfs targeting Fist of Shadows since her 2018 rework, Akali is still just as annoying and unpleasant to deal with if you're a vulnerable ADC player.

best assassins champions league of legends akali

High burst damage, multiple gap closures, multiple escapes, and invisibility to top it off, Akali is the ultimate of the assassin champions and nearly unstoppable if allowed to build up a gold lead. Just head into a team fight, send your abilities to a squishy enemy, then take cover in your W. Free LP!

best assassins champions league of legends

However, Akali can be a difficult champion to master if you're new to summoner's rift. But don't worry, Akali has a lot of damage against enemy champions that even the most novices can take advantage of.



Yeah, okay, calm down. Vayne is not an assassin and probably won’t be the best league of legends assassin, we know that. 

Still, in the depths of low elo where minimaps don't exist, Vayne has the potential to go 1v9 in any game she's a part of thanks to her ability to fight as a team and her incredible enemy dueling potential.

best assassins champions league of legends vayne

Relax early game, farm up to a Ruined King's Blade and Guinsoo's Rageblade, then engage in team fights or head to a side lane and 1v1 any champions that try to stop you.

best assassins champions league of legends vayne

What makes Vayne unique on this list is her late game. She never really goes down and if left alone in the late game she will quickly punish and take down the enemy Nexus without warning. You may also take a look at our best ADC champions in LoL guide to dominate the bot lane!



"Assassin-Support". Two words that pierced the ears of veteran League of Legends players in the weeks leading up to Pyke's release, but no one could stop what was to come.

best assassins champions league of legends pyke

Pyke can quickly zip around the map with Dive into Ghostly Waters, taking down champions with Death From Below and pushing a side lane before retreating to safety with Gift of the Drowned. 

His versatility also means he can engage in teamfights, stunning multiple enemy champions with Ghost Hangover, and resets on Death From Below to instantly shut down low-HP opponents with that skill.

best assassins champions league of legends

Pyke is that support that, played correctly, can easily run a full team thanks to his good early game damage, mobility and ultimate ability capable of executing multiple enemies in a few seconds. The favorite killer support of thousands of players!



To kick off our list, we have Ahri, a League of Legends and Wild Rift Champion who mixes two offensive roles to rank among the best. She can perfectly fulfill the role of Assassin and also Mage, since her abilities make use of magic to apply magic damage. 

However, it has moderate skill gameplay, so it can help to practice with it before bringing it into the game.

Ahri recently received a rework and quickly rose to the top of the tier list in the mid lane in Korea. Once Ahri connects her charm you can kiss half your life goodbye and spend a flash if Ahri is using her ultimate to be closer to an enemy.

best assassins champions league of legends

On the other hand, and mechanically speaking, Ahri is not a relatively complex champion. 

Still, you have to correctly time your use of abilities and cooldowns to ensure that you are useful during a teamfight. If you like ahri as champion, take a look at our article about the best ahri skins League of Legends now.



Evelynn is an AP assassin Champion who fills an amazing role on the team. Its difficulty of use is moderate, so with some training, players will know how to master its skills, burst damage and gameplay. This champion is quite agile and her goal is to eliminate as many opponents as she can.

best assassins champions league of legends evelynn

Evelynn is the perfect champion for players who like to assassinate enemy team champions from the shadows and then disappear again; not in vain Evelynn is one of the most powerful League of Legends champions thanks to her passive ability.

best assassins champions league of legends

However, you should keep in mind that Evelynn is a fairly fragile champion (similar to Master Yi), so in 1v2 she will probably be hurt.



This champion combines the role of Mage with that of Assassin, so his abilities make use of magic to eliminate his enemies. 

He is a very fun character to use, because despite the fact that he seems adorable, he has a very high extra damage potential, and can even apply a lot of prolonged bonus damage. If you like Fizz, take a look at the best skins Fizz LoL.

best assassins champions league of legends fizz

If you like to one-shot enemy champions, then Fizz is the perfect assassin for you. He has incredible mobility thanks to his E and extremely incredible damage thanks to his ultimate.

best assassins champions league of legends

Fizz is a fairly simple champion to use, however his level 1 is quite weak, so try to play a calm game until you have your ultimate at level 6. On the other hand, Fizz is a powerful champion with a lot of snowball in low ELO .



If we are talking about units with great potential for massive and ricochet damage, then we must mention Katarina. This ability power Champion not only fulfills the role of Assassin, but also of Mage, since her abilities do this type of damage. She is quick on the battlefield and can trigger chain damage against opponents.

best assassins champions league of legends katarina

However, Katarina is one of the most complex and best champions in the game in terms of mechanics, so you must know very well how to mobilize with your E and your daggers. Also, Katarina needs to have a good early game to get her full potential during the match.



This character has such sharp claws that they are capable of doing massive damage to enemies

In addition, through his abilities, he can make them evolve and improve all their effects. He is a Champion Killer, but can also be used as a Fighter, if the team needs it.

best assassins champions league of legends

Kha'zix has incredible physical damage to isolated champions, so always try to ambush your enemies when using this champion, who although he is not at his best in the current meta, is a powerful option if played correctly.

best assassins champions league of legends

Kha'zix has a good early game, however, as your abilities evolve, Kha'zix's damage will improve noticeably. So try to fame correctly and level up to reach your level 6, 11 and 16 quickly.



Finally, in the role of Assassins in League of Legends and Wild Rift, we have Zed. It is important to note that his game difficulty is considered high, so it will be necessary for players to practice with him (the same if you play lee sin) to master the full potential of this Champion. 

This character deals damage with his abilities, but can also buff himself up. And in short, he is an entertaining character to use with ninja techniques.

best assassins champions league of legends

We'll be honest, we've never seen a Zed that can't disappear the rival ADC when using his ultimate, and that is because the constant damage that Zed can bring to his team thanks to his shadows and his mobility, is capable of turning any team fight around.

best assassins champions league of legends

However, keep in mind that Zed is just as complex a character as Katarina in terms of mechanics, so you should take your time mastering this champion to her full potential.

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