How to Report Players in League of Legends

Find out how to report players league of legends and discover how the RIOT Games reporting system works. Have a healthier gaming experience!
How to Report Players in League of Legends

League of Legends is a RIOT Games game that stands out for its extremely high level of competition in its community, and that is because all the players give their best to become a Challenger. However, sometimes you can find players with bad intentions, harassment intentions, toxicity or abuse, so in this guide we will show you how to report players league of legends. Let 's start!

How to report a player in League of Legends?

To be able to report a player, you have two different options: The first is to be able to report him immediately after a game, since right on the final screen where all the game statistics are seen:

  1. Find a red button next to the players name.
  2. Click on it.
  3. Select a reason to report.
  4. Add a comment to issue a report.

On the other hand, you can enter the official Riot Games support page, which is, where you will almost immediately find the 'Report a player' button, and when you enter it you will be able to write a report that you can send to Riot so that justice can be served on the player.

On the other hand, playing with friends is the best way to avoid reporting players, take a look at our guide about how to invite friends in LoL.

How to use the reporting tool if you forget to report after a game

At Riot they are aware that many times during matches there are many occasions where your only thought is to report that player who is feeding on purpose, abuse, being toxic, or has left the match on purpose.

how to report players

However, once the game ends, it usually happens that the players are not in the best possible mood, much less to report. What's more, sometimes the frustration is such that the players directly leave the game as soon as it ends, forgetting to report that player, going unpunished.

To report a player after a game just follow these steps

  1. Log in at 
  2. Go to this page.
  3. Fill the form at the end of the page.

From this page you can send any type of report, in detail, about any event in your last 20 games.

how to report players league of legends

It is appreciated that Riot strives to improve its mechanisms, but it would also be to toughen sanctions on certain attitudes. Everything for a healthier gaming experience.

When to report a player in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a team strategy online multiplayer game that requires a lot of concentration and dedication to be played properly and can be really difficult to have a good win rate in the game and you may feel bad if you or your teammates lose many games.

how to report players league of legends

However, many times this is not your fault or their fault, your teammates can often find themselves with players who are better than them, or they can make some mistakes that cause them to lose in different aspects of the game.

But, you may also find a particular player who can make you lose a game because of his attitude, for example: 

  • Players who do nothing but sacrifice themselves on purpose.
  • Cheaters.
  • Someone who is an offending player.
  • Players who have extremely bad behavior.
  • Harassment.
  • A toxic player insulting by the general chat or who refuse to play. 
how to report players league of legends

If a player does any of the above, swears, insults you, treats other players (including the enemy team) badly, commits abuse, cheating, refuses to play, harassment behavior, leaves the game, or sabotages the game in any way; That's enough reason to report it and hope the game is a better place at Riot's hands.

What happens when a player is reported?

When you open and send a report form (explaining the bad or toxic behavior properly), it will be sent immediately to RIOT Game support when your report will be analyzed. However, your report only cannot be enough to take actions against the player. In some cases a several number of reports are needed to ban a League of Legends player.

report players league of legends

The combination of reporting frequency and reporting quality is taken into account globally when the system marks an account with a penalty. Reports made within champion select are not tied to the penalty system and are instead used by Riot to gather information about disruptive behavior within champ select.

how to report players league of legends

Players who cause a negative gaming experience will be punished within 15 minutes of the match ending and will be notified with a reform card. Players who have reported the offender will be notified with an instant feedback report if a punishment has been imposed. Penalties can range from a temporary suspension to a permanent suspension for the player.

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