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How to Change Spells in League of Legends

Find out how to change spells League of Legends and discover the best summoner’s spells to use at the summoner’s rift. Improve your game strategy now!
How to Change Spells in League of Legends

Summoner spells in League of Legends are a series of special abilities that we can select at the beginning of the games to use with our playable champion. Within the strategies that we can carry out, these spells can give us certain advantages, so it is highly recommended to know what each one does, what its effects are, and much more. Let’s talk about how to change spells League of Legends!

Simple Ways To Change Your Summoner’s Spell 

Changing your summoner spell in League of Legends by RIOT Games is quite simple, you just have to enter a game and follow a series of steps that we will explain later. 

You can also take a look at our guide about how to make a new rune page in LoL, which will be useful to get more out of this article. You will be a summoner specialist in minutes!


Select Your Spell in The Champion Selection

You can easily choose your summoner spells during champion select, and it is, in fact, the best time to do so since you know the champions of your enemies.

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As a brief advice, try to choose defensive spells (Exhaust or Barrier) in case you face assassins or champions that can do a lot of magic damage or physical damage to you in a short time.


Change Your Spells During Game Using a Rune

If you are interested in changing summoner spells during the game because you are not sure which spell to use or you would like to apply a more versatile style of play, then you can use an amazing rune from the inspiration branch: The Unsealed Spellbook.

how to change spells league of legends

Unsealed Spellbook allows you to quickly swap your summoner spell for another randomly. However, you must be very careful, because you may need to use a particular spell and The Unsealed Spellbook may give you a spell you don't need.

The most important thing about Unsealed Spellbook rune, is that you should practice your game multiple times to perfect it and get used to using summoner spells based on your requirements. 

In some cases you may need the true damage of the ignite or the movement speed of the ghost spell and not have it on hand. So be very careful when using this rune to change your summoner spell!

how to change spells league of legends

On the other hand, not all champions in League of Legends work in the same way with this rune, some of the champions that can use this rune and take advantage of its utility are: Ryze, Cassiopeia, Zed, Sion and Hecarim. So it's something to keep in mind when using this rune to change your summoner spell.

What You Need To Know About Changing Spells in LoL

Summoner spells are an important piece of League of Legends mechanics, the correct selection of your summoner spell can help you have a better game. Here are a couple of things you should know about summoner spells:

  • Each player can only equip a maximum of 2 summoner spells in a match.
  • Summoner spells are selected before starting the game, on the champion select screen (and cannot be changed once the game has started).
  • Any summoner spell has no cost for any player, they are reusable, although they have a cooling time.
  • Summoner spells are bound by default to the D and F keys to activate them.
  • Each summoner spell has a unique effect, with some increasing in effectiveness as the champion level is up and others providing the same effect for the entire game.
  • Please note that some summoner spells are unlocked by reaching a certain summoner level of your account.
  • Summoner's spells have different effects, some can hurt an enemy champion, others can help allied champions.
  • There are specific spells that are only available to use in the ARAM game mode.
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How To Choose The Best Spell in League of Legends

If you are a beginner player you may be wondering which is the most useful summoner spell or which ones you should equip depending on the champion you use, the enemy champion or your class in the game. You may see these tips to improve your early game and late game against any enemy:

  • If you play Top Lane: Use a summoner spell such as Flash and Teleport or Ignite.
  • If you play Jungle: use Flash and Smite.
  • If you play Mid Laner: Use Flash and Teleport or Ignite (alternatively you can also use Heal, Exhaust, Cleanse or Barrier).
  • If you're playing Bot Lane (bot lane, AD carry): Flash and Heal.
  • If playing Support: Use Flash summoner spell and Ignite (or alternatively Exhaust).

This has been all in this guide, if you like, you can take a look at our guide on how to make a group in League of Legends or you can take a look at our article on how to invite friends in League of Legends. In this way, you will enjoy the games and the game much more. See you at Summoners Rift!

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