How Many League of Legends Games You’ve Played

League of Legends, by its base nature, is a game in which you can sink hours upon hours of your life, year after year.
How Many League of Legends Games You’ve Played

Due to the game’s nature, of a never-ending ranked climb and infinite permutations between matches, even twelve years into its life players are not growing bored of it. However, there is some curiosity about how many League of Legends matches they’ve played, and how many hours that took. Here are three ways to check that.

How to Check How Many LoL Games You Played?

There is no denying that LEague of Legends is an addictive time-sink of a game. One of the best ways to see just how far into the rabbit hole you’ve gone down is by taking a look at how many games you’ve played, which can be accomplished in several ways.


Checking How Many LoL Games You Played Using the Client Profile Page

Riot Games knew they had a goose that lays golden eggs even when League of Legends was in its infancy, so they implemented an option of checking how many games you’ve played in the League of Legends Client.

League of Legends - Stats of Games Played

Unfortunately, they removed that option due to the old Client being prone to errors, even more than the current one. Fortunately, though, they reinstated it a few years ago. Using it is quite simple:

  1. Launch the League of Legends Client
  2. Open Your Profile
  3. Open the Stats Tab
  4. Hover over the Stats to see details
  5. Hover over champions to see how many games played
League of Legends - Filter of Games Played

The stats, by default, display the number of games played in the current season. You can change this and check the stats of the previous seasons with the filter options below the stats themselves. With this option, you can see how many games you’ve played in all permanent game modes such as normal draft pick and SoloQ ranked, except for ARAM games.


Checking How Many LoL Games You Played Using the Post Game Lobby

This is an inferior method of checking the number of League of Legends games you’ve played, but a convenient one, as it’s displayed after every match, in the post-game lobby. However, it only displays the number of games played this season, in that particular game mode.

League of Legends - Post Game Lobby

In the upper right corner, next to the game type identifier, you can see the number of games you’ve won or lost this season. To see it all you need to do is:

  1. Finish a game of League of Legends
  2. Wait until the post-game lobby loads in
  3. Check out your game numbers

It’s also useful in gauging your MMR and win rate, as a balance of wins and losses would mean your MMR is low, and your win rate is close to fifty percent.


Checking How Many LoL Games You Played Using Third Party Sites

It’s no secret that Riot Games not only condone third-party sites that give information on League of Legends matches and statistics, but even go so far as to leave such things to them, and stop providing their own services.

Third Party Site - Match History

Such is not the case with checking your match history, but these third-party sites do offer a much more convenient service:

  1. Visit sites such as
  2. Click on the game category you wish to see
  3. Click on the season you wish to see

With these sites, you can check how many games you’ve played across all seasons, with the information being categorized by champions used, as well as the options the client does not offer, such as seeing the results of Clash tournaments and ranked ARAMs.

Using these sites can also give you an idea of which champions you should focus on to gain more LP in your ranked climb, as you have more success with them, and which champions you should discard, as they are not suited to your playstyle, or are out of favor with the meta.

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