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How to stream League of Legends

Streaming is an integral part of promoting a game and your own brand as a creator. There are tons of streaming applications that you can use to livestream!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
How to stream League of Legends

Video game streaming has become prominent over the years and is now seen as a legitimate way to become popular and earn money. If you have a decent computer, you can simply download a streaming application and start streaming games. But if you want your stream to really take off, there are certain things you need to do and we will guide you in those things with this article. 

What are the different live streaming platforms? 

Before you start streaming league of legends, you need to find a good platform where you can share your live stream. There are tons of streaming platforms out there so we are just going to name 2. You can even use cross-platform compatibility to maximize your viewership but that's a topic for another article. 


Starting off with the most popular streaming software for league of legends. The Twitch app can be downloaded on your pc or on your mobile phone. It has a user-friendly interface and this is where you will find huge names in league of legends streamers like Tyler1 or even Yassuo.

  • User-Friendly interface for beginners and veteran streamers.
  • Huge fan base and tops every other streaming software.
  • Caters from professionals to hobbyists.
  • Free access. 
  • Compatible with almost all streaming software 

Having the Twitch app on your phone can also be helpful when you are streaming league of legends as you can use it to watch your chat panel to avoid minimizing the game from time to time. This is a great alternative if you don't have a second monitor.


Everybody knows that Youtube is king when it comes to streaming the most popular videos available in the internet. The only downside to using youtube is that it came much later than Twitch. Twitch streams have been around for a very long time and Youtube is just new to the game. 

  • Includes the colossal video collection of youtube.
  • Live stream highlights can be easily migrated as a youtube channel video.
  • User-friendly interface for old and new content creators.

Different Live streaming software

Before you can live stream games to your favorite streaming platform, you need software to capture league of legends and broadcast it. There are lots of open-source streaming software out there and we are going to name a few along with their screenshots.

Streaming Software




A plugin that expands OBS studio giving the software a stylish approach to streaming.

OBS Studio

A simple streaming application that you can use for streaming or recording. Widely used by professionals and gamers alike.

Streamlabs OBS

Similar to OBS studio but focuses on the gaming aspect and is widely used by popular game streamers.


Can be used to stream to Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. Provides cloud-powered broadcasting accessed through a web browser.


Used for high-quality video mixing and switching and has different plans that can cater to your every need.

All the hardware you need for Streaming League of Legends.

it's good to have a computer and stream your league of legends games across the internet but for you to sell your brand, your face needs to be seen and your voice heard. Here are all the things you need to start your streaming career in league of legends.

DSLR Camera

If you want to make it to the streaming world, you need to have a high quality recording device to showcase your face and even your background. Good DSLR cameras do the job when it comes to streaming as it records high video quality. With good DSLR cameras, you can also access higher-quality settings making your stream look sharp and pleasant to the eyes. 

Live streaming league of legends needs some financial investments first to ensure you have the perfect streaming settings. Lower-quality gear prevents you from using the most out of your streaming software.

2nd Monitor

A second display can be very helpful when you are streaming as you will be talking to the public as you play your game. Having a second monitor is really helpful to instantly respond to your chat room. Mobile devices also work as an alternative if you are looking for solid budget friendly options. 

Ring Light

A stream can easily look dull and boring without proper lighting. If you just started streaming, a simple ring light will do. Ring lights highlight the content creator at the center of the camera and gives a nice vibrant look. The ring light effect reflected on the eye of a content creator for league of legends also gives a classy look which can help to make your live stream cool and neat. 

Green Screen

If you don't have a good background or you are planning to create sceneries as your background, a green screen will be of huge help. Some streamers even use a green screen so they can simply put their faces at the side of the stream so the camera stream overlay doesn't take up too much space in the game. 

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