How Many Champions exist in League of Legends

Riot Games has been releasing new champions in League of Legends for the past 12 years. Let’s take a look at how many champions LoL has today.
How Many Champions exist in League of Legends

League of Legends’ champion roster has only been expanding since the release of the original 17-character lineup that was introduced during the game’s beta stage. 

Today, there are so many champions that it’s difficult just to browse through them without forgetting half the names of the characters if you were asked to enumerate all of them in one go. Let’s take a look at how many champions LoL has introduced so far.

How Many Champions Are in LoL?

As of February 17, 2022, the total number of League of Legends champions in the game amount to 159 unique characters

The latest champion to be released in the game was Renata Glasc. Riot Games is finally approaching the 160 mark after almost three years of staying at 150+ champions. 

Whether you’re a new player looking for beginner-friendly champions or a veteran looking to widen their champion pool, the game has everything you need to enjoy playing on Summoners Rift.

Runeterra Champions dressed as normal private school students.

The number of champions in League of Legends is also the same as that in Teamfight Tactics, with the exception of Silco since he’s only exclusive to this game mode. With this number, let’s take a look at all of the champions with their release date arranged in alphabetical order. 

How Riot Games Introduces New Champions

Riot Games introduces around 2-6 champions per year to add refreshment to the ever-growing champion roster. Whether you play these champions, have them on your team, or get them as your enemy, it’s still exciting to see so many unique models fit into the world of Runeterra and have a diverse set of abilities that build their individual characters. 

Even the number of original skins that each of these champions has is mind-blowing if you consider the fact that they also release a number of cosmetics every few months.

Ezreal as an artifact hunter.

The way League of Legends introduces new champions to the league is by following the formula of rotating a champion belonging that’s designed to a specific role.

Even though many champions end up not being used in the role they were intended to have, these champions still find ways to be relevant in the game.

League of Legends champions are also expected to match the lore in their overall design, so they will always belong to one region or be an unknown enemy from another location.

About the League of Legends Champions

All the League of Legends champions play a main role in respective story arcs involving the world of Runeterra. There are champions that play a bigger role than some while others have few storylines but still leave a lasting impression on the players

Character stories are important because they determine which champions are considered an ally of justice or enemy of the world. Regardless, it’s up to the player how they interpret each storyline.

Miss Fortune enjoying herself at the pool.

Many champions also come with different aesthetics, with some skinlines having unique lore backgrounds surrounding them. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap skins or cosmetics that showcase the hottest characters in the game, you’re in for a real treat because Riot Games has made it so that everyone can appreciate these characters the way they want to.

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