The Best League of Legends Cosplays in Real Life

Every League of Legends fan would like to see their favorite champion in real life, and that’s why we show you the best League of Legends cosplays here!

The Best League of Legends Cosplays in Real Life
The Best League of Legends Cosplays in Real Life

League of legends has become one of the best 5vs5 multiplayer games created by RIOT Games, and with a really big fans base, it is not a surprise that many players like to see and create their best League of legends cosplays and bring to real life their favorite characters. Here we will talk about the best League of Legends cosplays made by cosplayers. Let's start!

Jinx, The loose cannon

If you're a League of legends fan and also you loved the Arcane series by RIOT Games, then you've probably seen this awesome league of legends cosplay by Rose Hume. Jinx is one of the most popular champions to cosplay in the world, however, her powerful weapon is full of details, so, if you want to cosplay Jinx, prepare yourself to spend some hours preparing the costume.

Best cosplays real life league of legends

Jinx offers one of the most amazing cosplays designs and costumes that League of Legends fans can create nowadays, since 2013 it's a great champion option if you're looking to make a wonderful cosplay to show in the events or instagram.

Miss fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Another famous ADC character in League of Legends cosplays, and, Miss Fortune is an amazing champion option for many League of legends fans who want to create a good and sexy costume to protect and attack at the summoner's rift. With no doubt, one of the best Miss Fortune cosplays is the one from Angie ARROW.

Best cosplays real life league of legends

Many players choose different skin such as Battle bunny and bewitching Miss Fortune, in any case, this champion is an amazing option if you want to cosplay your favorite champion in League of Legends.


Let's start with one of the best-known cosplayers in the entire world of League, because not only is he a very high-level player, but she also leaves us speechless with her spectacular costumes of her favorite champions. From Lux Elementalist, passing through Sivir delivery of Pizzas or Xayah Guardian of the Stars.
Each new cosplay that the English AD-Carry publishes on her social networks absolutely shakes the entire League of Legends scene. In his latest post, even Cloud9 joked about how awesome she looked:

Now that Sneaky has also retired from competition, she seems very keen to focus on cosplay. And it's great!

Ahri K/DA

K/DA was one of Riot's biggest hits and there are many cosplays that we have seen of the Kpop band. However, it's usually about one specific character rather than the entire gang. The cosplayer Stella Chu put it all together to bring the best ahri KDA cosplay and look how amazing it is. 

Best cosplays real life league of legends

On the other hand, Ahri skins and especially Ahri K/DA are an incredible option if you are looking for an incredible cosplay of this fabulous League of Legends champion. So don't wait any longer, look at the details in the hair, ears and get to work!

Viego, The Ruined King

The League of Legends community is known for some amazing cosplayers, like Taryn, who is earning tons of likes on social media with her cosplay of one of Riot Games' newest in-game champions, Viego, the Ruined King. .
When Riot Games first showed off Viego, before we even knew he would land on Summoner's Rift as well (via the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story trailer, which you can see in the image header), many fans were surprised by the appearance of the character. Many expected a bigger king and a less "rock n' roll" look, but even so, the champion has been very well received by the vast majority of players, setting a trend within the LoL universe.

Viegos is probably one of the hardest champions to cosplay, however, the results from Taryn are really good and his cosplay is just amazing. As cosplayer, Taryn has designed multiple costumes with the same effectiveness, really well dressed designs, cape, mask, etc. Do not hesitate in visiting his twitter account and explore his photos to know more about his dedication and creating process.


If you like any cosplay which says : "Fear and Terror" , then Fiddlesticks is the best League of legends champions cosplay you may use if you want to escalate your screen rant and Instagram account. This wonderful costume champion by Downfall Cosplay is just a difficult one to be done correctly, but it's an amazing champion option if you want to be the biggest fear in the cosplay event.

Best cosplays real life league of legends

An amazing Fiddlesticks cosplay has been done by 4itchytastycosplay group, and it's wonderful design was shown on Twitter and their social accounts. Undoubtedly, the dressing and impressive costume design is an amazing inspiration if you're looking to be a great cosplayer and make your best effort to achieve high popularity and a good Fiddlesticks representation.

Pizza delivery Sivir

Pizza delivery Sivir is another great cosplay option and one of the best cosplay that players can create currently. It's an amazing and easy cosplay costume that any cosplayer can do, and, if done properly, you will also get some points for fun and creativity. Cosplaying is not an easy task, but with no doubt, Pizza delivery Sivir is an easy to do cosplay that you can make in the cosplayer world. Check out this amazing cosplay by SpcatsTasha.

Best cosplays real life league of legends

All cosplays shown above are a great option if you're looking to make your own costume, and, if you hope to grow your social accounts, then you can start with these designs, skin and champions cosplays to do it fast. On the other hand, if you're looking to recreate the top cosplay designs in the world, you can take a look at our guide about the best prestige skins in League of legends cosplays to get some inspirational content.

Ashe, The Frost Archer

Finally, one of the best character in League of Legends to make a really good cosplay, and thanks to her lore, it's Ashe. Cosplaying Ashe is one of the best options and many players and League of Legends fans have made it, here we show you an amazing Ashe cosplay by Riki LeCotey and notice how all details (including hair form, dressing, and much more) are really taken into real life with amazing photos.

Best cosplays real life league of legends

There is no real choice among players about what Ashe skin is the best to make a cosplay costume, but all the detail put in her weapon and dressing have increased this character's popularity in the years, and that's why is one of the most wonderful champions to cosplay in any event.
Whether you want to make your own LoL cosplay or are looking for the best LoL cosplays, we hope this guide has been helpful. You can get guides on how to design the dressing clothes, heard, and other related things, you can take a look at internet guides. If you'd like to learn more about League of Legends , you can take a look at our guide about how to see how many times you got reported in LoL or, you may also take a look at our wonderful guide about the best League of Legends tatoo ideas. See you at the summoner's rift!