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Best Udyr Skins | LoL

Currently waiting for Udyr’s rework that will be released soon? Jump on the hype train and buy the best skins available for him in League of Legends!
Best Udyr Skins | LoL

Udyr is a man that has colorful skills that leave players in awe. He is also one of the earliest champions in League of Legends. Riot Games made the right decision by releasing beautiful skins for the Spirit Walker. That said, let's check out the best skins for him!


Dragon Oracle Udyr

The newest skin for Udyr, Dragon Oracle, was released on August 15, 2019. It is a known fact that Udyr harnesses the spirits of different animals to give him strength. But what happens if he masters the power of the dragon?

Dragon Oracle Udyr has a cleaner model compared to the other cosmetics in this list. The mixture of sweet colors, namely purple, blue, and green, suits the skin's whole concept. 

Not to mention, Dragon Oracle Udyr's hairstyle is also cool. Also his blue and green hands indicate that he is indeed a master in channeling the animal spirits.

I would say that Dragon Oracle Udyr's model is much better in-game. You will be surprised at how clean it looks and the number of details that it has. 

The hues that Riot used are excellent, too, making it one of the models in the game. On the other hand, the animations and sounds might not appeal to everyone since it is a bit bland. 

However, it is still a great purchase considering it is priced at 1350 Riot Points. Hurry and grab this skin at the League shop!

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Definitely Not Udyr

Someone out there definitely wondered, "What if Udyr became the beast himself?" Worry not, because this skin turns that imagination into reality, with a twist. 

Definitely Not Udyr is a part of the "meme" cosmetics released in League of Legends. But it does not look bad in any way. In fact, it is even one of Udyr's best skins released in the game.

Looking at the splash art above, you will instantly see that Udyr is cosplaying/wearing a onesie. And the design of his outfits is based on his animal powers. 

Some might say that Definitely Not Udyr's model is plain, but many people still prefer skins that are not too flashy. Additionally, this skin is actually charming in-game, so I suggest picking this up if you prefer those kinds of cosmetics.

Even though this is one of Udyr's cheap skins, the in-game changes are still pretty good. Definitely Not Udyr's onesie changes every time he casts his abilities. For example, his model will have a tiger onesie after casting Tiger Stance and a bear onesie after casting Bear Stance. However, there are no changes when it comes to sounds and particles, but I think Definitely Not Udyr is still worth the price considering the model changes.

Being released on March 31, 2015, this is one of Udyr's earliest skins to date. It was initially priced at 975 Riot Points. The good news is you can still get this skin in the League shop today!

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Spirit Guard Udyr

There is no better skin for Udyr than the second earliest ultimate skin in League of Legends. Spirit Guard is a classic cosmetic that every Udyr mains dream of. It is now time to control the spirits of the animals as the most powerful-looking Udyr skin ever.

Spirit Guard Udyr's model is clean, but the tiny details make this skin the best Udyr skin released by Riot Games. Udyr looks like a guardian of the spirits from the name itself with a Buddhist monk-inspired outfit. The mixture of the colors is also great. Udyr's gloves are red, while his outfit is white and brown.

In-game changes are where this skin shines. Spirit Guard Udyr's whole body changes whenever he casts his abilities. Not only that, but animals will appear on top of Udyr whenever he casts his skills, and you will also see different colors inspired by the animal spirits in his arms, which is a nice touch to the cosmetic. But the best part of this skin is the sounds. Riot Games really nailed the execution by giving him intense sounds that will make your enemies tremble in fear.

One of the few legendary skins released in the game and priced at 1820 Riot Points, Spirit Guard Udyr is the most expensive cosmetic on this list. It was released on July 16, 2013, leaving players in awe. Grab the only Udyr legendary skin in the League store today!

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Do not wait until Udyr's visual update and get these skins right away! If you want to migrate to the bot lane and become an AD carry main, check out this best Twitch skins list. But if maining all the champions are your jam, do not worry because you can also check the best skins for each champion released by Riot Games!

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