Best Aphelios Skins | LoL

This champion does not have the greatest variety of skins, but those available are still amazing and totally worth it, here are the best Aphelios skins in LoL. 
Best Aphelios Skins | LoL

Aphelios is a champion that made his appearance in the game back in 2019, bringing as well his new and complex ability kit alongside his sister, Alune, who’s always with him. Having only one skin with his arrival: Aphelios Nightbringer, he soon received a second one, and his most iconic skin so far: Aphelios Lunar Beast. If you’re interested to know what are the best skins for Aphelios in LoL, find out here.


Aphelios Nightbringer

His first skin, Aphelios Nightbringer, follows the theme of the Nightbringer skin, it makes Aphelios look with an even darker aura than the one he already has, and of course, Alune looks different.

As if he has come for your soul, Aphelios’ has never looked scarier.

With cold and dark colors, the skin makes him look imposing and threatening, his weapons also look scary thanks to the dark green hues they have, some of them have purple tones, while others scare their enemies with their blood-like bright red color.

Against multiple enemies, Aphelios ultimate works well and this skin makes it look even better.

The Nightbringer skin tells the story of the two siblings, Aphelios and Alune, created as enemies with two different natures, him: a demon with an extreme desire for chaos, while she is the representation of what’s right and order. Still, as they wander at night, they seem to connect over the thing they have in common, the moon.

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Aphelios Lunar Beast

His second skin, Aphelios Lunar Beast, has been the one with the best reception so far from the community. This skin appeared in the game as a Legacy skin with the Lunar Beast event. It shows a different side of Aphelios since it has brighter colors that are aligned with the Lunar Beast skin thematic. We can see Aphelios wearing clothes with bright shades of red here and there, as well as orange, yellow, and blue.

Alune of course joins the champion, with a pink hue in her overall spectral aura and bright yellow horns at each side of her head that match Aphelios’. As mentioned before, the iconic combination of yellow, orange and red are part of the color palette the weapons of Aphelios Lunar beast skin has.

The skin tells us the story of a quiet Aphelios that worships the Bull God in his own and unconventional way, following ancient rites that are not commonly known by those around him.

Despite being a Legacy skin, Lunar Beast Aphelios was so well received by the community that Riot Games decided to leave it in the store for the entire 2021 year, giving enough time for those who wanted to get their hands on this skin fo the champion.

All of these skins have chromas, which takes the experience of the skin to a new depth. The Nightbringer came to be a new skin that costs 1350 RP, of course, it has new animations, particles, sound effects, and even new quotes for the champion.

His Lunar Beast Aphelios skin was available in the shop during 2021 with a price of 1350 RP, including new sound effects, particles, textures, and animations.

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As you can see, Aphelios doesn’t even have a legendary skin so far for you to show off in the Rift, but still, the ones available are stylish enough to show your enemies who’ve got the best looks and the best skills when it comes to a match in the Summoner’s Rift. Other League of Legends champions have skins that are part of the Lunar Beast thematic, even in the game LoL: Wild Rift, such as Lunar Beast Fiora or Lunar Beast Jarvan IV, all of them, just as Aphelios, are part of the Ox squad.

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