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Best Beginner LoL Champions to Learn the Mid Lane Role With

The lane that Faker rose to prominence on, the mid lane is lauded as the most mechanically intense lane.‍
Best Beginner LoL Champions to Learn the Mid Lane Role With

The best player in the world, Faker, has risen to prominence as a mid laner. 

And, though this lane is lauded as the most mechanically intense lane as well as the one with the most popular champions, for beginners it doesn't have to be. It all depends on the champions you choose to learn the role with, and here are the best ones.

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Speaking of mid-lane, magic dealing champions for beginners, we have Annie, another of the six champions that were first designed in League of Legends. 

Unlike Twisted Fate, however, Annie is the best beginner champion to learn the basics of last hitting minions on, due to the passive on her Q ability, which refunds mana if the target is killed.

League of Legends - Annie

If you give your enemies time to react when attacking them, while playing Annie, you’re doing something wrong. 

And it’s this kind of unbalanced, but definitely fun, gameplay that made us fall in love with League of Legends all those years ago. Her skin collection also contains the discontinued Gothic skin line, which Riot Games are bringing back this year.

League of Legends - Annie in-game

Unlike some champions on this list, Annie falls off in usage in the higher levels of gaming. Thus, this is a champion that only beginners, and some extremely dedicated one-tricks, use. Everyone else goes for more overpowered mid laners.

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Twisted Fate

What is the best quality any mid-lane champion may possess? Is it magic damage? Perhaps crowd control, or even burst damage whether it’s of the physical or magical kind? 

Faker places Twisted Fate as the best mid-lane champion for beginners and answers these questions. 

The answer is, all of the above, with a balance to match. Twisted Fate’s importance to the game is even larger considering he holds the rarest skin in League of Legends, PAX Twisted Fate.

Twisted Fate is a champion whose main goal doesn’t lie in damage, but in his utility. Being at the right place, at the right time, is this champion’s main draw. Especially with the recent nerfs to the Teleport summoner spell.

While Annie, with the passive part of her Q ability, teaches players how to farm, Twisted Fate is the mid-lane champion that teaches new players everything else.

His abilities teach effective spell rotation, while his ultimate is a ganking tool that used to span the whole map, teaching players about map awareness Still, with all this said, Twisted Fate is a mechanically simple champion, compared to some others. For this reason, he was included in Wild Rift as well.

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Have you ever heard of scaling in League of Legends, and some players assuring themselves that the game is not yet lost, because they have the late game? Well, Veigar is the epitome of that sentiment, as one of the best scaling champions in League of Legends.

League of Legends - Veigar

His, recently buffed, Q ability gives Veigar additional Ability Power for every minion slain with it. After a while, this stacks up, and should the match reach the late game, where everyone is decked out with full builds, every bonus stat matters. And Veigar has an abundance of those. For those of you with money, he also possesses a pay-to-win skin, which is something to think about.

League of Legends - Veigar in-game

This way, Veigar teaches new players about the value of knowing your matchups, and playing from a position of weakness, as Veigar is weaker than almost every other champion at the start.

Additionally, his E ability puts down an enormous cage whose sides stun enemy champions hit. This allows new champions a measure of security against junglers, and mid-lane assassins. At the end of the day, if you wish to easily carry a game, Veigar is one of the most straightforward carry champions there is.

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When it comes to the popularity of League of Legends champions, there are none that can rival Lux. Not only is she one of the champions with the most skins in the game, or the fact that her skins are one of the most popular ones, but also that her Elementalist Lux skin is the most expensive skin in the game.

League of Legends - Lux

This is with good reason. As a mage, Lux’s abilities are suited for both the mid-lane and the support role. Her Q is a root, her W a shield to all allies hit, while her E is an Area of Effect slow and damage-dealing ability, that reveals the fog of war.

League of Legends - Lux in-game

Just like Annie, however, Lux is not played much in the higher elos. But for beginners, this is the perfect champion to learn the basic spell rotations with and the combos.

Especially so when new players get to the point of using her passive in-between her abilities. It is a significant milestone, showing how far new players have progressed.

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If there was ever the moniker of Living Artillery to be given to any League of Legends champion, it should’ve gone to Xerath rather than Kog’Maw in the ADC role. All of Xerath’s abilities are long-ranged and damage-oriented.

League of Legends - Xerath

As the mid-lane is supposed to be the roaming role, aside from Twisted Fate, the other beginner champions are not really suited for it. Xerath, avoid the need for roaming and following skirmishes in between junglers, with his extremely long range.

League of Legends - Xerath in-game

His ultimate, has an extremely long range and can be shot multiple times, for maximum effect and sustained damage, unlike Lux’s ultimate which is used mostly for sniping. In team fights, should the enemy team prove to have a lot of burst assassins, Xerath can still contribute from the safety of standing far in the bask line, behind his tank allies.

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In general, mechanically intense gameplay is the easiest way to describe playing in the mid-lane. It’s also the lane from which the most surrender votes stem, but that’s beside the point. What is important, though, is that Malzahar breaks the norm of mechanically intense gameplay, with his simple kit, while also acting as a deterrent to any form of engage, with his passive spell shield ability.

League of Legends - Malzahar

Unlike most mid-lane champions, Malzahar’s damage is of the over-time type, making him quite capable of melting enemies other mages can’t. Coupled with his point-and-click abilities, with only his Q being a skill shot, there is no way not to inflict damage by missing.

League of Legends - Malzahar in-game

If for some reason, you’ve fallen behind in gold, and as a new player don’t know how to regain your footing, Malzahar’s ultimate can still make new players useful, as it’s a ranged suppression, which is a form of crowd control that acts as a stun.

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As ridiculous as it may sound, one of the new champions is also one of the best ones for beginner mid laners to play. It all stems from his straightforward abilities, which don’t take a lot of time to be understood, nor a lot of thinking to be used properly in the middle of a fight.

League of Legends - Vex

Especially so in a meta where everyone and their mother has a dash of some sort, to get close to squishy champions like Vex and burst them down, her passive ability is the perfect counter to this that even new players can use effectively, as it procs whenever an enemy champion uses a dash nearby.

League of Legends - Vex in-game

Even more, this champion is one of those that are easy to learn and hard to master, making it worth your while to invest time in her, as she will be as useful in high elo, just as she is in low elo.

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Last, but not least, we have an unorthodox class of champion found in the mid-lane, and that is, well, a tank. However, Galio is no ordinary tank champion, like the ones that can be found in the top lane. Instead, he is magic damage dealing burst tank, with high roaming capabilities.

League of Legends - Galio

Galio’s importance for new players just starting to learn mid-lane is twofold. First of all, the mid lane is not only comprised of mage champions but of melee ones as well, of which Galio is the easiest and most forgiving to learn to play. Learning to play Talon, when faced with someone like Anivia is a terrifying prospect indeed.

League of Legends - Galio in-game

Furthermore, his ultimate ability allows him to roam just as much as Twisted Fate does, but with the added bonus of shielding your allies, and not even having to make plays yourself, which is perfect for those just starting out. With the addition of not relying on the top laner to pick a tank, with Galio, your frontline will always be secured.

There is no doubt that the mid-lane is the most popular role in League of Legends. And, though it houses a variety of champion classes, from attack damage and ability power assassins to fighters such as the annoying brothers Yasuo and Yone, mages are the staple of this role.

For that reason, they are also the easiest champions to learn the basics of the role with, and the various matchups, giving new players a much-needed foundation from which they can branch out to other champions.

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