League of Legends Iron Rank Explained

For years players called the imaginary division beneath Bronze, the Wood division. Turns out it was Iron all along.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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League of Legends Iron Rank Explained

Iron is the first, lowest rank to have in League of Legends and will put you in matches against lowest tier opponents who just started playing the game. Or, those that just want to play the game their own way, for better or worse. In any case, here’s all you need to know about Iron rank in LoL!

Is Iron Rank Good in League of Legends?

Being an Iron player puts you approximately in the top 98% of all League of Legend players. Iron rank is the lowest tier you can attain in League of Legends. This tier is mainly reserved for absolute beginners, the people who have no previous experience with MOBAs. Most of the players in this rank have little understanding of items, champions, and especially strategy.


Matches within this tier tend to be very chaotic and different from any other tier. Sometimes, it seems there is no clear goal and that everyone is doing what they want to do. However, this is a great place to start as there isn't much competitive tension compared to other categories.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Iron Rank in LoL?

As soon as you get to Summoner level 30, and are qualified to participate in ranked games, you will be placed in the Iron tier. As such, getting to Iron Rank is incredibly easy, and takes up no time whatsoever.


It’s staying in Iron rank that poses problems, as every Ranked climb starts with 10 placement games that give high amounts of LP. Ironically, the amount of players in Iron is the same as that of Diamond. The account price is similar, due to their rarity, as a lot of streamers and YouTubers start rank climbing series from Iron rank, making these accounts high in demand.

Grand Master

The road of getting out to Iron is pretty long, but the good thing is that there are existing methods of making money in League of Legends to make the climb much more productive!

How to Leave Iron Rank in League of Legends?

Iron games tend to be very discombobulated and without a clear goal. Oftentimes, players will farm without end, or do a similar action without knowing why they’re doing it. There is also much less team fighting compared to other tiers.


This tier is so low that whatever you do, you will manage to progress forward with enough commitment to the game. However, here are some of the things that we suggest you should focus on.

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Learn How to Farm Minions

You should spend as much time possible learning how to last hit minions.

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Learn Basic Lane Knowledge

It is crucial for players to understand how the lanes work and how to stay safe while laning.

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Learn Proper Itemization

Learning when and what to spend your gold on. Most players sit on their gold without spending it or spend it on less than optimal items, which might cost them compared to players who are savvier with items and purchasing.

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Learning Simple Champions

Taking champions with simple mechanics will help you progress through tiers much faster. Later on, when you get used to other aspects of the game, you can start experimenting with new champions.

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