Iron League Of Legends

Iron is the first, lowest rank to have in League of Legends and will put you in matches against lowest tier opponents who just started playing the game. The rank above it is Bronze rank.The Iron rank is divided into 4 divisions:

  • Iron IV
  • Iron III
  • Iron II
  • Iron I

Is Iron good?

Being an Iron player puts you approximately in the top 98% of all League of Legend players (depending on the game mode). That means, if you were placed in a room with 100 other LOL Gamers, you'd be able to beat about 2 of them.Iron rank is the lowest tier you can attain in League of Legends. This tier is mainly reserved for people who have no previous experience with MOBAs. Most of the players in this rank have little understanding of items, champions, and especially strategy.Matches within this tier tend to be very chaotic and different from any other tier. Sometimes, it seems there is no clear goal and that everyone is doing what they want to do. However, this is a great place to start from as there isn't much competitive tension compared to other categories.

New players especially playing in Iron might not want to play against real players due to their experience and skills. Sticking to the botlane in that case can be quite effective when it comes to comprehend the basics of the game. When sticking to the botlane jinx, one of the most popular champions in the game is a decent pick.

How many hours do you need to play LOL to become Iron?

Regardless of your level, you will be placed in the Iron tier. This is the lowest category, and the majority of players will start from this level of competition. Due to the inconsistency of players (a lot of them are casuals), it is really hard to assess how much time you need to exit the Iron tier.To reach the next Bronze tier, you approximately need between 80 and 240 hours. This timeline can drastically vary depending on the type of player that you are, which games you played before, and your motivation behind playing (e.g., just for fun, to win, time spent in training, consistency, etc.).

Ways to improve from Iron

Iron games tend to be very discombobulated and without a clear goal. Oftentimes, players will farm without end. There is also much less teamfighting compared to other tiers.This tier is so low that whatever you do, you will manage to progress forward with enough commitment to the game. However, here are some of the things that we suggest you should focus on:

  • You should spend as much time possible learning how to last hit creeps.
  • A player should also learn how not to overextend and pull aggro. On this level, it is crucial for gamers to understand how the lanes work and how to stay safe while laning.
  • Also, the majority of players don’t understand the economy and item buying. Most of them sit on their gold without spending it, which might cost them compared to players who are more savvy with items and purchasing.
  • Taking champions with simple mechanics will help you progress through tiers much faster. Later on, when you get used to other aspects of the game, you can start experimenting with new champions.