When Does URF Come Back To League of Legends

Ultra Rapid Fire is, perhaps, the most fun mode in League of Legends. What is it exactly though, and when does it come back to the game?

Updated on Nov 01, 2023
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When Does URF Come Back To League of Legends

Ultra Rapid Fire mode is one of the temporary game modes that can be found, periodically, in League of Legends. However, due to its success, it’s also the most recurring one, with Riot Games bringing it back every so often due to popular demand.

What Is URF in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, URF stands for “Ultra Rapid Fire”. A special game mode that is played on the most popular map in the game, the Summoner’s Rift, but without the usual stakes that can be found in ranked games, and instead is focused on pure fun.

This game mode is constructed in the usual way, with five-player teams facing off against each other. However, it is essentially, an April Fools’ joke that got way out of hand, as URF started as an April Fools’ joke.


The reason that URF became so popular lies in its name. That is, the ability haste during this game mode is heightened to the extreme, allowing players to spam abilities and make new and whacky builds, making even the worst champions overpowered. And, as the Incredibles teach us when everyone is overpowered, no one really is!

When is URF Coming Back to League of Legends?

Unlike with the patches and seasons, there is no concrete schedule for the various temporary game modes that we can find in League of Legends. Instead, URF will come back once the developers deem it is time for it to come back, as its usual timeframe is during May, and we have the random URF, that is ARURF, during this time.


The game mode is usually announced one patch in advance, that is two weeks before they release it to the game. Seeing that we are halfway into 2023, it seems unlikely that we will see URF until the end of the season, with the seasonal event still yet to take place.

However, luckily for us, the ARURF game mode is available to be played in League of Legends right now!

What is ARURF in League of Legends?

Similar to URF itself, the ARURF combines the temporary game mode that is URF with the permanent game mode ARAM.


In essence, ARURF is exactly what its name stands for, All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, in which players are given a random champion to use, instead of picking it for themselves the way they would do in regular URF. If you love the randomness of ARURF but want to bring that element into your regular games, check out LoL champion randomizer that spins a wheel to generate a random LoL champion for you. The current ARURF has been released in patch 12.9, as a successor to the One for All game mode

Why is URF Not Permanent in League of Legends?

There are only two game modes in League of Legends that are currently permanent:

  • Summoner’s Rift
  • ARAM

Of the two, Summoner’s Rift is the more popular one, where the ranked climb can be found. The rest of the featured game modes, such as Nexus Blitz, are only temporary, with URF being one of them.


The developers have recently, in one of their dev talks, explained that making URF a permanent measure would oversaturate players with its fast-paced content, and would likely lead this, very successful, game mode the way of Twisted Treeline, having to have it removed from the game.

Did ARURF Replace URF in League of Legends?

While the schedule for featured game modes is unknown, the unofficial one would have them rotate in 2023. Instead, what we got was ARURF during the month of May, a month when URF usually gets released.


In the recent dev talk developers have stated openly that URF makes people stop playing the game. While the game mode is being featured, League of Legends experiences a spike in players, with the numbers falling down below what they were pre-URF, once it ends.

To that end, we can expect URF to take a back seat to experimentation with the various ARURF versions, as the game mode is far too successful to kill outright, but, ironically, too successful to make it a permanent, or even more often-seen feature.

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