What is Smart Cast in League of Legends

League of Legends is game where skill and taking decisions quickly is crucial, therefore, Riot Games developed over the years tools such as smart cast to help players with this
What is Smart Cast in League of Legends

The expertise and knowledge of a player is vital for matches in League of Legends, especially when it comes to rankeds, where, as your skills increase, you will be paired with more challenging adversaries who will be ready to take on you and your team for the victory at the very least. 

Even though League of Legends is a game of accuracy, there are some features and set-ups that will make your game easier, or, will make you save some precious time.

What is Smart Cast?

Smart Cast, also known these days as Quick Cast, is a setting Riot Games developed for League of Legends, its goal is to reduce the time that takes players from selecting or pressing the ability key when you normal cast it to a desired place or opponent in the rift. 


It works for self-boost abilities, support ones, targeted abilities, ground targeted abilities and skill shots. When it comes to a support buff ability, if the mouse isn’t above a target, when you press the ability key, it will be self cast on you.

How does Smart Cast work?

Smart cast works by letting players use champion abilities, whether self buff abilities, attack abilities, etc, by just placing the cursor bove your objective and pressing the ability button which results in quick casting the selected ability. With quick casting don't worry about clicking on the target, since all you have to do is press the ability button and you can instantly cast, e.g. a skill shot, which is extremely useful in-game and during team fights.

How to activate Smart Cast?

Smart cast is activated through the interface menu, and you have to be mindful that you will be changing the "normal cast" to this new one, therefore, we recommend doing this in the practice tool so you can practice using Quick Cast and fire instantly all your abilities. Follow these steps to activate it.

  1. Open the menu.
  2. Select the "Hotkeys" option.
  3. Find the option that says "Quick Cast with Indicator".
  4. Click on the frame that says "Replace Quick Cast with Quick Cast indicator in the quickbind UI.

Once you've gone through these steps successfully, forget about normal cast and get ready for quick casting and prepare your mindset to use your champion as soon as you press the ability.

Using Smart Cast with different types of abilities

When you no longer use normal cast you want to know very well how every skill of the champions you use will react to this change from now on, attacks are supposed to land "faster" when using Quick Cast, a support buff ability would end up self casting on you if you haven't aimed an invalid target, and ground targeted ones will be super easy to use, and still, there are champions whose skills already employ Quick Cast automatically and not normal cast, and perhaps you didn't know about that.

Skill shots with Quick Cast

Smart casting skill shots is great for a faster reaction, and to reduce the time spent between selecting the ability you want to use, casting it, and if you're skilled enough, hit the enemy team. To accurately aim these all you have to do is place correctly the current mouse cursor position over the enemy champion and that's pretty much it, you're ready to use confidently smart casting.

Supporting abilities with Quick Cast

These are pretty much the easiest to use, with supporting ones you don't have to stress over accurately aim skillshots, since, for these, you just have to place the cursor location over your ally casting shields or spells on he or she, you can just press the skill without aiming at all, which results in self casting it in yourself. So be careful when using self cast abilities like shields or Lulu's ultimate, and the target position.

What abilities automatically employ Quick Casting?

Turning on the range indicator of Quick Cast

The range indicator, or targeting graphic, is the blue circle, arrow, etc, that shows you the range in which your attack is going to be effective, when you activate quick cast, it totally eliminates the range indicators

The good news is you can use the targeting graphic through settings, for this, you have to check on a box that enables the range indicator to be visible after you enable the Quick Cast. 


This will also help you with your current mouse cursor position when planning your next move, whether it be to fire instantly any abilities, or landing some skill shots on enemies.

Quick cast won't function for auto attacks in League of Legends, leave that to your fingers by clicking with the mouse, and as you can see, it is a really useful feature to which new players may feel strange. 

However, for more experienced ones it makes total sense and it's something that improves their performance in a match by shortening the ability usage time thanks to just pressing a key and not right clicking.