Best Tanks Champions in League of Legends

Discover the best tanks lol champions for you and destroy your enemies in the summoner’s rift. Our complete list of tanks in League of Legends!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Tanks Champions in League of Legends

The tanks in League of Legends, those champions that are characterized by taking large amounts of damage and still survive, those champions that are an important piece for any team in the summoner's rift. Therefore, today we will show you the best tanks lol champions for you to dominate in any line.

Tanks have an important position within any team, many of them have perfect skills to start team fights, some stand out for having magic damage, physical damage and others for having true damage, in any case, a good tank can make tremble to any enemy team and secure many victories in LoL, without further ado, the best tank champions in League of Legends:

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Although we don't see it that much in competitions (it was widely used as a support in the last World's tournaments), the Curse of the Sad Mummy is another of the great champions that can turn a teamfight in your favor.


In addition to dealing heavy magical damage, Amumu pins enemies to the ground, leaving him at the mercy of his teammates. Coupled with the throwing of bandages, which can come at any moment, Amumu becomes quite the surprise if he lands the attack.


Amumu's build usually consists of tanky items, like Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, etc. Although there was a time when Amumu could buy Luden's Tempest, the best thing is a tanky build that can apply extra damage and allow allies to do the same.

Nowadays, Amumu is not one of the most popular champions in LoL, but the new tank’s objects added by Riot Games are helping him to come back to the summoner’s rift!

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He is a very complicated character to use, but after the changes to his ultimate to the current one, he can become a very powerful weapon if you have good vision. With Let's Bounce! (R) is able to catch a poorly positioned AD Carry by surprise, leaving it at the mercy of its allies when it jumps back.


Zac is a very underused tanky jungler in the current meta, in fact, he's not on the Tier S list of champions, but his ability to start a teamfight, his damage, and his powerful ultimate make him an option to consider.


Did we mention that Zac has an incredible passive ability (like Anivia) that allows him to revive after a period of time? It's one of the funniest LoL champions if you play him with items like Warmog's Armor and Sunfire Aegis, a perfect machine to gank from the jungle ready to take down any enemy champion.

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Dr. Mundo

A very fun and strong unit to use, but one that works great not only as a Tank, but also as a Fighter. This means that he is not only capable of taking damage, since he can cause it. Also, about the level of complexity in terms of its use, you should know that it is easy to master and you do not need any kind of experience or skill in LoL or Wild Rift to achieve it.


Dr Mundo has been an amazing top lane tank champion for quite some time, he can easily harass his enemies with his Q and his ultimate ability (R) can heal large amounts of health in a short time.


My advice with this champion, use the characteristic tank runes and use the demolish, Dr. Mundo has a powerful health scaling so you can buy tank items, deal large amounts of damage and take down towers quickly. He is also an incredible character to do split push, and get to the enemy nexus quickly.

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If you are a lover of tank champions in League of Legends, then you must know very well about Sion. Sion is one of the best League of Legends champions because he stands out for his particular passive: He can die and continue dealing damage for a certain period of time (usually based on his maximum health and level).


It is the perfect tank that is not enough to fight once and win, but must be defeated at least twice before it stops dealing damage to your allies. And, at best, Sion won't have a Zilean, Renata Glasc, or Ashkhan on his team to revive him.


If you're willing to play Sion on Summoner's Rift, then you'll be using a tank with at least 4000 HP capable of applying large amounts of CC to enemies while moving around the map at high speed thanks to his R. Sion is a wonderful champion for those who like to be abusive in the top lane!

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Tahm Kench

Let's talk for a moment about the tank champions that you can use in the bot lane, and what better than to mention the unique Tahm Kench (he can also be played as a top laner, but lately he has been shining a lot as a support again). Don't you know Tahm Kench? Well let me tell you in one sentence: Hard to kill!


Tahm Kench has an incredible ability to gain shields based on his lost health, and to top it off, some of the damage taken is stored as gray health (which can transform into green life outside of combat), making his ability to stay in line and withstand large amounts of damage; or be unique throughout the game.


If you play Tahm Kench you will surely want to acquire a completely tanky build, to have large amounts of life and be able to help your allies in a team fight. Tahm Kench is one of the highest ranked champions on the League of Legends S Tier list, and not for nothing is he one of the most durable and "unkillable" champions in the game.

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If you want to dominate the bot lane, and tank supports are your favorites, then Leona should be on your list of champions to try, because she is on our list of the best tanks in League of Legends and also in our most OP champions in League of Legends.


Leona has everything a support tank needs, large amounts of CC (applied with the combination of her Q, E and R) which makes it impossible for any enemy to move and, to top it off, the great ability to support damage thanks to her W make Leona a very useful champion in any Team Fight. Not in vain it is one of the supports with the highest pick rate and win rate currently in the game.


Playing Leona can be complicated at first, but once you get used to her combo, initiations, and powerful ultimate, you become the best tank support in the game as you help your team win the match, hands down. one of the best tanks in League of Legends!

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Lastly, a tank champion that can be used mid lane (and dare I say the only one) is Galio. This champion stands out for his great ability to take magic damage without seriously affecting his health and, thanks to his passive, he is a champion who stands out because he can also deal large amounts of damage.


Although it is not common to see Galio these days, his incredible Ultimate (R) becomes a fundamental element to protect his allies or initiate team fights. Galio can also CC enemies in an area and has a full set of abilities that are very useful for his allies.


If you want to play Galio, you should keep in mind that your impact on the game will improve in the Late Game, where you will be able to take and deal large amounts of damage while moving around the map with his ultimate ability.

The most important thing is that you choose your favorite champion from this list and start to dominate in the summoner's rift, you can also read our useful guide on how to level up fast in League of Legends or, if you wish, you can also know a little more About the easiest role in LoL, if you are a newbie, this is a good starting point to conquer this beautiful game. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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