Most Fun Champions in LoL

Are your teammates being really toxic lately? Want to unwind and relax while playing League? Then play the most fun champions available in the game!

Updated on Aug 05, 2023
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Most Fun Champions in LoL

No one can deny that some League of Legends games are really tilting. 

So, it is understandable that someone might be looking for an enjoyable champion to play with the intent to chill and unwind while playing the game. 

If you are one of those people, then you are in luck since this is a tier list of LoL’s most fun champions.

1 /10


She is one of the hardest champions to use in League of Legends, but no one can deny that Riven deserves a spot on this list. The amount of creativity that one can make is endless. And because she is one of the mana-less characters, Riven players can just spam their abilities that have low cooldowns like they are playing urf in their ranked games.


Not to mention, Riven is an attack damage-focused champion, so you would not have problems trying to make an item build for her. She also has a really strong early game, so you can be more relaxed when playing her.

2 /10

Lee Sin

Almost every jungle player has at least tried playing Lee Sin. Like Riven, the blind monk is one of the hardest champions to play, but no one can deny that his kit is really fun and exciting to use. Well, who would not want to play a monk that can kick enemies into their deaths with just a single ability?


The possibilities are endless when it comes to his combos. You can be creative and perform ward jumps or flash plays, or you can even play pbuttively and peel for the AD carry. It really depends on what a player wants, which makes him a really fun champion.

3 /10


No one can deny that pranking is a really fun thing to do, and would you believe that it is possible by playing a specific champion in League of Legends? Leave enemies confused and frustrated playing multiple tricks on them as Shaco!


His whole kit suits the whole jester concept. Shaco has invisibility, clones, and a jack-in-a-box that fears enemies. Just imagine the amount of outplays that you can do just by using his kit perfectly. Not to mention, Shaco is easy to play, so anyone can pick him up and still enjoy playing him!

4 /10


There is a reason why the phrase “Do not chase Singed” is really famous within the League community. What makes Singed an entertaining champion to play is his simplicity, poison, and irritating movement speed.


You do not even need to hit enemies to deal damage when playing this champion. Just run away, don’t get caught, and use your ability wisely to make your enemies return to their base with low health.

Some players run around the enemy team’s base or camp higher in the enemy lane to lure creeps and prevent them from hitting their towers. These are really fun strategies that you can try when using Singed!

5 /10


Like Lee Sin and Riven, Zed is another champion in this tier list that needs great mechanical ability to play at a high level. Assbuttins are generally fun to play since they can go in, burst enemies, and get out without receiving damage.

However, what makes Zed more fun than the rest is his flashiness when making plays.


Zed does not feel stale because a player can switch his combos up for every situation. Not only that, but his shadows are fun to manipulate. Seeing enemies get confused because of it is really entertaining. Finesse your enemies by switching places with your shadows every single time!

6 /10


This champion is more of a bruiser with an ability power item build. Sylas deserves a spot in the top 10 most fun champions tier list because of his gap close and ability to steal enemy champion ultimates.


Surely, champions with high mobility skills are really fun to play, and Sylas is one of those characters. He also deals a mbuttive amount of damage, which makes him even more fun and addicting to use.

7 /10


The unforgiven, Yasuo, is a mixture of different League of Legends champions, and that makes him extremely enjoyable to play! He can dash on anyone (Riven’s mobility), steel tempest and last breath (Zed’s burst damage), and of course, the most overpowered skill in the game, wind wall (Samira and Sivir’s skill block)


Yasuo may be one of the hardest champions to play, but his kit makes it up for it. He also has several combos that you could learn if ever you want to main him. Even though Yasuo’s skills look simple, his whole kit does not feel repetitive.

8 /10


Want to sit back and relax when playing League of Legends? Then pick the only champion that can ride on ally champions while providing a lot of value at the same time, Yuumi. Her skills are pretty straightforward thus she does not need a lot of mastery and skill to play her at a decent level.


Not to mention, she has been in the meta for a very long time because of her insane heal and ultimate that can snare multiple enemies. If you ever get bored supporting a single champion, Yuumi can jump around her teammates during a team fight whenever she likes it.

9 /10


If you ever wanted to have your own game while the whole team is being toxic to one another, then Bard will be the best League champion choice for you! His whole kit focuses on collecting wind chimes around the map. Want your trash-talking AD carry alone for a few minutes? Then roam around the map feeling like a race car and collect your chimes.


Bard has everything that is enjoyable to do in League of Legends. He can stun, a portal, and a fast movement speed. Even though he is one of those supports that can take some time mastering, it will be great to add him in your champion pool in case you want to unwind.

10 /10


No one can top the prank king in League of Legends when it comes to being a fun-to-play champion. You can even feel the rage of your opponents pbutt through the computer screen whenever you play Teemo.


Most top lane champions are melees, and seeing an enemy Teemo on the said lane is enough to make someone tilt and rage quit. It will also get better as a Teemo player once it reaches late game because all you can do is plant mushrooms, sit back, and relax while being invisible. If you thought Shaco is a great prankster, then wait until you feel the joy of playing League’s very own satan.

There are still a lot of champions in the game that are pretty fun to play, like Master Yi, Irelia, and Zoe, but the characters above are still more enjoyable. So, that would be the end of the list for the most fun to play champions in League of Legends. It is now time to increase your win rate and have lots of fun at the same time by picking some of the champions above!

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