Best Reksai Skins | LoL

Rek’sai is a terrifying champion both on and outside Summoner’s Rift. Take a look at some of the best skins that can match this champion’s monstrous energy.
Best Reksai Skins | LoL

Rek’sai is a monster that hides underneath the earth, waiting for its prey to make the wrong step. Once her enemies get close enough, she unveils her true form, which is the last thing that anyone will ever see. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best skins Reksai LoL has to offer to see how these cosmetics can give this champ an upgrade to her already terrifying champion model.


Eternum Rek’sai

Eternum Reksai is this champion’s most popular skin and is a top choice among Reksai players

The glowing red and black theme is favored for its menacing look, giving terrifying League of Legends characters a more intimidating transformation to their champion model. 

This skin was released on December 11, 2014, with a price of 1350RP.

Rek'sai enveloped in glowing red energy.

The glowing, blood-red light that this skin series emits is always to look at, whether on the splash art or in the in-game model. It’s like a reversed version of a Hextech skin, but instead of using the balanced power of the crystals, Eternum uses a chaotic form of magic instead.

Eternum Rek'sai burrowed underneath the map.

Reksai spends most of her time buried underground, so it’s challenging to appreciate most of her skins to the fullest. However, the exposed spike on her back is enough to showcase what kind of champion this is, and Eternum Reksai does a great job at giving it enough personality.

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Blackfrost Rek’sai

The Blackfrost Reksai skin is often regarded as a “budget Hextech skin” because of its design. It shares the same color scheme as the Hextech series when seen in-game, even though the art tries to give it a more distinct design. Not that anybody’s complaining about it, though. This skin was released on March 5, 2020, with a price of 1350RP.

Rek'sai covered in dark ice.

The Blackfrost skin line is always really lovely to look at, with skins like Blackfrost Renekton and Blackfrost Alistar being top choices for those champs as well. The ice-cold darkness that envelopes these battle-scarred creatures in this skin series gives off a unique aura that only matches those with similar backstories, making players a little more connected to the lore.

The different chroma skins for Blackfrost Reksai

The Blackfrost Reksai skin also comes in 7 different chromas to give players an option to customize this skin to their liking. Even though the default skin looks the best among the choices, you can still change it if ever you get bored but don’t want to spend money to buy an entirely different skin.

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Elderwood Rek’sai

Elderwood Reksai is a cool-looking skin that transforms this champion from a burrowing monster to a forest spirit. It breaks away from Reksai’s overused design of having rock-hard spikes and uses spiritual features instead. This is a relatively new skin that came out on January 6, 2022, costing 1350RP.

Rek'sai as a forest-spirit.

Riot Games made a good choice when they introduced the Elderwood skins to the game. Taking a look at the design of Reksai’s Elderwood skin makes her look majestic rather than terrifying. The color combination is dazzling and makes it easy to fall in love with if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre. Reksai is the perfect League of Legends champ to sport this theme, which you can quickly see from her splash art alone. This skin has cool add-ons like a tree sprouting from the recall animation and other unique forest-themed tidbits.

The different chroma skins for Elderwood Rek'sai.

Elderwood Reksai has eight chromas to choose from. 

The unique part about this addition to the Elderwood skin line that is only present in other new skins like Elderwood Gnar is that there are many colors to choose from, each with a unique design to differentiate it from the other chromas. You can expect this to be the trend for upcoming skins.

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