Best Rammus Skins | LoL

OK. It’s time to talk about League of Legends’ beloved armordillo as Rammus takes center stage when we feature the best skins this champion has to offer.
Best Rammus Skins | LoL

Rammus is a champion that rose to popularity thanks to his eccentric personality and rich voice lines

Yeah, we know he only says “OK” but that doesn’t stop the fans from falling in love with this adorable little creature

Discover how the armordillo captivate the hearts of millions of League of Legends players by taking a look at the best skins Rammus LoL.


Hextech Rammus

Hextech Rammus is a rare skin that places itself at the top of the list in terms of pure aesthetic. Rammus has a lot of metallic skins, but this one stands at the top of them all if you want to shine on the battlefield

The skin was released on August 15, 2019, and costs 10 Hextech Gems to craft.

Hextech Rammus equipped with metal and crystals.

Rammus’ skin designers seem to like giving him monochromatic skins like in his Chrome Rammus. 

Freljord Rammus, and Molten Rammus designs. After playing this champion for a long time in League of Legends, you tend to get tired of seeing designs like that. 

Hextech Rammus provides the perfect balance of colors without taking away from the Hextech theme that gives it the premium aesthetic that it’s known for.

Rammus standing on summoner's rift wearing the Hextech skin.

This skin makes Rammus look unrecognizable, which is a good thing if you’re tired of Riot Games recycling the same image over and over again.

The originality of the design makes it worth the Gemstones you’re spending on this skin. Currently, there are no other ways to acquire this skin other than through Hextech Crafting and getting it randomly from a Hextech Chest.

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Sweeper Rammus

Heavy-metal skins are cool but so are sports-themed cosmetics like Sweeper Rammus. This skin is available in both the main League of Legends title and Wild Rift. 

If you’re a football fan, this skin should definitely get your attention. Rammus’ Sweeper skin was released on June 14, 2018, with a price tag of 975RP.

Rammus dressed as a soccer ball getting kicked by Lee Sin.

There’s something about Rammus as a soccer ball that makes this skin so good. When you watch a football game, the ball is always at the center of attention, and if you have Rammus rolling into a fight wearing the black and white pattern, you can be sure he’s going to steal the show

We just hope that league officials don’t question the legality of having a spiked ball moving around the field on its own.

Rammus dressed like a soccer ball on summoner's rift.

The skin looks fun to play when you look at its in-game model. Sweeper Rammus’ spiked shell gives it a perfect balance of deadliness without taking away its sporty vibe

Take this baby on a spin in Wild Rift, where the champion models are much larger, so you can appreciate it better when playing the game. It’s a good budget option that players should consider heavily.

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Full Metal Rammus

Full Metal Rammus is the top choice if you don’t have any Gemstones or are hesitant in spending them for the Rammus’ Hextech skin. 

It is the most popular choice among Rammus players because of its cool design and animation when the champion starts rolling. 

This skin was released during the early days of League, coming out on August 16, 2012, with a price of 975RP.

Rammus clad in steel armor and spikes.

The standard form of Full Metal Rammus isn’t anything special, but this skin shows its greatness once the champion rolls into a ball and starts speeding up

Since Rammus practically stays in his Powerball form for half the game, this skin becomes absolutely worth getting. If only this skin was also available in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Rammus rolling into a Powerball with the Full Metal Rammus Skin

For a skin that was released during the 2nd season of League of Legends, it has stayed relatively stylish. Of course, it’s worth noting that Rammus and his skins received a VFX update back in April 2021. 

However, it already looked really good even before that. Rammus is perfect the way he is, and there’s nothing that will convince us otherwise.

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King Rammus

Now before you start hyping up this next skin, we’ll let you down easy by telling you right now that it’s practically impossible to get King Rammus today

This is considered one of the rarest League of Legends skins in existence and having one is a massive flex

So, if you happen to have one in your inventory or acquired one in some way or another, the only advice we can give is to keep it! 

This skin was released with the Beta version of League of Legends on October 20, 2009, and can’t be obtained in any way or form anymore.

Rammus dressed as Bowser.

This rare skin stands alongside others like Black Alistar, PAX Twisted Fate, Rusty Blitzcrank, Silver Kayle, Young Ryze, Grey Warwick, UFO Corki, PAX Jax, and the non-reworked Championship Riven as the rarest League of Legends skins in existence

These skins were either removed because of issues regarding their visuals or are only acquired by attending specific events. For this skin, it can only be acquired by participating in the League of Legends original beta. So, yes, you can’t get it anymore.

Rammus dressed as Bowser on Summoner's Rift.

As you might have already guessed, this skin was based on the Mario Franchise’s Bowser. If you want to get this skin, the best suggestion we can give you is to buy an account that already has one, which can cost a lot of money. So, the only question is, how bad do you want this skin?

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