Best Quinn Skins | LoL

Quinn is ready to spread her wings over Summoner’s Rift as she flaunts her mastery and elegance. Check out the best Quinn skins right here!

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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Best Quinn Skins | LoL

Quinn is one of the most unique League of Legends champions, with her primary role being a solo laner despite being a powerful marksman. 

She and her legendary eagle companion, Valor, are a pair that every player hates to see in their games. Let’s take a look at some of the best skins Quinn LoL has to offer for us!

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Warden Quinn

Warden Quinn is this champion’s best skin by far. Quinn is a champion whose design feels like it’s challenging to create an aesthetic that would fit her well.

Still, the Warden skin line managed to develop a concept that works perfectly for her. This is a new skin that came out on January 7, 2021, with a price of 1350RP.


The warden skins always look so cool and make any champion have a visual upgrade.

Just take a look at Warden Gragas, which you can see in the background, and admire how Riot Games managed to transform someone like Gragas to look like a full-fledged legendary warrior.

Quinn and Valor look like a majestic duo in this splash art, with her signature crossbow fitting the champion’s image so well.


The default Warden Quinn makes her look like an actual battle queen, but the chromas are also on another level. They have the perfect color combinations that fit the skin so well and don’t just look like they are recolored versions of the original one. The looks can range from having the mystical blue-colored armor to a fiercer look by giving her the ruby chroma that will put Phoenix Quinn skin to shame.


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Woad Scout Quinn

Woad Scout Quinn may seem questionable in terms of aesthetics but trust us when we say this skin really grows on you. One of Quinn’s trademarks as a laner is being a ruthless bully, so this skin perfectly fits that image. Woad Scout Quinn was released on June 9, 2014, with a price of 975RP.


Even though this skin came out during the early years of League of Legends, it still retains its charm throughout the years.

Yes, this skin and Quinn, in general, may need a bit of a visual upgrade after being in the game for so many years, but for a really old skin, it fits surprisingly well with the current iteration of the League of Legends map. You wouldn’t even notice this skin was already more than seven years old!


Female League of Legends champions aren’t often depicted in such a rugged manner, but when Riot Games does so, they make sure that it captures their essence perfectly.

Woad Scout Quinn is a testament to how this champion isn’t just a girl with a pet bird but a fierce huntress that can track you down.


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Heartseeker Quinn

Moving on from the rough and tough image, we have Heartseeker Quinn. This skin makes enemies fall to their knees in a different kind of way, seeing as how cute and lovely Quinn looks in her splash art. This skin was released on February 17, 2017, and costs 975RP.


If you like your League of Legends characters looking sweet, this Valentine’s Day-themed skin is definitely for you. The skin gives Quinn and Valor a much more innocent look but retains all the deadliness of her character design.

It just isn’t as edgy as her other skins, which might be a good thing if you like to play with a lighter atmosphere. We absolutely love the transformation that Valor has in this splash art!


This skin is exclusively available only during the Valentine’s Event or can be acquired randomly through Hextech chests.

If this skin is on your wish list, we suggest you wait for the patch that includes this skin on the lineup arriving sometime in February. You can also try rerolling the skins that you already own for a chance to get this skin, even if the chances are really low.


There are many more champions that you can discover in this game, and what’s a better way to get to know them than by browsing all of their lol skin collections.  We’ve ranked all of our favorite skins from almost every champion, and we want to see what you think about our list!

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