Best Qiyana Skins | LoL

Qiyana is a queen in every sense and Riot Games has only reserved the best skins for her. Check out the best Qiyana skins in League of Legends.
Best Qiyana Skins | LoL

There are a lot of queens in League of Legends but none comes close to Qiyana and her majestic aura that’s perfectly incorporated in-game. Out of all the female champions, Qiyana probably has the most astounding lineup of skins. Let’s take a look at the best skins Qiyana LoL has in store!


True Damage Qiyana

True Damage is Riot Games’ biggest collaboration as they not only take some big names from the international music industry but manage to partner with Louis Vuitton to create a powerhouse skin line that is yet to be beaten in terms of pure prestige. This skin came out alongside the Season 9 World Championships on November 10th, 2019 with a price of 1350 Riot Points.

Qiyana wearing Louis Vuitton clothing and sitting like a diva

The skin was designed by Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière which is enough to sell this skin to fashion-conscious players in the community. 

True Damage’s performance at the Worlds esports tournament featuring names like Becky G, Keke Palmer, and others were breathtaking and is the biggest reason why this skin line became so famous for a while. 

All of the Louis Vuitton skins had elegant designs and were instant favorites the fans.

True Damage Qiyana's in-game model posing on the rift.

If the standard version wasn’t enough, this skin also has a Prestige Edition that will blow you away. You can buy the prestige edition for 100 prestige tokens. It’s considered a huge flex to have True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition so if you’re planning to walk over the League of Legends “commoners,” this is the way to go.

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Battle Queen Qiyana

Battle Queen Qiyana is another good choice for League of Legends players who want to buy new skins for this champion. Just like all of her other skins, it allows Qiyana to showcase her majesty in a way that suits her entire theme. This skin came out on December 10, 2020, with a price tag of 1350RP.

Qiyana wearing an elegant armor set and looking confident.

The best part about Battle Queen Qiyana is how refreshing it looks on the champion. If you use the other skins or default look, she practically sports the same expression and look.

This skin gives her more personality by highlighting her warrior side more compared to her queenly side. The splash art is enough proof to make you admire her entire concept.

Battle Queen Qiyana's different chroma versions.

The chromas to this skin also make it shine brighter if you don’t like the default color scheme. The different chromas seem like you’re equipping a different skin each time, which is really impressive in terms of raw design.

The Battle Queen series may not be as popular as other skin lines, but it is one of Riot Games’ best works as you look at other champions like Battle Queen Diana.

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Battle Boss Qiyana

Battle Boss Qiyana is the choice for players that like to give this champion a complete overhaul in terms of animation. The Battle Boss skin line is a love letter to video game fans, and those who have an eye for classic game references will immediately see details that most of the community can’t. This skin was released on June 28, 2019, costing 1350RP.

Qiyana wearing a costume similar to Bowsette and sitting in a Mario-inspired world.

For those who don’t know, this skin was loosely based on Bowsette, the fan-made gender-bent version of Bowser from the Super Mario series. You can also see in the background how this skin cheekily references the gameplay of the traditional Mario games. If you got the references without reading this, then you’re practically obligated to buy the skin right now!

Different chromas for Battle Boss Qiyana.

The chromas also look stunning! You can really appreciate the small details that change with each chroma, unlike other skins whose chromas only change the color scheme of the champion. Players that pay attention to such small details will love how each chroma showcases different video game references.

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Qiyana is a true queen both on the rift and as an iconic League of Legends character. While she likes to dazzle in the spotlight, champions like Pyke want to do things in the shadows. Would you care to take a look at the best skins featuring Pyke? Let us know!

The League of Legends universe features a lot of characters that have contrasting personalities. Despite having different backgrounds and themes, they all share the same goal of showcasing the best skins they have to offer. Take a look at all of the League of Legends skins that we think are the best for each of those champions!

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