Best Farming Champions in League of Legends

Clearing minion waves as fast as possible is crucial to roam the map safely without the fear of losing CS and to put the enemy team at a disadvantage
Best Farming Champions in League of Legends

In League of Legends, farming is one of the most important things, so much, that high elo players tend to lose their minds if they happen to miss a minion, no matter if it’s a spell caster minion, a melee minion, or a cannon one. 

Ok, maybe not all high elo players will explode in rage because of that, but they do understand the vital importance of wave control, how many minions they need to farm in order to build their first items, or just clearing a wave to push the lane and help their teammates.

Best farming champions in LoL for each lane

Riot Games designed five roles in League of Legends to play, only three of them are the ones that need to farm as many minions as possible. These are the champions that go in the Top lane, Mid lane, and Bot lane, the last one more specifically is the ADC

Supports and Junglers such as Lee Sin or Master Yi shouldn't touch the minions of a lane unless the victory of a game is at stake. With that established, let's see what are the best League of Legends farming champions for each lane.

Top Lane




Despite having an ability kit that inexperienced players may seem as useless or just “too basic”, the abilities of Riven help her clear waves of enemy minions fast and effortlessly, especially if you take into consideration the fact that she can land some of her “Qs” to an enemy while managing to hit the minions nearby as well.

Also, her “W” provides a decent CC when trading in the laning phase. But learning how to play with this champion can be challenging, since, to unlock her full potential, you have to learn how to cancel her animations between “Qs” and auto attacks.




If someone benefits from not missing a single minion while farming in the laning phase, that is Nasus. He accumulates stacks every time he kills a minion with his “Q” ability, and these stacks only make his “Q” to hit harder.

Many mains of this champion have refined to the maximum levels their technique with Nasusn, being able to gather 300+ stacks through a single game. Also, Nasus' “E” ability also is great to weaken enemies and give the final charged blow with the “Q” activated. Without a doubt you should try him to farm fast on the top lane.




Urgot, the six-legged champion has some solid features that allow a smooth and effortless wave clearing at any stage of the game, this is thanks to his passive ability, which shoots projectiles from each of his legs if you happen to attack in the same direction the leg is.

Each leg has its own cool down and it's independent from one another. Urgot's “Q” is also great, since it shoots a projectile that deals AoE damage, which works wonders if the adversary shoves several minions down your turret.




Another top-laner that does an incredible job farming tons of minion waves is Irelia, and this is all primarily thanks to her “Q” ability, which resets its cool down automatically after killing a minion or champion with it.

In the early game it's usefulness it's beyond comparison, because not only will your ability be reset, but she heals a bit too. Her “E” also adds some nice CC to big minion waves, which can be further deleted with multiple uses of her “Q”.




Although simple and straightforward, the reason Garen is one of the best top-laners to farm is simply because of his “E” ability. When casting it, he will spin with his sword a total of seven times over three seconds, dealing damage to all nearby enemies that come close to him.

You pretty much wouldn't want to get near him at any stage of the game. This ability is especially useful in the early game, where he could damage an entire wave without the enemy being able to do much about it.

Mid Lane


Twisted Fate

The master of card tricks and BFF of Malcom Graves has a kit of abilities that will help him delete tons of minions at once. Starting with his “Q” ability, if used in the right angle, Twisted Fate can hit an entire wave, which he will eventually be able to clear with a single use of his “Q”.

Article_LoLTwisted Fate

Now, about his “W”, the red card is great to safely hit all minions in your lane, and even the other champions thanks to its AoE damage. 

All of these abilities are the perfect match for his passive, which grants him one to six extra gold when killing an enemy. With no doubts Twisted Fate is one of the best champions to farm minions.




Although complex to use, Katarina has abilities that make farming easy for her. It’s undeniable that she can have troubles in the early game when she only has her “Q” to hit minions safely from distance. 

But just as you’re able to use her three basic abilities, erasing tons of minions will be easy thanks to her passive and her “E” Shunpo, which, when used properly, will allow you to go through a minion wave dealing damage flawlessly and without taking much damage.




The yordle known as Fizz has an easy time farming from the very beginning of the game thanks mostly to his “E”, which allows him to damage minions and get near an enemy champion to hurt them, all of that while he becomes untargetable during 0.75 seconds.

For those who haven’t played against him before, will find this ability to be quite annoying due to how he can deal damage while being untouchable.




Katarina’s sister is also great at dealing with many minions at the same time, and her movement speed grants her the title of the fastest champion in League of Legends, allowing her to roam the map quickly to help other lanes.

What makes Cassiopeia great for farming minions fast is her “W”, spewing forth venom that damages all enemies that touch it, ideal to keep the enemy champion at bay in the early game.




Our final mid-laner, one of the best farming champions in League of Legends, is Corki, another yordle that uses guns and all kinds of explosives in his abilities.

It could be easily said that all of Corki’s abilities have an AoE damage that’s well suited to deal with lots of minions and other champions at the same time. A strong pick to shove your minions or even super minions down the enemy’s turret.

Bot Lane (ADC)




The first champion in our list of best ADCs to farm enemy minions fast and safe is none other than Varus, his reliable charged shot, which gains range as you maintain the ability pressed is the easiest to hit several minions at once, and even the enemy. 

His “E” is another ability that deals some nice damage in an area, perfect to keep enemies far for you to safely hit them with his “Q”.


Miss Fortune

Article_LoL_Miss Fortune

When it comes to playing against Miss Fortune, you have to keep your distance and be careful with her “Q”, because either you or your minions will take a whole lot of damage if any of you receives the impact of her bouncing bullet.

Also, the slug rain thanks to her “E” works wonders since it reduces the movement speed of an enemy besides dealing magic damage to them. And her “W” grants her attack speed, which will help you dispose of huge waves fast and focus on the enemy champion.




This marksman’s high attack speed and range is enough for her to harm from a safe distance and delete minions fast even in the early game, but as if it wasn’t enough, her “Q” allows her to hit even more enemies at the same time and at a wider range.

As she stacks up gold, with the right items, the attack speed of Caitlyn will go to the next level. She’s definitely a champion you should try if you have to have her Champion Shard.




This is another AD carry that has a lot of attack speed and attack damage to offer, but she also has her “Q”, that works as a way of dealing AoE damage on a target. She is simple and straightforward to use, but just lethal in many aspects.

The main aspect that makes Jinx so fun to farm minions with, is when you kill a champion or destroy a turret, her passive activates, making her gain an increase in attack speed and movement speed that surpasses the limits, making her great to kill incoming minions or champions faster.




What makes Draven one of the best, if not the best farming AD carry in both League of Legends PC and Wild Rift is the combination of his “Q” ability and his passive.

Allowing him to stack up on more gold besides the one he can obtain from killing minions. This is thanks to the adoration stacks from his passive ability, for every stack he gains 2 extra gold plus 25 when he kills a champion, and the way you gian these stacks is by picking up the bouncing axes from his “Q” or destroying turrets.

You have to be careful when engaging in a teamfight and having a big amount of stacks, since you’ll lose 75% of these if you get killed.

Overall, farming in League of Legends can be tricky, but it really isn’t something that a proper time of practice in the rift may solve. While it’s true other champions do a good job as well, this is our take on those who are the best of the best in what farming concerns.

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