How to Easily Record LoL Gameplay and Clips

Whether you’re trying to make it as a streamer or a YouTuber, or just wish to rewatch your own mistakes to improve, recording your gameplay is the first step.
How to Easily Record LoL Gameplay and Clips

Each game has its own intricacies when it comes to the best way on how to record gameplay. League of Legends is no different, and there are multiple ways and tools for this job, which we showcase in detail.

Using In-Built League of Legends Replay System

All of your recent matches, including ranked, can be found listed in your Match History. There's also an option here to download the replay file which then allows you to watch it. To replay your League of Legends games, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the LoL client
  2. Go to the Profile tab next to Home
  3. Click the Match History tab that opens up underneath,
  4. Click the download button that’s next to every match.
League of Legends - Download Replay

Note that these games are only viewable until the next League of Legends patch. As such, you cannot watch an old LoL game recording, which is older than the patch League of Legends is currently in, using the LoL client. To watch older replays, you have to manually find the related folders of the recorded LoL gameplay.

Using In-Built Windows Recorder | Xbox Game Bar

The Windows OS has been keeping up with the times, and the rise of streaming and offers a way to record LoL gameplay, with an in-built recorder, which is easy to use to start recording LoL gameplay.

  1. Open Windows Settings
  2. Open Gaming tab
  3. Open Xbox Game Bar
  4. Use related shortcuts or make your own

The In-Built Windows Recorder offers you options that include everything from being able to take a screenshot and record LoL gameplay videos to broadcasting League of Legends gameplay on various platforms.

Windows Recorder

With this, you are all set for making simple LoL game videos, starting your own stream to stream League of Legends gameplay, or just watching an LoL game recording to improve your own LoL gameplay.

Using GeForce Experience

The third option on our list is also one that is born out of convenience to record LoL gameplay. And, while not every League of Legends player owns an Nvidia video card, those that do, and there are a lot, have this option offered to them to record League of Legends gameplay videos.

This is a screen recording, however, and won’t include your camera into the mix, if you want your face to be seen in a video, along with commentary of the League of Legends gameplay.

  1. Start a League of Legends match
  2. Press alt+z once you have an LoL game session to record League of Legends gameplay videos from
  3. Use the appropriate options that you need to record an LoL game

GeForce Experience offers players a way to record a clip, record a whole game, or even stream to Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, if needed.

GeForce Experience Shadow Overlay

GeForce Experience offers users a lot of options for their own customization of a recorded video, and hotkeys for every option. It also offers players a way to see their own FPS and optimize their games to the best setting, performance-wise.

Using Open Broadcast Software | OBS

When it comes to those that want to record LoL game videos and have more options than the in-built apps allow, the OBS software is a good option.

OBS is an open-source LoL game recorder for Windows and Mac users. This software lets you capture your LoL game sessions in high quality, though it’s a bit harder to use than the first three options on our list.

  1. Open OBS Studio
  2. Open the video settings
  3. Set your games to Windowed or Borderless
  4. Click on Preview stream if you wish to broadcast LoL gameplay
  5. Click on Start Recording to record League of Legends gameplay, or use the related hotkey to record videos.
Open Broadcast Software

As we said before, OBS is a bit more complicated to use than the previous three. Not in its base options, though, but in its options to edit your LoL videos, as well as, as a third-party program, it stresses your computer’s hardware more than the other three.

Still, for those that want their LoL games to be recorded in high-quality, this is a good starting tool, and even a main tool, depending on your needs when recording LoL gameplay.