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How To Quick Sell TFT

There are many settings and keybinds that help a player in TFT. Read this guide about how to quickly sell in TFT League of Legends to up your game drastically!
How To Quick Sell TFT

What Is A Quick Sell In TFT?

As you may have known already, selling and buying champions is something that everyone does in Teamfight Tactics. However, it takes a lot of time to do it manually. Imagine dragging champions every time in and out of the shop. Fortunately, Riot Games added mechanics that makes a player's life easier. 

Quick selling is a mechanic, or a hotkey, that makes selling champions on your player's board and bench much easier

By pressing a single button, champions/units that you want to get rid of will be sold. Moving your mouse takes time, even in milliseconds, and those seconds will stack and turn into minutes, which is why this is an efficient way of playing TFT.

How To Quick Sell In TFT

Just like other hotkeys, buy XP and refresh store for example, you just need to press one key to quick sell champions in Teamfight Tactics. Here is a complete guide to doing it:

  1. Hover your mouse over the champion that you would like to sell
  2. Press the hotkey that you have for quick sell champion(The default key is E)
  3. You have successfully sold the champion that you want

Carefully choose the unit that you would like to sell because pressing the hotkey will instantly get rid of them, and there is no way to undo it.

Can You Change Hotkeys In Teamfight Tactics?

Yes. There is a default keybind for each account, but you can also change them in order to your liking. Other people put all their keybinds on their mouse, if you have enough buttons, to play Teamfight Tactics with only one hand. 

Nevertheless, the default keybinds are good enough for casual players, so it is also a great idea to use them. 

Can You Quick Sell Items In Teamfight Tactics?

Unfortunately, no. Items like attack speed (recurve bow), magic damage (Needlessly Large Rod), and attack damage (B.F. sword), cannot be sold for gold in Teamfight Tactics. 

The item mechanics in this game is not the same as the League of Legends, where any champion can sell their inventory with gold. So make sure you get the correct items in the carousel or have great luck getting items that suit your current team synergy

In TFT, things like rare little legend skins and unit items are not refundable or available for selling. Only champions in-game are the only ones that can be sold for gold, which varies depending on their level and cost. You can get rid of them anytime once you realize you have more champions than you need.

Is Quick Sell Applicable In All Stages Of The Game?

Yes! Using hotkeys is allowed in all stages of the game, whether the early game, mid game or late game, so make sure to always keep your hotkeys and keybinds in mind to get the most out of Teamfight Tactics. Nevertheless, keybinds greatly help during the late game because the planning time before each fight is less compared to the early stages and rounds of the game. 

Each second can make the difference in the late game. Need a small timeframe to get the correct mana item for your yordle champions? Or have new tricks in positioning to get your opponent off guard in the next round? Use hotkeys to make these changes more efficient in the future!

Is There A Quick Sell In TFT Mobile?

Unfortunately, No. Even though Teamfight Tactics mobile is exactly the same as TFT in PC. It does not have the keybinds that the PC have, because of obvious reasons of course. Nevertheless, TFT mobile does have the same champion store, gold earnings, traits, little legends, item combinations, and many more!

Riot Games' take on Auto Chess also has different hotkeys that will give any player an advantage. Play TFT today and use all the things that you have learned in this Teamfight Tactics guide. Using this specific hotkey will make you win more games, which in turn get you more rewards, bonuses, and a higher rank in this TFT set!

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