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All About TFT Hyper Roll Ranks and Ranked System

Find out everything about TFT Hyper roll ranks and how TFT ranked system works. Start climbing to the highest tier in Teamfight Tactics now.
All About TFT Hyper Roll Ranks and Ranked System

Hyper Roll TFT is an incredible game mode that is here to stay in League of Legends, however there are still many things to discover about this incredible game mode. 

Therefore, today we will talk a little about the TFT hyper roll ranks League of Legends and how the hyper roll ranking system works in TFT. Without further ado, let's start!

What is TFT Hyper Roll?

TFT: Hyper Roll works as a simpler and faster version of TFT, not only its games are faster, but also the economy is easier and players have a limited amount of HP that will not allow them to save anything.

The compositions or teams must be assembled quickly, always trying to form the best team you can, updating the store whenever necessary to achieve it, this taking into account that you will not receive any interest for accumulating gold or for winning, having to do the best you can with what you have.

Tft hyper roll ranks

Even so, remember that to win you must maintain a strong board and as much as possible, win your matches, especially in the last rounds, where each defeat will hurt more than the previous ones, and you can be eliminated.
There are some special conditions that characterize this game:

  • All players start the match with 20 health in Hyper roll game mode and will be eliminated upon losing the match.
  • You will see one above your mini legend (which represents you and your life) an "imminent death" when you are one loss away from being eliminated.
  • There will only be one shared recruitment carousel and it is at the start of each match. After this you will get champions and items as standard.
  • Accumulating gold will not generate extra gold bonuses by itself, that is, it is impossible to earn gold through the interests of the standard TFT.

How does the Hyper Roll Rank System Work?

If you have been as excited as we are about this wonderful TFT game mode created by RIOT Games, then you would like to know that to play Hyper roll you must do it in a competitive mode, that is, all games in Hyper roll have their own ranked system. So get ready to give your best. Now, how does the ranking system work? 

The first thing you should know about Hyper Roll own ranked system is that here you will not find the levels or "ELO" similar to normal unranked game on TFT or a match in the summoner's rift in League of Legends.

In Hyper Roll there are only 5 levels, 5 steps that you must climb with all your effort to become one of the best in this style of game.

TFT hyper roll rank system

So, when you finish your first game in this mode, you will be allotted 500 points (it's up to you to win or lose) and start your way to the top or the pot of Teamfight Tactics. 

Don't be afraid, you can take a look at our guide on how to level up fast in TFT to finish off your enemies.

Hyper Roll Ranked System and Tier List

As a player, you must accumulate as many points as you can as you start climbing the short but difficult 5-position ladder in TFT Hyper Roll mode. 

Here is a short list of the number of points you need to reach the top in this game mode and its rank distribution:

  • Gray tier – 0 points
  • Green tier – 1,400 points
  • Blue tier – 2,600 points
  • Purple tier – 3,400 points
  • Hyper tier – 4,200 points
hyper roll rank system tiers

The trick to get to the highest tier from standard iron to challenger tiers as fast as possible is to always try to be at least 4th in every game. Obviously being in the top three hyper roll grants you the most points to advance from TIER, but in 4th position at least you won't lose points, so you can consider it a kind of "tie". Nobody said that TFT Hyper roll would be a simple new game mode.

Can you get rewards if achieving a high Tier in Hyper Roll?

No less could be expected from a TFT and League of Legends player, we all compete for a reward. 

Therefore, we must say that the Hyper Roll TFT mode offers rewards to its players. With Hyper Roll you will get ranked rewards based on your ELO and Hyper roll tiers.

hyper roll tft ranks rewards

However, not everything is as simple as it sounds, since for this, you must reach at least the blue TIER or other hyper roll tiers above to receive rewards. 

Players below blue tier (such as grey Tier) will not receive scheduled rewards in the Hyper Roll. This mode has its own separate ranked rewards system and complete missions system from classic LoL due to the different Hyper roll ranked systems, so give your best!

That’s been all for this guide about the Hyper Roll ranking system, if you’d like to know more about TFT, then you can take a look at our guide about TFT match history to learn how to analyze your previous matches, or you can take a look at our guide about the easiest prismatic trait in TFT. See you!

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