How to get RP in League of Legends

RP or riot points is the main real world currency in League of Legends. This is what summoners use to buy in-game cosmetics and other Riot games services!

Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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How to get RP in League of Legends

There are two main currencies in league of legends, the blue essence (Formerly influence points), and the Riot points. Riot points or RP is the premium currency you can use to buy cosmetics and comes from converted real-world currency. Getting RP or riot points is quite simple in league of legends but there are other ways besides simply paying with your credit/debit cards. Discover the ways how you can buy rp or even acquire free rp.

Buying from the client shop

The very first thing that you can do to acquire riot points is to head to the client's shop where you can directly purchase RP from Riot games. Just follow these steps to get to the RP shop in the league of legends store.


  1. Open League of legends client.
  2. Click "Store" buttonin the upper right corner of the client.
  3. Click "PURCHASE RP" in the upperright-hand corner for the client.
  4. Select the purchase method you wish to use to purchase RP.
  5. Enter your card details and click "Pay"

There are multiple purchase methods in league of legends that you can use to purchase Riot points. Playing league of legends is free to play but if you wish to buy cosmetic items for that certain champion you love, it might require a little spending money and buy rp in league of legends. Here are the different payment methods.

  • Debit/Credit cards namely Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • Paypal for online transactions.
  • Paysafe card
  • Prepaid cards & codes.

Using Gift cards

You can purchase gift cards from different stores in the real world. You may be able to find them in different grocery stores and even convenience stores. Gift cards are easy to use, you just have to purchase them outside and scratch for the code, and enter said code into the in-game client's store. Follow these steps to redeem codes or get to the gift card section.


  1. Open League of legends client.
  2. Click "Store" in the upper right corner of the client.
  3. Click "PURCHASE RP" in the upper right-hand corner for the client.
  4. Select "Prepaid cards & codes" at the lowest part of the payment method.
  5. Enter your code and click on submit

Through Twitch drops

Sometimes, league of legends streamers has events or even promos from Riot games that allow them to give viewers free Riot points. All you have to do is watch a stream with that "Drop enabled" present icon on it or simply look at the title of their stream. This works because while you watch the stream, a random number generator works in the background to pick among the viewers. 

Watching live-stream tournaments

Some tournaments like to give away riot points to viewers to promote the event. Usually, this works as a promo or a live stream RNG format. Some tournament holders like to make promos within their social media pages in which they would pick random people that comment or like their posts. They could even implement live stream giveaways by flashing codes on the screen that viewers can use to redeem free riot points from the server.

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