How Long Do TFT Matches Last

Here is a guide that teaches all about Teamfight Tactics game durations!

Updated on Aug 09, 2023
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How Long Do TFT Matches Last

The League of Legends version of Dota Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, has multiple game modes and ranked seasons that every player wants to know about. Online competitive games usually last more than 30 minutes, but TFT might be the exception. Here are the details about how long are TFT games in League of Legends.

How Long Do TFT Matches Last?

Like other competitive online games, TFT will eat multiple minutes of your day. Well, it is okay for most people since it is really enjoyable and exercises everyone’s brain by playing it and thinking of strategies. It is important to note that TFT matches last vary per game mode and the placement out of the eight players in the lobby.

If you did not know it yet, Teamfight Tactics have multiple game modes that everyone can play. Others have a faster gameplay, but others have the clbuttic TFT experience. Here are all the game modes and the varying game length that you should expect when playing.

All The TFT Game Modes And Its Usual Game Length


The clbuttic TFT game mode that does not affect ranks and LP. Usually, single match normal games last around 30 to 40 minutes if you are in the top 4 of the lobby, which is the same as normal League of Legends matches. However, since this game mode does not affect ranks, many players quit before they even get killed or finish the game. When this happens, the game length is usually adjusted to 20-30 minutes.


If you lose a lot of early game matches and are unable to recover, you will likely get eliminated within the 10 minute mark, if you are not going to keep watching the lobby then expect the game to last around that time if you are having a bad game.


This game mode is the clbuttic TFT mode that affects ranks, so expect players to try hard and strive to win in this game mode and last until the late game. Expect TFT ranked games to last the same as the normal game mode, which is around 30 to 40 minutes.


However, since everyone tries hard in this game mode and does not want to get eliminated instantly, a top 5-8 finish will likely last around 15 minutes.

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The newest game mode that was added in Teamfight Tactics, double-up, is probably the longest lasting game mode to date. Double-up has almost the same mechanics as the normal and ranked game modes, with the only difference being the health and duo rules.


There may be duos that win streak the lobby and will be harder to take down as the game progresses. Not only that, but Riot Games also intended friends to duo in this game mode and have another extra life when they reach 0 life points, giving them another chance to battle another player. Because of this, games in Double-up usually last around 35-40 minutes, making it slightly longer to its normal and ranked counterparts.


This game mode is intended to be fast, hence the term of this mode. This game mode is inspired by the TFT mechanic where the player rolls for a low cost champion early on in the game. In this game mode, players can not grant XP because all of them are granted equal XP points.


They are also given a limited amount of health points and the same amount of gold per turn, making it a really fast game mode. Hyper-roll Teamfight Tactics matches usually last around 20 minutes if you are going for the top 4 in the lobby, and 10 minutes if you expect that you will finish in the bottom four.

There is no exact time for how long Teamfight Tactics matches last, but if you are still confused, here is a summary of the estimated lengths of each game mode:

Normal games
30-40 Minutes
Ranked games
30-40 Minutes
35-40 Minutes
10-20 Minutes

Every Stage In Teamfight Tactics and How Long Do They Last

If you haven't played Teamfight Tactics, the game has different stages. Each stage consists of different timing per turn, which is also used to plan whether to play the same strategy or a different one. These timings are also used to estimate the average duration of TFT matches. Here are the different durations for all the TFT players per match:

30 seconds
Planning phase per player
30 seconds
Monster and boss fights
30 seconds
PvP fights
60 seconds per round

Of course, these change from time to time because there are a lot of variables in play. Sometimes PvP fights go into overtime, which can lengthen the duration of each play. Nevertheless, timings do not affect every mechanic in League of Legends TFT, such as gold/money, XP gain, stage numbers, and rounds to play.

Does The Game Length Change Per Ranked Season?

No. Ranked seasons do not change the length of TFT games. Even though Riot Games adds more mechanics per TFT ranked season and sometimes per patch, such as traits, units, and hextech augments, the game length and the duration of all the stages stay around the estimated duration stated above. It has the same amount of time in the carousell, player battles, and boss fights.


Nevertheless, TFT has tons of changes every three to four seasons, so maybe the developers will add more game modes or change the duration of each match in TFT.

Does Rank Reset Also Happen In TFT?

Yes. Like League of Legends, the game developers offer ranked resets for each season in TFT. However, it does not have the same game based demotion shielding and promo series like League, which makes it easier for players to climb the ranks. Still, it is a great way to keep the players more likely to grind and reach the top of the latter.

That was all you needed to know about the length of each game mode in Teamfight Tactics. It is time to command your units and climb all the TFT seasons but enjoy it at the same time. Riot Games can still add a longer game mode in the future if they want to, but for now, these are all you need to know as a TFT gamer.

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