How to Change the League of Legends Cursor

The good old days are that for a reason, and we just want something to remind us of them. No matter how small that may be, even the size of a cursor.
How to Change the League of Legends Cursor

While the new and improved, modern League of Legends has its advantages over the old version, its sleek look lacks a certain charm. Luckily, while on the topic of LoL, how to change cursor back to the previous one is easy and is there to bump your nostalgia. Here is a simple way how to do so.

How to Change the LoL Cursor Back to Legacy Cursor?

As we stated, the modern League of Legends is much improved over its old version, which had bugs that still traumatize players to this day. However, the old game did something right, and that was designing one part of its User Interface style, namely the mouse cursor among all other interface elements, and especially the in-game options, of which the old ones were horrible.

League of Legends - Legacy Cursor Options

Luckily for us, we don’t have to suffer the modern look which seems empty and shallow in comparison, which can be seen with the game icon before you even start the game. Instead, we can bring back the old cursor, the most important thing, aside from good setings, for Summoners in the game.

To change the cursor to the previous one, called the Legacy Cursor, in League of Legends, all you need to do is:

  1. Start a game of League of Legends
  2. Open the In-Game Options Window
  3. Open the “Interface” Tab
  4. Tick the “Legacy Cursor” box

Now your mouse pointer will revert back to its old form, and you can have a small sense of what League of Legends used to be. The default mouse pointer size stays the same, with the option to change it in the Settings.

What Does the Legacy Cursor Look Like in LoL?

While the new game pointer in the game has had quite a few variations over the years, the Legacy cursor, much like some popular champions, has remained the same for years.

The legacy cursor looks like a gloved hand, one that draws inspiration from the original DoTA, and Warcraft III which spawned it. And there has been some debate about which one is better.

Is the Legacy Cursor Better Than a Normal Cursor in LoL?

While this is a topic of hot debate, with some players saying that it is merely a matter of preference between the older and newer generation of players, that is not the case. 

On the contrary, there are quite a few arguments that point to the fact that the Legacy League Cursor is better than the Normal Cursor when playing League of Legends.

League of Legends - Legacy Cursor Used by Tyler1

These reasons are advocated by professional League of Legends players, and streamers:

  • Legacy Cursor is harder to lose while playing, thus allowing you to obtain greater visibility
  • Attack Variant of the Legacy Cursor is more prominent
  • There is a marked difference in Attack Variants on the Legacy Cursor to make it easier not to misclick

All in all if you wish to try and climb the ranks of League of Legends, enabling the Legacy Cursor is the way to go.

When Was the Legacy Cursor Removed From League of Legends?

The Legacy Cursor was removed from League of Legends in 2018, with League of Legends patch 8.13. Due to popular demand, however, and even some petitions, the option of enabling the cursor manually for each player was added back into the game shortly after, with a mid-patch update.

And, while caving to the demands of the player base is not always a good thing for game developers, this instance is an example of a good call. After all, it did not change the balance of the game, while keeping players happy.

However, while Riot Games have allowed players to enable the old cursor in League of Legends, Riot Games do not look fondly upon using a third-party custom pointer that changes the cursor shape or even the cursor color, as it may give an unfair advantage to those using them. So we recommend against doing so, though the temptation of your own custom pointer is great, admittedly.

How to Change Cursor Size in LoL?

If you've had a hard time while playing the game, Riot Games have, in their latest game updates changed one thing regarding the mouse cursor which is the largest change since the updated cursor came after its previous version, giving players a way to change the size of their cursor via the in-game options, without having to tinker around with the game folder.

League of Legends - Cursor Size Slider

To change the size of the mouse pointer in the game, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the In-game Settings
  2. Open the Interface section of the in-game options menu
  3. Use the slider bar as the configuration options menu to find the right size

Unfortunately, this can only be done with the in-game menu, and cannot be done in the Client game menu, as the client uses the default Windows cursor.

Such a way of customizing your game settings, along with all these tips regarding the usefulness of the Legacy cursor will surely help you along your ranked climb.

Though, no amount of tinkering with the options menu will replace some master tactics that need to be employed while playing the game.

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