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Best Esports Players in League of Legends

In every game, some players have legendary careers. Learn more about the best players ever to touch League of Legends. 

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Esports Players in League of Legends

No matter what the game, whether Overwatch league, Counter-Strike, or Rocket League, there will always be players that are recognized as the best of all time. Of course, League of Legends also has those kinds of players.

If you are curious about all the "legendary" gamers that touched LoL, then here is a tier list that will help you know more about them. 

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The first player on this list is the superstar carry top laner, Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho. 

His mechanical prowess and flexibility make him one of the best esports players in League of Legends.

He started his career in a rocky start, losing countless matches and series in the LCK. Fortunately, things started to get going for him.

Smeb is best known for using champions that require insane mechanical skill like Fiora and Riven, and he actually dominated almost everyone that faced him in the top lane. Unfortunately, even though Smeb had several great runs on Worlds, it was not enough to make him land a Summoner's Cup.

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Living up to his name, Kim Hyuk-kyu, also known as "Deft," is indeed clever and skillful when it comes to playing AD carries

Known for his hyper-aggressive playstyle on all stages of the game, including team fights and skirmishes, he is still able to outperform and make never-before-seen plays.

Not to mention, Deft is also a really friendly guy. He is known to be close with a lot of international esports players, which is probably a good thing as a professional player.

Unlike Smeb, Deft had a strong start debuting, but he rose to fame during his stay in Edward Gaming. Deft has not won a World Championship yet, but some are really expecting him to do so.

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Smeb is not the only top laner that makes flashy plays that leave his opponents crumbling and unmotivated. Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok, who spent most of his career in Invictus Gaming, has a very similar playstyle with Smeb. They seek to overwhelm their opponents with aggression and insane mechanical skill.

However, TheShy's mechanics are not the only thing the opposing team should be afraid of. He also has excellent map control that provides great opportunities for him and his teammates. 

The scary thing is, even though he is often left in an unfavorable 1v2 situation, TheShy will come out on top most of the time. Even though TheShy is a Korean, he finds himself playing in the LPL up until today.

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Known for his troll picks and insane mechanics, Caps has been one of the best LoL esports players in the west ever since his debut.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther took down some of the greatest mid laners in the world in 1v1 situations.

Like most players, Caps found himself in a rocky start during his debut. Even though he was known for his mechanical gameplay, he often makes mistakes during high-pressure situations. 

Fortunately, he was able to fix a lot of problems when he started to get experience by competing in events held by Riot Games. Caps are talented enough to be included in this list, and it is scary to know that he continues to grow and improve.

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G2 Esports' face for a very long time, Luka "Perkz" Perkovic, is currently the best mid laner in the west right now.

Perkz rose the ranks immediately after playing for a few months with G2 Esports. Known for his great decision-making skills and extraordinary mechanics, he has multiple titles from Riot Games events.

Perkz is one of the few people that role swapped and did great after doing so.

He even proceeded to win an international tournament (Mid-Seasonal Invitational).

Now, he plays with some of the best players in Europe. Paired with his leadership and game experience, they are expected to dominate the west and hopefully become the world champions.

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The pioneer of impactful support gameplay in League of Legends, Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong dominated the Summoner's Rift with his incredible mechanics and lane control while being an intelligent shot caller at the same time.

In fact, due to his dominance and skills, Mata is the only support to be ever awarded an MVP for winning a World Championship.

He is considered the best support player of all time by analysts, commentators, and even pro players themselves.

And the more scary thing is that he can play any type of support, whether an enchanter or engage-type champion.

After his legendary pro career, he became the head coach for Royal Never Give Up for a year.

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The most renowned western player in the world, Martin "Rekkles" Larsson, has been delivering unthinkable performances on the world stage every time he plays. Unlike most players, Rekkles was able to start strong during his debut.

He joined FNATIC just after a month of playing for Playing Ducks.

Even though he was a rookie at that time, Martin Larsson faced the strongest AD carries in the world and defeated the likes of Doublelift and Sneaky.

He boasts a passive laning phase but with a strong team fighting gameplay and has been consistent ever since he started as an esports player. Rekkles currently plays for the French organization KCORP, and has always been dreaming of winning a World Championship.

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The only player that reached a level that is almost similar to the best mid laner of the world, Song "Rookie" Eun-jin, has been the backbone of the superteam World Champions Invictus Gaming. He is feared in the mid-lane in the level that rivals Faker.

Rookie is one of the best League of Legends esports players in the world because of his otherworldly mechanics, insane champion mastery, and great decision making.

Song Eun-jin held his ground and went toe-to-toe with Faker every time they fought in the mid lane. He performs perfectly in the laning phase and late game, which is why he became a world champion during his time with Invictus Gaming.

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Of course, the face of League of Legends will take the top spot on this list. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok changed how the game is played. He was so good at solo queue that SK Telecom T1 added him to their esports roster.

Also known as the "Unkillable Demon King," Lee Sang-hyeok showcases his smart play style, incredible laning phase, and unrivaled mechanics in every game he plays.

Faker dominated the LoL esports scene for a very long time, even during his rookie days.

Every mid laner fears him, and every player recognizes his talent.

There is a reason why everyone, including casters and analysts, says that he is the best player of all time. Up until today, no one thinks that another player can surpass Faker as the League of Legends king.

Needless to say, some stars may have a chance of being included in this list, like Korean DWG KIA's Showmaker and North American team Liquid's CoreJJ

Still, those mentioned above have cemented their legacy, and it will be tough to replace them as the best players in the world. Nevertheless, it is great to keep an eye on all the players because you never know whether you are witnessing history in the making.

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