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The Best 7 Abilities in League of Legends To Win Games

Discover the most incredible and powerful abilities in League of Legends and how you will literally break the game with them. Dominate the rift now!
The Best 7 Abilities in League of Legends To Win Games

If you have been wondering what the best ultimate abilities in League of Legends are, then you have come to the right place. Get ready to discover the best abilities in League of Legends and how to take advantage of them in Summoner's Rift!


Karthus' Ultimate (Requiem)

If you're looking to use a global ultimate with significant effect in team fights and help your entire team, then Karthus' requiem is one of the most powerful abilities you can use at the summoner's rift. However, the ability haste for this ultimate can be really high in the early game, but it can easily guarantee a double kill in the late game.

Best 7 Abilities in League of Legends

Consider that Karthus has not been so strong in League of Legends meta recently, but you can take a look at our guide about the best build Karthus League of Legends, so you can understand how to play this champion and take full advantage of his magic damage and one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in the game.


Malphite's Ultimate (Unstoppable Force)

Malphite's ultimate is the terror for any enemy team, and mostly for the ADC enemy champion. Unstoppable force is an amazing ability to apply crowd control and destroy the team fight with only one ultimate ability. And the best of it, Malphite's ultimate reduces the ability haste while you're getting more points on it. This is the only ability that can really put a team fight in your favor.

Best 7 Abilities in League of Legends

Also, there are some good synergies that you may use at the summoner's rift with Malphite's ultimate, for example, Yasuo's ultimate is an amazing entry point if combined with Malphite's and timed properly. So, explore as many combos as you can use at the summoner's rift with Malphite.


Twisted Fate' Ultimate (Destiny)

Probably, Twisted fate is not the strongest champion to bully enemy champions during the laning phase, but played well with his powerful ultimate, he can easily bully an entire team and prepare the perfect ambush to win team fights. Twisted Fate's destiny allows you to teleport to any location on the map (considering the range of the ability is quite high) to surprise enemies in just a few seconds.

Best 7 Abilities in League of Legends

As advice, prepare the gold card at the moment of using Twisted Fate's ultimate to apply crowd control over one target and win the team fight easily. Twisted's destiny has a quite long duration period and it's used essentially to ambush enemies in combat. But be careful, failing the yellow card can be so bad if your team depends on it.


Seraphine's Ultimate (Encore)

If you're looking for a powerful ultimate ability that can deal tons of magic damage and apply crowd control over many players, then Seraphine is the right choice. Not only her basic abilities are really powerful, and she has a nice combo with many champions in the bottom lane, but her ultimate (Encore) is probably the best ability to use in the jungle when the enemies can't avoid it easily.

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Seraphine is a powerful ability power champion so famous in Solo queue, capable of helping allies and destroy enemies while singing around the summoner's rift. You may take a loog at our guide about the best Seraphine build in League of Legends and learn more about her summoner spells, skill order, counters and more.


Miss Fortune's Ultimate (Bullet Time)

Not only Miss Fortune's passive ability is powerful, but her Bullet Time (R) can make a big difference during a team fight. Remember, Miss fortunes is capable to deal increased damage in her first attack to another champion, for that reason her ultimate can be so useful, plus if you combine it with Seraphine's ultimate.

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However, be careful, Miss fortune's ultimate has a long cast time that can be interrupted by other champions easily. So, look for the right moment and activate the ultimate to destroy all the targets you want and send your opponents to the base. Miss fortune is capable to deal a lot of damage to an enemy champion 1vs1 too, so, do not hesitate in using your ultimate ability and basic abilities if you see the opportunity.


Lee Sin' Ultimate (Dragon's rage)

Lee sin is probably one of the best champions in the jungle, with high movement speed and mobility around the map, plus the most incredible ganks in the game, he's a powerful champion at the summoner's rift. But, at the top of that, you will find his ultimate ability (dragon's rage), which is capable to create amazing plays or the most horrible fails in League of Legends.

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Lee sin has probably one of the most difficult ultimate abilities to master in the game, but pro players enjoy playing this champion in the jungle and take advantage of all the basic abilities combos to disposition enemy champions, support allies, and win games. However, rarely you will see a good Lee sin player in low ELO because this champion is really difficult to master currently.


Renata Glasc's Ultimate (Hostile Takeover)

Finally, one of the most recent and most powerful ultimate abilities was added recently to League of Legends. What would you do if your ADC start to attack your team for no reason? That's what Renata's ultimate does at the summoner's rift. When Hostile takeover reaches an enemy, suddenly enemies hit her allies for a few seconds. The great thing about it is that you can reach multiple targets at the same time and make your opponents your allies!

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Renata is probably one of the greatest champions to play in the bot lane right now, she can save her allies from death, guarantee kills and most importantly, her ultimate ability will make you start winning games and climb ELO rank in no time. With no doubt, RIOT Games created a monster when released Renata Glasc.

That's all for our best ultimate abilities guide, you may also take a look at our guide about the best adcs league of legends and discover more about this game. See you at the summoner's rift!

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