How to Get Free League Of Legends Skins [7 legit ways]

League of Legends skis are, often, works of art, so no one can blame you for wanting some for yourselves.
How to Get Free League Of Legends Skins [7 legit ways]

Getting free skins in a game like League of Legends, whose main source of income are skins themselves, seems like clickbait. But there are ways of doing so, that are legitimate, allowed by Riot Games, or even endorsed by them. Here is how to do so, and save yourselves some money.

League of Legends End of Season Rewards

If you play a ton of ranked Summoner’s Rift games in LoL, and you reach gold rank by the end of the season, you will be able to claim a Victorious skin, however, it’s worth noting that you can only claim 1 skin a year using this method.

League of Legends - Victorious Lucian Chromas

These seasonal rewards are given out to LoL players at the end of every season on a set date and time and depend on the ranks that the player has accumulated by playing in a particular season of LoL. You will need to reach at least Honor Level 2 in order to unlock the end-of-season rewards for the Clash and Summoner’s Rift games, respectively.

Get Free LoL Skins With Freecash

A lot of the methods previously discussed require spending a lot of time and effort in LoL in order to receive free LoL skins without having to spend real-life money for Riot points, however, the inception of GPT, Get-Paid-To, sites would enable another excellent way to earn free skins towards LoL.


These sites work by partnering with many offerwall and market research companies to serve their users with the best, easy-to-complete offers possible, and we would recommend FreeCash over other comparable sites to use when earning points.


How to Get Free LoL Skins With FreeCash

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re seeing at first, there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s a set-by-step guide on how to get free LoL skin with FreeCash:

  1. Register for a FreeCash account. Use the code “TGG” to receive a chest that can contain up to 250 000 coins as a welcome bonus.
  2. Complete surveys that pay thousands of FreeCash coins, with 1000 coins equaling 1$.
  3. You can cash out once you have earned a minimum of 10000 coins (10$), and it will be completed in minutes.
  4. You can choose what kind of currency you would like the coins to be paid out in, and there is live chat support to help you at all times.

These coins can also be converted into Riot Points, to allow you to buy League of Legends skins, without spending any real-life money. Of course, it's always easier to have some coins to start out with.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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Get Free LoL Skins With vLoot

Alternatively, another site to FreeCash, to get some free LoL skins is vLoot, which is another site that we trust and use.

VLoot Referral Code

Vloot has gathered thousands of trusted users over the years and is a legit way of easily earning points that can be redeemed for various virtual currencies.

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How to Get Free LoL Skins With vLoot

VLoot Payout Options
  1. Visit vLoot and Sign Up
  2. Go to the Rewards Section
  3. Enter code TGG
  4. Claim free Coins
  5. Complete surveys to earn additional coins
  6. Use payout in the League of Legends option

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vLoot is a safe alternative to other popular offer wall websites, and we expect it to grow in the upcoming time.

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Using Skin Shards to Get Free LoL Skins

Accumulating and using Skin Shards is another solid way of getting free LoL skins.

Below are the steps you can take to utilize Skin shards in order to get some skins out of them without grinding for Prestige points for Prestige skins or spending a dime on a Riot Point.

League of Legends - Skin Shards

How to Get Free Skins With Skin Shards

The process of crafting skins from skin shards is easy, the accumulating the resources, on the other hand, can be time-consuming, but happens as you play the game.

Here is how to turn Skin Shards into Permanent Skins:

  1. Get Hextech Chests and Keys by getting an S rating when playing the game
  2. Open Hextech Chests to get skins shards and Orange Essence
  3. Within the Crafting menu, pay orange essence to convert your skin shards into a skin permanent
League of Legends - Re-rolling Skin Shards

Alternatively, you can re-roll your skin shards, which does not need Orange Essence but will require you to give up 3 of your skin shards, and then re-roll them into a random skin. Re-rolling is worth a shot since there is a possibility you can end up with a skin that can be very rare to find.

Getting Free Skins From Participating in League of Legends Tournaments

Many people, particularly streamers on platforms such as Twitch and so forth like to host tournaments for LoL, which you can enter for free, and so do Riot Games with their Clash tournaments.

Taking advantage of these events would be a good idea since you have a good chance of winning a skin from them, especially if you are a skilled LoL player.

League of Legends - Clash

You can find many streamers that organize these tournaments on the following platforms and sites, and you can participate in them, regardless of whether or not you’re a pro using probuilds:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Battlefy
  • Toornament
  • Challenger Mode

It’s also worth mentioning that winning any tournament organized by these sites for the first time will get you the Triumphant Ryze skin - so be sure to communicate with the organizers of the tournaments to see whether or not you can get a code for Triumphant Ryze by winning their tournament.

If all is said and done, and you successfully win a tournament, you should receive a code for Triumphant Ryze which you can redeem through your LoL profile.

Participating in League of Legends Giveaways

There are a wide variety of sites out there that host giveaways which you can take part in, at no cost. They offer Riot Points codes, Free skins, or free accounts, even for other games such as New World.

Following LoL Social Media Accounts

Although this doesn’t happen too often, Riot Games from time to time likes to run some promotions on their social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

By liking, following, and subscribing to their social media channels, you can always stay up to date with any promotions Riot may be running for LoL, and score yourself a free LoL skin. We didn't mention twitch prime as it's unclear what exact skin you can get there.

However, it might be a good method as well, though it requires having Amazon Prime, which is, of course, paid for.

Subscribing to the League of Legends Official Youtube Channel

League of Legends - Official Youtube Account

Subscribing to the Riot Games YouTube channel will allow you to receive the Unchained Alistar skin, however, you will need to create a support ticket with League of Legends to receive the skin, since the promotional link seems to have broken, however with this method you will still be able to get the skin.

Following the League of Legends Official Twitter Account

League of Legends - Official Twitter Account

Following the LoL Twitter handle gets you the Dreadknight Garen skin. This can be done by following the League of Legends Twitter account and getting Dreadknight Garen as a result.

Liking the Official League of Legends Facebook Page

League of Legends - Official Facebook Account

Liking League of Legends on Facebook will get you the Riot Girl Tristana skin. You can do so by following the instructions to like the Facebook page and claim your skin.

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